GoHighLevel vs Kajabi (2024)-  Which Best Suits Your Online Business?

Do you need help deciding what platform to choose between GoHighLevel and Kajabi for your business?

If so, you’re at the right place. I’ve used both platforms and have looked closely into what they can do. I’ll share all that in this article.

Both GoHighLevel and Kajabi are comprehensive, powerful marketing platforms in their own right.

But even if they have matching features, their primary focus and the audiences they cater to are quite different.

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive tool crafted with agencies in mind, while Kajabi is a robust, all-in-one solution designed for digital product creators.

In this GoHighLevel vs Kajabi comparison, I will help you understand the tools better by comparing their key features and mentioning their benefits and potential drawbacks.

Let’s dive in!

GoHighLevel vs Kajabi Overview

Plans Start at $97/month

  • Kajabi is a leading online course platform

  • Best Freelancers & Agency Teams That Need an All-In-One Tool

  • 4.8/5 Rating on Trustpilot

Plans Start at $119/month

  • GoHighLevel is leading tool among digital marketing agencies

  • Best for Online Course Creators & Coaches

  • 4.6/5 Rating on Trustpilot

Kajabi vs HighLevel – Understanding the Platforms

Both Kajabi and GoHighLevel are household names when it comes to marketing software. But their strengths are molded by their target users, which makes them unique in their own way. 

Kajabi – The All-In-One Platform for Digital Creators 

kajabi homepage courses

Kajabi is like a Swiss Army Knife for coaches and knowledge entrepreneurs. 

From creating your website to building out sales funnels, automating your email marketing, and even hosting memberships, Kajabi can handle it all with impressive simplicity.


  • Intuitive software design and use
  • Useful automation capabilities
  • Well-designed page and email templates
  • The mobile app allows your students to access their online courses anywhere
  • The best course creation tool in the market 


  • It can be limiting for advanced users
  • Relatively expensive for beginners
  • Limited customization options

GoHighLevel – The Advanced Software for Agencies

gohighlevel software for agencies homepage

On the other side of the ring, we have GoHighLevel – a unified platform for sales, marketing, and CRM for freelancers, agencies, and big teams

Unlike Kajabi, which prioritizes simplicity, GoHighLevel holds nothing back regarding technical capability and a broad range of advanced features.


  • Robust sales and marketing capabilities
  • Excellent CRM integration
  • A high degree of customization
  • Its free mobile app allows you to manage your agency on-the-go
  • Powerful white-labeling feature
  • SaaS mode is available 


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Less user-friendly interface
  • It may be overwhelming for beginners
  • Higher pricing tiers are more expensive than competitors

GoHighLevel vs Kajabi – User Interface 

First up, let’s take a peek at GoHighLevel. Once you open your account, you’ll be welcomed by a neat, organized dashboard where the tools and features are conveniently tucked in a sidebar.

gohighlevel dashboard

The software is responsive so that you won’t have issues operating your business.

However, there’s a hard truth about powerful tools like this. Given that GoHighLevel is built with the complexity of running an agency, it can feel like walking into a maze for some users.

There are too many features, and what you can access changes depending on whether you’re in the Agency or sub-account view.

gohighlevel launchpad features access

For instance, the Agency view gives a high-level overview and management options for all client accounts, whereas the sub-account view allows you to dig into the tools for individual clients.

If GoHighLevel feels like navigating a spaceship, Kajabi is more like riding a bike.

It’s ideally suited for beginners and non-tech-savvy knowledge entrepreneurs.

Kajabi’s user interface is as straightforward as they come, with the names of the tools intuitively hinting at their function.

kajabi dashboard

Plus, Kajabi makes getting started a breeze with an easy-to-follow four-step checklist on the dashboard.

Winner for User Interface

Kajabi is more beginner-friendly and easier to get used to. Although GoHighLevel tried to keep things simple, there’ll still be a learning curve because of its many features.

Kajabi vs GoHighLevel – Functions and Features

In this section, we’ll focus on the features both platforms share. So we can see which platform does better and where they may fall short. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This is one thing that GoHighLevel is known for. It has tools to help you and your clients attract, manage, nurture, and convert leads into customers. 

One feature that caught my eye is the Smartlist. Imagine it as a contact list but five times better. 

It’s like having a command center for your leads. You can store the essential deets and segment your prospects using basic or advanced filters like tags, activities, interests, types, and preferences. 

This advanced feature is a lifesaver in managing a diverse pool of contacts. 

What’s more, you can connect with your prospects beyond emails. You can reach out via call, 2-way SMS, and even messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram. 

gohighlevel crm

I’ll delve deeper into this in the marketing section. But basically, GoHighLevel is a fantastic tool to cover all communication bases. 

On the other hand, Kajabi doesn’t have as many CRM features as GoHighLevel. But it does offer contact segmentation based on leads’ interaction with your emails. 

kajabi contacts

And like in GoHighLevel, you can import and export contacts without a sweat.

Winner for CRM Features

With its advanced features like the Smartlist for detailed segmentation and multi-channel communication options, GoHighLevel outshines Kajabi in the CRM space.

Membership Sites and Online Course Creation

Both platforms do a great job when it comes to creating and selling online courses and membership sites

They allow you to customize lessons, add videos and files, and even include quizzes or assessments. Additionally, the course creation process on both software is intuitive, and you can have your course live in just a few clicks. 

gohighlevel course creation

But this is Kajabi’s forte. One of its standout features is an AI content assistant that provides a personalized blueprint for your online lessons. 

kajabi content assistant public speaking

You simply describe your course, and within a minute, you have a detailed and impressive outline, easing your content planning phase. 

Kajabi also automates certificate issuance (a feature coming soon) and lets you couple your online courses with access to a community, podcast content, and upselling of 1-on-1 coaching services.

kajabi podcast community coaching

GoHighLevel, while lacking an advanced blueprint feature like Kajabi’s, compensates with its unlimited course building at any plan level. 

Kajabi can be restrictive regarding the number of products you can offer. And this limitation is something you won’t find with GoHighLevel.

Winner of Online Course and Membership 

It’s a tie. Kajabileads with better course creation tools. However, GoHighLevel lets you create unlimited course offerings across all its plans.


Once more, GoHighLevel has a different level of marketing automation that will show how good the tool is for advanced users. 

Trust me, if you’re an agency or a freelancer managing multiple clients, this is an asset. It’s like having a virtual assistant who never sleeps.

With GoHighLevel, you can create your automation workflows from scratch or pick from an array of pre-built templates. The templates available are impressive and incredibly varied. 

For instance, you’ll have an entire workflow from appointment confirmation to requesting reviews in just a click.

This feature is useful when you have a steady stream of appointments and need a reliable system to manage confirmations, reminders, and feedback.

gohighlevel marketing automation actions

And for those well-versed in automation, GoHighLevel lets you take the reins with an empty workflow. You can choose from many actions, neatly categorized based on their function. 

Kajabi also offers automation capabilities. But it’s pretty basic compared to GoHighLevel.

Kajabi sticks to the “WHEN, THEN” principle, and while you can add a single condition on higher plans, the possibilities of multiple actions within one automation aren’t there.

kajabi new automation

Unlike GoHighLevel, the triggers, and actions on Kajabi are also quite limited.

Sure, you can carry out basic tasks like email subscriptions and granting or revoking product access. But you can’t create workflows with external apps like Facebook or Google Analytics. 

Additionally, Kajabi doesn’t allow you to add delays or waiting time to your automation. 


Winner of Automation Capabilities

The automation crown goes to GoHighLevel. Its advanced features, including a wide range of actions, well-categorized selections, and customizable workflows, make it a solid marketing automation platform.

Website, Funnel, and Page Builder

We can’t have a proper software comparison without discussing the platforms’ ability to build websites, landing pages, and funnels.

Kajabi and GoHighLevel offer responsive, user-friendly, and, notably, customizable tools. You can also create unlimited landing pages on both software.

Additionally, they have an excellent selection of premium templates you can apply to your websites, pages, and funnels.

You can also add widgets and custom code as elements for further customization, which is handy when creating a unique look and feel for your pages.

However, there are some areas GoHighLevel does better than Kajabi.

First, GoHighLevel provides more templates and better page design options. With it, you can adjust page layouts, add up to six columns, and drop checkout pages wherever you fancy.

Another stellar feature is its ability to clone websites and import funnels from ClickFunnels. For agencies or freelancers working with multiple clients, this is a timesaver.

You can clone a website and then tweak it to fit your client’s needs. Plus, if you’ve got a WordPress website, you can effortlessly move it to GoHighLevel.

Switching gears to Kajabi, its builder scores big on simplicity and ease of use. Its drag-and-drop function operates a little differently, and, personally, it is more user-friendly.

The function is restricted to the sidebar, which I’ve found to be more intuitive and less laggy.

Winner for Website, Landing Page, and Funnel Builder

GoHighLevel bags the win in this category. While both platforms offer powerful and intuitive builders, it’s more efficient and versatile than Kajabi.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Both platforms provide tools for email marketing campaigns and checkout pages.

They let you create unlimited marketing emails and offer sales-enhancing features like coupons, trial periods, and upselling or down selling. 

However, if we look closer, GoHighLevel delivers more in this category.

It goes beyond the usual and lets you connect with customers through chat, calls, and various social media platforms – all from one place. 

But GoHighLevel doesn’t stop there. It enables you to craft automated messaging and follow-ups through email, SMS, MMS, and voicemail. 

This broader reach can make your marketing campaigns more effective and engaging.

Additionally, it has an A/B testing feature for your email marketing campaigns and landing pages. It’s only available on the Agency Pro plan, while Kajabi doesn’t offer this feature.

On the sales aspect, GoHighLevel allows you to send invoices to your clients and manage tax settings – a critical feature for accurate billing and regulatory compliance. 

Plus, you can use these tools for digital and physical products and services. It’s a flexibility Kajabi doesn’t offer, as it only covers digital products.

Winner for Sales and Marketing Features

GoHighLevel leads in sales and marketing due to its wide-ranging capabilities. It offers multiple communication channels, A/B testing, invoice and tax management, and flexibility with the product types you can offer.


Both GoHighLevel and Kajabi aren’t top-tier when it comes to integrations, but they provide the essentials.

GoHighLevel natively integrates with platforms like Stripe, Paypal, Google My Business, Quickbooks, Lead Connector, and Twilio.

It aims to be the only marketing platform you use, so it doesn’t directly link with email autoresponders and calendar apps. But you can bridge these gaps via API access or third-party apps like Zapier or Pabbly.

On the other hand, Kajabi forms direct integrations with ClickFunnels, Google Analytics, Stripe, and a few autoresponders like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Drip.

Like GoHighLevel, Kajabi leans on API access and Zapier for further integrations.

Winner of Integrations

It’s a tie. Both offer necessary direct integrations and provide ways to supplement through APIs and Zapier.

GoHighLevel vs Kajabi – Customer Support and Resources

Kajabi and GoHighLevel both offer robust customer support options. They provide a comprehensive knowledge base, a 24/7 live chat feature, and a kick-off call for new users.

In addition, both platforms foster supportive Facebook communities where users can share insights and experiences.

One standout feature of Kajabi is its email support, which is unavailable with GoHighLevel. 

Additionally, Kajabi University and live, on-demand webinars offer users a wealth of information on running a successful business and maximizing the platform’s features.

GoHighLevel, on the other hand, provides a telephone contact for billing and marketplace inquiries. But not for technical support.

Winner of Customer Support and Resources 

Kajabi wins in this round. The availability of email support and its educational resources, such as the Kajabi University and live webinars, provide a more comprehensive and well-rounded support system to its users. 

GoHighLevel vs Kajabi – Pricing Comparison

At first glance, you’ll notice that GoHighLevel’s Basic plan is more wallet-friendly than Kajabi’s.

Despite a high price increase for the upgraded options, the unlimited usage and extensive features available on GoHighLevel provide considerable value for money.

gohighlevel pricing plans

GoHighLevel’s initial plan, at $97/month, offers unlimited access to all the tools you need, like marketing automation, landing pages, CRM, sales funnels, emails, online courses, and more for one business account.

However, an upgrade to Agency Unlimited account at $297/month extends these unlimited features across multiple business accounts. It includes a White-Label Desktop App that lets you offer marketing services under your brand.

But if you want a complete SaaS mode with split testing and the flexibility to set your client’s monthly subscription payment, GoHighLevel offers a $497/month package through Agency Pro. Read more details on Highlevel’s pricing plans here.

Contrastingly, Kajabi’s pricing seems more targeted at premium coaches and course creators.

kajabi pricing table

Editor’s Note: Kajabi introduced the Kickstarter plan, which now starts at $69/month – check it out here.

Its Basic plan, at a costlier $149/month, allows for just three products and three funnels, which can be restrictive.

At $199/month, the Growth Plan raises this limit to 15 products and funnels and permits more contacts and students.

The Pro Plan, priced at $399/month, enables three websites and extends the product and funnel limit to 100.

This is aimed at larger institutions or businesses that need more customization. Unfortunately, even this doesn’t offer unlimited courses and funnels.


That’s all for this detailed comparison! So which do you think is better for your marketing efforts?

Kajabi is excellent for course creation, with AI content assistance, automated certificate issuance, and comprehensive student engagement features. However, its marketing and automation capabilities may fall short compared to GoHighLevel. 

Meanwhile, GoHighLevel excels in its robust automation, various marketing tools, and flexible page builder. It’s a good Kajabi alternative for freelancers and agency teams. Moreover, its pricing plans offer great value, considering the unlimited usage. 

It would be best to weigh these factors before settling on one marketing platform. For further pros and cons of each SaaS, check out our individual Kajabi review and Highlevel review article. Try GoHighLevel’s free trial and Kajabi’s 14-day free trial to help you make the right decision. 

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