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If you’ve ever experienced GoHighLevel CRM, you’ll agree that the platform is a goldmine. Unfortunately, many business owners, marketers, and sales representatives haven’t discovered this secret weapon.

Unlike the single-function apps and platforms that most businesses use, GoHighLevel has been incorporated with several distinct functions designed to exponentially skyrocket your marketing efforts.

However, operating all of GoHighLevel’s functions requires high-level technical know-how. That’s why today we’ll be giving “high-level” tips on where to find GoHighLevel tutorials!

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GoHighLevel in a Nutshell 

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If business owners with GoHighLevel experience were asked to describe the platform in one phrase, it’d probably be —”one-stop solution.” This is because GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that enables its wielder to manage almost every aspect of his business.

Wait a Minute…Who is GoHighLevel Really For?

Contrary to what most folks think, GoHighLevel is not meant for digital marketing agencies alone. In fact, GoHighLevel has different pricing plans designed to suit a wide range of individuals within the business demographic!

The starter plan is a good fit for budding entrepreneurs with small budgets looking to 10X their revenue.

As the name suggests, the freelancer plan is a perfect fit for seasoned freelance marketers. The freelancer plan also makes it possible to set up sub-accounts. Small business owners can also use the GoHighLevel platform to:

  • Create explosive marketing campaigns for a new client.
  • Manage customer/client information. 
  • Keep in touch with customers using a chat widget or phone calls.
  • Draw out detailed reports on their business performance, etc.

Where to Find GoHighLevel Tutorials

Just as a user’s manual comes with every standard gadget, each GoHighLevel feature also comes with a comprehensive tutorial to better understand its usage in generating leads and customer relationship management.

Aside from blogs and private YouTube channels, there are three main ways to access GoHighLevel tutorials. Let’s dive into them!

1. The HighLevel Support Portal: Whenever you have issues operating a specific feature on the GoHighLevel platform, your go-to clinic should be the GoHighLevel support portal.

The GoHighLevel support portal usually contains a library of helpful guides and tutorials in different categories. Most of these tutorials explain subjects like:

  • The GoHighLevel dashboard
  • Setting up a Twilio account using an account SID and auth token from the Twilio admin dashboard
  • Setting up GoHighLevel sub-accounts
  • Reselling and marketplace
  • Sales training and SMS marketing
  • Pipeline
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Triggers & content management
  • Scheduling sales funnels & landing page builder
  • Setting up your API keys
  • Setting up a paid Mailgun account using a private API key.
  • Email marketing
  • Reputation management, etc.
gohighlevel support portal

2. GoHighLevel YouTube Channel: GoHighLevel’s YouTube channel is another place to get quality tutorials quickly. The GoHighLevel YouTube channel basically includes all the support portal videos and more! 

Ultimately, you’ll be able to access more tips, guides, and even webinars with marketing gurus!

gohighlevel youtube channel mobile

3. GoHighLevel University: GoHighLevel University is another virtual learning platform bursting with explosive tutorials that reflect the most up-to-date features and functionalities of GoHighLevel. 

With the aid of a comprehensive course catalog, continuous updates, an engaging format, and a vibrant community, GoHighLevel University allows for a comprehensive learning environment to keep you on your toes.

HighLevel University dashboard

A Mini-Tutorial on GoHighLevel—How to Operate Some GoHighLevel Features and Key Functions

Since we’ve already divulged the locations of these tutorials, we can now dive into the practical aspects–that is, the fun part about operating some key GoHighLevel applications!

As stated earlier, GoHighLevel has many functions; therefore, explaining all of them in one sitting would be impossible. That’s why we’ll be picking a few. They are Campaigns, GoHighLevel content management, and sales funnel & landing page builder.

1. GoHighLevel Campaigns

Setting up marketing campaigns is usually a fun part of any business. However, setting up your marketing campaigns with GoHighLevel makes things more enjoyable. 

To locate and select the campaign function on GoHighLevel, you need to visit the marketing section first. Then, you can move on to giving your campaign a befitting name.

Next, you need to select events and add actions like a welcome message or automated SMS that pops up when a lead triggers a response.

2. GoHighLevel Content Management System

GoHighLevel content management capability is another hidden gem on the GoHighLevel platform. Some marketers still don’t realize you can operate a fully functioning blog on GoHighLevel using WordPress. 

To achieve this feat, log into your GoHighLevel account and click on funnels & websites on the sidebar. Next, select “Websites” and choose the website you want to edit from the drop-down menu. 

Click “Add new page” from the top right section of your website editing view. Select websites on your GoHighLevel account and add a name for your new webpage…or blog. 

It’s essential you note down this path as well as the rest of the website’s URL. After creating your blog page, you’ll find it’s blank by default; it’s up to you to customize it to your heart’s content.

3. GoHighLevel Sales Funnel & Landing Page Builder

The GoHighLevel sales funnel and landing page builder is another exceptional function. Follow the steps below to set up your GoHighLevel sales funnel and landing page builder.

  • Locate and select the marketing section on your GoHighLevel account.
  • Next, select “Form Builder.”
  • Create a new form and fill the form.
  • Customize the landing page by adding columns, sections, and color.
  • Hit the “Save” option and confirm the action prompt.
  • Draw out a thank you page.


Is GoHighLevel Easy to Learn?

GoHighLevel can “sometimes” be prone to an exponentially high learning curve, especially with new users looking to generate leads.

Can You Make Money with GoHighLevel?

From becoming a GoHighLevel affiliate or working with the GoHighLevel team to creating your own landing pages, email campaigns, or SMS campaigns, there are several ways to make money using GoHighLevel.

Final Thoughts on GoHighLevel Tutorials

As long as you’re armed with GoHighLevel tutorials, operating GoHighLevel applications and functions won’t have to be daunting.

However, note that the GoHighLevel functions discussed above were only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other noteworthy GoHighLevel applications that we didn’t get to mention! Fascinating right?

The point is—when it all boils down to sales, CRM, and marketing, GoHighLevel truly is all-in-one, and GoHighLevel tutorials are your user manual.

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