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After your lead generation campaign, you always need to reach out to your contacts. This usually takes a lot of resources, such as time, human resources, and money. But GoHighLevel ringless voicemail drop is an effective way to save your resources.

The GoHighLevel ringless voicemail drop feature is an effective way to contact your leads without spending too much time or extra manpower.

Read on to discover this feature and how you can leverage it for your business.

Understanding GoHighLevel Voicemail Drop

GoHighLevel permits users to send voicemail drops from the platform to their contacts. These voicemail messages can be sent as single messages or as part of marketing campaigns to generate leads.

Voicemail drops are pre-recorded voicemail messages that a salesperson (or anyone) can drop or deliver to a prospective client’s voicemail inbox.

But the prospect’s phone does not ring. The prospect only gets a message notification of a voicemail message.

Voicemail drops rely on a simple trick: dialing a recipient’s phone and immediately hanging up. The recipient’s phone goes off the network for a moment.

The system immediately makes another call to the phone during this short period that it is off the network. Since the phone is off the network, the call goes straight to voicemail, which delivers the message.

Since voicemail drops rely on this carrier trick, they usually have only a 70% success rate regardless of the platform where they are made from.

Benefits of GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops

GoHighLevel voicemail messages are a productive marketing method for communicating with prospective and existing customers.

These customers are likely to reject or ignore calls from unknown numbers. But it is unlikely that they will ignore voice messages in their voicemail box.

Voicemail drops are the most effective ways to get your short messages across to your existing and prospective customers.

Other benefits include the following;


Apart from being largely futile, calling customers cost more than money. It costs a lot of manpower and time. In the end, the response rate is not usually promising.

But voicemail drops usually have a higher response rate and promise to reach thousands of customers, all at a significantly lesser cost. It costs lesser in terms of cash, manpower, and time.

Ease of Setup

Unlike making calls and waiting for an answer from each customer you call, the ringless voicemail drops are easier to set up and use. You do not have to get phones and people around to make phone calls. You only need to set it up from the GoHighLevel platform within minutes.

Effective for Your Marketing Campaign

GoHighLevel voicemail drops are a better and more effective way than calls to create a marketing campaign that generates leads.

The carrier trick ensures that the voicemail message drop does not interrupt whatever your contact is doing.

After they finish whatever they were engrossed in and listen to your voicemail drop, they will be better disposed to contact you for business if your products are just what they need.

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Setting Up Voicemail Drops in GoHighLevel, How?


Setting up your Voicemail drop in GoHighLevel is as easy as falling off a log. You need to get a Twillo phone number or an LC – Phone.

After that, get your phone-quality audio file which will contain the ringless voicemail message, and upload it.

GoHighLevel recommends Audacity to its users for converting and modifying their voicemail drop messages.

Audacity is a software you can use to modify messages to make them appropriate for voicemails.

Here are some things you must do when you drop the file into Audacity.

  • Adjust the project rate to 8,000.
  • Set the file to “Mono.”
  • Resample the file to 8000Hz.
  • Export the file as an uncompressed file. You can do this by selecting the WAV format and setting the encoding to U-Law.

The next step would be to create a workflow for a voicemail drop.

The first step is to create a trigger event that must occur before the voicemail is made. For instance, when an appointment is booked, that action triggers a voicemail drop.

After setting the trigger event, set the action to voicemail and upload your audio file to finish the voicemail action setup.

You can add anything else you have in mind to the workflow.

Frequently Asked Question

Are GoHighLevel Voicemail Message Drops Legal?

Voicemail drops are legal, provided they are compliant with the Telephone Cocomplytion Act (TCPA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

You need to ensure that your voicemail drop does not violate the provisions of both laws to avoid legal repercussions such as fines and lawsuits against your business.

Does GoHighLevel Charge Extra for Using Voicemail Drops?

GoHighLevel does not charge extra for the voicemail feature. But you may have to pay your phone carrier for the calls. This is usually a few cents per call.

More HighLevel FAQs:

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