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GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform designed especially for marketing agencies. But did you know they also offer WordPress hosting?

Even though GoHighLevel has its native website and blog features, the allure of WordPress remains strong. It excels in providing flexibility, being SEO-friendly, and allowing full customization.

Many of your clients might already use or want to use WordPress for their websites. 

This article explains how GoHighLevel and WordPress integration works and how it can benefit you.

What is GoHighLevel-WordPress Hosting?

gohighlevel wordpress hosting

WordPress is a powerful and widely used content management system (CMS).

Traditionally, supporting WordPress sites means finding separate web hosting services. This extra step can be costly and inefficient, especially if you’re managing multiple client websites.

But with GoHighLevel WordPress hosting, you can host these sites directly within the GoHighLevel platform.

This integration combines the best of both worlds – the comprehensive agency-focused tools of GoHighLevel and the versatile WordPress features.

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How Much Does GoHighLevel – WordPress Hosting Cost?

gohighlevel wordpress plan

GoHighLevel offers more affordable plans than other providers like WP Engine and Kinsta. They also come with generous PHP memory limits and visitor capacities. This means your WordPress sites can handle more traffic and complex operations without slowing down.

GoHighLevel presents three plans:

  • Standard Pricing ($10/site). This plan lets you and your clients pay only for what you use when you use it. It’s a great fit if you’re starting or your client needs vary.
  • Monthly Unlimited Plan ($350/month). This is ideal if you’re managing many WordPress sites. It’s cost-effective, especially for agencies with a broad client base. This plan gives you a complete solution, removing concerns about the costs of individual sites.
  • Yearly Unlimited Plan ($3,500/year). This plan is perfect for established marketing agencies as it supports unlimited websites for a year. You can save $700 annually with this option. Go for this if your agency consistently demands high-volume WordPress hosting.

Note that this is in addition to your subscription plan on GoHighLevel.

Why Connect WordPress with GoHighLevel?

With the GoHighLevel platform, you have a fresh opportunity to boost your income. You can offer WordPress as an additional service to your clients.

This can be as an add-on or included in your packages. GoHighLevel empowers you to set your prices and manage billing through their platform.

Moreover, the latest update to this integration brings even more advantages:

  • Speed and Efficiency. Quick setup and easy maintenance mean you spend less time waiting and more time doing.
  • Enhanced Security. Fast SSL setup keeps your clients’ sites secure, building trust and maintaining integrity.
  • Global Performance. With Cloudflare CDN, your clients’ sites load quickly, no matter where their visitors are. This means a better experience for everyone.
  • Reliable Recovery. Quick backups and restores mean less worry about data loss.
  • Reduced Latency. Faster site responses keep visitors interested. This means people might stay longer and look at more on the site.

WordPress Features Inside GoHighLevel

Daily Backups

gohighlevel daily backups

GoHighLevel’s WordPress hosting feature includes a reliable backup system. Every day, at 5 AM CST, the system creates a backup of your WordPress site. You’ll have access to the last three days of backups.

If a site goes down or there’s a significant error, you can restore it quickly. This security gives you and your clients peace of mind.

WordPress Plugins and Themes Management

gohighlevel plugin and themes

Managing WordPress themes and plugins is straightforward with GoHighLevel. You get a clear view of everything installed on your WordPress site.

You can activate, deactivate, delete, or update them with a few clicks. Keeping themes and plugins current is vital for security and functionality. This WordPress feature means easy maintenance and less worry about technical issues for an agency owner.

While the GoHighLevel platform supports many valuable plugins, some are restricted.

Some plugins might conflict with built-in features or not fit the hosting environment. Limiting these ensures better performance and security inside your GoHighLevel account. To see the complete list of restricted plugins, check this link.


gohighlevel user management

User management is another powerful WordPress feature within GoHighLevel. It allows you to manage all website users effectively.

It lets you control who has access to your client’s WordPress website. You can add new users or remove access when needed.

How to Activate WordPress Integration

gohighlevel reselling tab

You must activate the integration to start using WordPress on the GoHighLevel platform. This can only be done within the Agency dashboard, your command center for all services you offer. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Navigate to the “Reselling” tab. This is where you can choose the WordPress hosting plan that fits your agency’s needs or your client’s expectations.
  • Set your pricing. GoHighLevel simplifies this step by showing you a straightforward calculation and potential earnings for each WordPress site you sell.

How to Resell WordPress to Your GoHighLevel Clients

GoHighLevel allows reselling WordPress in three distinct ways, each suited to different needs within your marketing agency.

Through Sub-Accounts

For starters, consider reselling WordPress through sub-accounts. This is often the best choice for lower-tier plans.

It works like an upsell, where clients can opt in and pay for WordPress hosting within their sub-account. You control the pricing, which means you can sell it at any price you want and align it with the value you have in mind.

Through SaaS Mode

If you’re on the Unlimited SaaS plan with GoHighLevel, you can bundle WordPress hosting as part of a comprehensive package. This approach allows you to create high-value offers.

Clients appreciate the simplicity of getting everything they need in one package, which can include a range of marketing services alongside WordPress hosting.

Through Direct Purchase

Lastly, you can pay for WordPress hosting directly through your agency dashboard and allocate it to a sub-account.

This method could be seen as providing the WordPress feature as a courtesy. It’s handy if you want to use WordPress for your own business’s sub-account, like running your agency website within GoHighLevel or as part of a promo.

However, use this method with discretion, as it’s most beneficial when applied to your internal projects.

How to Set a WordPress Site Inside GoHighLevel

Here’s how you can do it:

Go to “WordPress” under your dashboard’s “Sites” tab.

gohighlevel sites tab

Click the “+ Create WordPress” button to begin.

gohighlevel create wordpress

Next, you’ll need to provide some details. This includes information about the site and the user who will manage it.

gohighlevel wordpress site

Wait a bit, as the installation process will take a few minutes.

gohighlevel site installation

Once the setup is complete, you’ll see your new WordPress dashboard. From here, you can start tailoring the site – add new users, pick out plugins, and adjust settings to your liking.


How Do You Add Your Primary Domain to WordPress in GoHighLevel?

Using a new root domain for your or your client’s website can be complicated. But GoHighLevel provides a step-by-step tutorial, and you can also follow this tutorial on domain setup with HighLevel.

How Many WordPress Sites Can I Have Per Sub-account?

Currently, GoHighLevel allows you to add only one WordPress site per sub-account. 

Can I Move My Existing WordPress Site Inside GoHighLevel?

Yes. The All-in-One WP Migration plugin lets you quickly transfer your existing WordPress site.


In this guide, you’ve seen how GoHighLevel’s integration with WordPress can help your agency. More than the efficiency of handling and building unlimited websites, it’s also a path to additional revenue.

You can give your clients what they want while keeping things simple. So, set up a WordPress site on GoHighLevel today.

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