GoHighLevel Website Templates 2024 – Save Time With These Impressive Designs

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Are you a busy agency owner or marketer looking for quick, quality solutions for your or your customer’s website?

GoHighLevel offers more than 400 free site designs that are stunning, editable, and mobile-friendly. You can access all these inside your account. So why start from scratch when you can save time and cash?

In this article, I’ll discuss GoHighLevel website templates and help you see what suits you best.

GoHighLevel Travel and Hospitality Website Templates 

gohighlevel travel hospitality website template

Whether you or your clients run a travel agency, rent out RVs, or manage a glamping site, there’s a design for you. 

One template I’ve been impressed with is this one.

gohighlevel sample website

It’s built to make your brand shine and attract more visitors. The template has must-have pages like the Home, About Us, Services, and Contact Us. They’re designed to match each other and show a unified look. 

The template even comes with a pop-up form. This lets you get visitor details through a downloadable travel checklist or a discount coupon. 

gohighlevel pop up form

You can also plug in the native GoHighLevel calendar. This app lets your customers book appointments without leaving your page and allows you to manage all schedules in one place.

GoHighLevel Restaurant and Bar Website Templates

GoHighLevel has 31 templates designed under this category – from banquet services and food delivery to breweries and ice cream shops. 

gohighlevel restaurant bar template

Ever thought of marketing for food trucks? There are templates for that as well. 

gohighlevel restaurant sample website

Its clean, modern look will leave a lasting impression on your customers. In short, it’ll make people want to learn more about what you offer, and most website templates are designed like this. 

You can also add customer reviews to build trust and a frequently asked questions section to help your visitors find answers fast. 

gohighlevel customer reviews

That means less work for you and more chances to convert leads.

GoHighLevel Real Estate Website Templates

Despite harsh times, the real estate market has been on the rise. That means your customers’ digital presence has to step up, too. 

GoHighLevel offers real estate templates with a variety of styles. Minimalist, vibrant, or high-end, you name it. 

gohighlevel real estate template

If multiple listings are your jam, you can display various properties, complete with pricing and descriptions, using specific design like this one. 

gohighlevel properties website

But the designs are not just for this type of real estate business. You can also see templates for loan officers, architects, and real estate photographers. 

To make them more powerful, you can include elements like Google Maps, which lets your prospects quickly find your office. 

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GoHighLevel Medical Website Templates

Let’s move to the medical sector.

There’s always a need for reliable healthcare, and having a solid online presence is crucial for these services. GoHighLevel understands this and serves it up just right.

gohighlevel medical website

Does your customer offer dermatology? Or home healthcare? How about medical billing? You can get free designs from this platform. 

Besides looking beautiful, GoHighLevel organizes the website templates’ layout so you can deliver your message clearly. It ensures that content is readable and gets straight to the point.

And what’s great is that some templates come with placeholder copy that’s more than just “Lorem ipsum.” You can easily tailor this to your or your client’s unique voice. 

This speeds up the process and gets you closer to launching a site that converts leads.

Take, for example, this dermatology clinic page. 

gohighlevel medical website sample

GoHighLevel Marketing Agency Website Templates

Marketing agency owners are GoHighLevel’s target market as a platform. So, it doesn’t disappoint when providing designs for this category. 

gohighlevel marketing agency website

But it’s not just for agency owners. Other marketers can find value here, too.

Whether you’re a full-service agency specializing in areas like SaaS, SEO, CRM, or influencer marketing, there’s a template for you. 

Many of the options come with a hero header image. They are great for grabbing attention. Header images set the tone for your website and can immediately draw customers in.

gohighlevel digital marketing sample

And if you’re worried about the brand colors, don’t be. HighLevel offers a variety of color schemes you can customize. But you’re likely to find something that fits without even trying.

Besides the common options, LinkTree themes are also included in the mix. 

gohighlevel growth marketing

These are excellent for connecting all your essential links into one easy-to-navigate page. It is super helpful for social media or email signatures.

GoHighLevel Insurance Website Templates

Alright, we’ve talked about marketing agency templates. Now, what about the insurance world? 

gohighlevel insurance website

Like with other categories, GoHighLevel offers many designs you can choose from. There’s something for pet, employee, home, car, and even business insurance.

More options mean you can cater to insurance businesses in different areas.

GoHighLevel Home Services Website Templates

Home services like plumbing and HVAC get all the fame. They’re important, no doubt. But what about the other home services? 

gohighlevel home services website template

That is what’s cool about HighLevel. It’s got templates for lawn services, dry cleaning, and even solar installations. 

Some templates come with built-in forms and surveys

These integrations are crucial in this industry as they can help you understand customer needs immediately.

Most of the website templates have a similar layout. But this one caught my eye.

gohighlevel home services sample website

I like the color and style, but HighLevel allows you to customize them both.

This template lets you highlight quality images of patio designs and is perfect for portfolio websites. 

gohighlevel patio website

GoHighLevel Holidays Website Templates

GoHighLevel has just one template in this category – a Christmas version of a LinkTree page. 

It’s not a shocker, though. Holiday campaigns are often short-lived, so I don’t see the need to change your website designs for these events. 

Having just a LinkTree page keeps things simple. It’s enough for time-sensitive offers and holiday specials. 

However, it would be nice if HighLevel added more designs for events like New Year or Black Friday. 

GoHighLevel Health and Wellness Website Template

While GoHighLevel has templates designed for serious medical needs like physical therapy and home care, their health and wellness templates tread a different path. 

gohighlevel health wellness templates

These focus more on businesses that offer preventive care and lifestyle choices. 

That means they are ideal for coaches, nutritionists, gyms, and wellness clinics offering check-ups.

HighLevel gets it right by offering different templates that fit the niche. 

Take yoga designs, for instance. The designs are light, feminine, and minimal. 

gohighlevel yoga template

Why does this matter? Yoga attracts a predominantly female audience, so the design aligns perfectly with that. 

On the other hand, Gym website templates opt for darker, stronger themes to match the more high-intensity vibe of a gym setting.

GoHighLevel doesn’t just hand you a one-size-fits-all solution. You can pick a health and wellness template that suits your niche and brand. 

From the relaxing aura of a yoga class to the energetic atmosphere of a gym, the template designs let you align your website’s look with your target audience.

GoHighLevel Financial Website Templates

Having a website isn’t just optional if you’re in the financial business. 

gohighlevel financial website

You want people to trust you with their money, and a solid online presence helps you earn that.

HighLevel offers 34 templates specifically for the financial industry. These aren’t just generic themes. They are crafted for financial consultations, accounting, bookkeeping, tax filing, investing, and credit repair. 

Most website templates in the financial category allow you to:

  • Showcase your services
  • Explain why you’re the best choice
  • Share happy customer reviews
  • Answer common questions

These features aim to build that credibility and make it easier for potential customers to choose you.

GoHighLevel Creative Website Templates

The creative field is diverse. And HighLevel has prepared website options for that. 

gohighlevel creative website template

You already expect designs for photographers, artists, and dance studios’ websites. That’s standard. 

But GoHighLevel takes it up a notch. They also have templates for seamstresses, florists, DJs, and even engravers. 

These website templates aren’t just good-looking. They are functional, too. They have multiple HighLevel landing pages and help businesses turn curious clicks into loyal customers. 

And the designs? Perfect for the creative world. Just imagine a florist’s website that looks as fresh as morning dew.

Your website isn’t just information in the creative field – it’s a portfolio. It’s your first impression. With GoHighLevel, you can make sure it’s a good one.

GoHighLevel Business, Coaching, and Consulting Website Templates

Business, coaching, and consulting are big online. Why? Because the web is where people look for advice and services. That’s why good software needs website templates for this sector. 

gohighlevel coaching website template

Whether you’re a life coach, financial advisor, or business strategist, HighLevel has your back. 

They offer various designs suited to different coaching and consulting types. 

Besides the elements and integrations that the designs have inside, some even come with a ready-made copy. 

You can adjust it as you like. And if that’s not enough, GoHighLevel offers an AI writing assistant. It’s not free, but you don’t have to pay much to use it. 

GoHighLevel Beauty and Fashion Website Templates

You’re in the beauty and fashion business. Your website should look good, too, right? GoHighLevel thinks the same way.

gohighlevel beauty fashion website template

Whether you’re in nails, hair, lashes, or selling beauty products, HighLevel has designs made just for you. These aren’t generic templates. They suit your unique business needs.

In beauty and fashion, colors matter. GoHighLevel offers vibrant and light templates for most beauty niches. But if you’re a salon owner, don’t worry. They’ve got darker themes that blend well with white or gold.

gohighlevel about us template

Why is this good for you? Because GoHighLevel gives you options that fit your business, not vice versa.

GoHighLevel Automotive Website Templates

This is it—the last category in HighLevel’s template line-up.

gohighlevel automotive website template

Car rentals, detailing, window tinting, sales, repair, dealerships—GoHighLevel has something for every corner of the car world.

My top pick is this template, perfect for those into vintage cars or restoration.

gohighlevel automotive sample website

Just a quick glance, your visitors will know what you’re all about.

Another one that stands out for me is this design.

gohighlevel sample automotive website

It’s got that premium, high-level car dealer vibe. Simple but makes a statement. Great for drawing in your future customers.

How to Get Started with GoHighLevel Website Templates 

Select Your GoHighLevel Website Template 

Once you have an account inside HighLevel, you can go over your sub-account, click “Sites,” then the “Websites” tab. 

gohighlevel websites page

Select the “+New Website” then choose “From Templates” and continue. 

create new website from blank

You can either scroll down to find the best template or choose a category to sort them out for easier selection. 

If you find the template you want to use, simply select it and click “Continue.”

gohighlevel pr agency continue

Edit Your Template

GoHighLevel will direct you to the editor so you can access the drag-and-drop feature, add images, videos, and other elements, and change the fonts and colors of your website. 

It’s pretty easy to edit things inside, and you can make it more attractive by adding CTA buttons, progress bars, or checkout forms. 

gohighlevel headline setting

Once you’re happy with your website’s appearance, it’s time to “Save” it. 

gohighlevel save website appearance

Moreover, you can also add pop-up forms inside your pages. You can use them for a more prominent call-to-action or to offer an enticing lead magnet.

Remove or Add Pages

Now, if you find something unnecessary, you can simply delete it by clicking the ellipsis button on that particular page and selecting “Delete.” 

GoHighLevel will ask you to type “delete,” so they’ll know you’re sure about it. 

gohighlevel delete selected item

Meanwhile, if you want to create a new page, you can simply click on the “+ Add New Page.” Type in the name and the path. 

gohighlevel add new page

Then, you can import something from ClickFunnel, start from scratch, or apply the existing template. Mention why having options like this is beneficial. 


Does GoHighLevel have website templates?

Yes. GoHighLevel offers free yet premium-looking website templates you can customize for your business.

How do I add a template to GoHighLevel?

If it’s inside the platform, you only have to select it from the list of available designs. But if it’s from a third-party website, you must import it first.

How many website templates does GoHighLevel have? 

As of writing, GoHighLevel offers more than 400 native website templates for free

More HighLevel FAQs:


So, what do you think of the options above? Is there a GoHighLevel website template you’d like to try?

If you want to see the other available website template options, be sure to register for your HighLevel free trial. You’ll get enough time to explore the website templates and other features inside GoHighLevel

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