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The GoHighLevel platform has training materials ranging from sales and marketing to core technology subjects. All of this is to give HighLevel users the education they need. The only thing lacking yet is a HighLevel community for users to discuss their challenges and breakthroughs.

But you can check out the materials available for HighLevel users below.

GoHighLevel Welcome Course

GoHighLevel offers a welcome course to everyone. Access to this welcome course is not dependent on a GoHighLevel subscription.

Signing up for the welcome course gives you access to numerous videos you can watch in your spare time.

Signing Up for the GoHighLevel Welcome Course

gohighlevel get access to welcome course

Go to the Welcome Course Page. Enter your name and email address. GoHighLevel will email you your login details. After receiving your login details, go to university.gohighlevel.com to access your course library and check out more courses after reviewing the GoHighLevel Welcome Course.

GoHighLevel University

HighLevel University dashboard

The GoHighLevel University is a learning resource of the platform that offers a 15-lesson onboarding course to help users understand how to use the platform best and all of its features.

Onboarding With the Customer Success Team

These welcome videos inform you about GoHighLevel resources your business can use to get started. These include the following:

  • Onboarding Sessions
  • Questions & Answers
  • Paths to Success: How to Get Advanced Setup Assistance
  • Support

SMS, Email, and White Labeling

Access to videos here teaches you how to do the following:

Quickstart Guides

Here, you can access a wide range of videos explaining the GoHighLevel platform and how its numerous features work. These include the following:

  • Quickstart Overview
  • Tour: A Quick Tour of the GoHighLevel platform
  • Capture: How to Create Contacts
  • Nurture: How to Automatically Nurture Leads
  • Close: How to Use Pipelines and Manage Leads Through the Sales Processes
  • Recap

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GoHighLevel Youtube Channel

gohighlevel youtube channel

There are more than 1700 videos on how users can get the best of GoHighLevel. Apart from the numerous training resources you can access, you can also find replays of live sessions, trainings, and webinars.

The channel also features the latest updates on the platform and video demonstrations of how the updates work. You can check out the HighLevel YouTube channel here.

The channel will give you access to the following and more:

  • “How to Guides”
  • Spotlight Sessions
  • Masterclasses
  • An Onboarding Course

GoHighLevel Free Live Courses and Webinars

gohighlevel fueled marketing education

GoHighLevel periodically hosts live courses, training, and online events and workshops. You don’t need to subscribe to gain access to a live course or training event. Anyone can join the live events.

These live courses generally focus on sales and marketing strategies that GoHighLevel users can use to reach more customers.

In 2022, GoHighLevel users had access to the following live events:

  • Road to 100 SaaS Clients
  • Regular webinars
  • Q&A Sessions

Register here for a future live course, the weekly webinar, or an event.

Staying Updated About Future Live Courses

gohighlevel upcoming events

Although the link above gives you access to the free weekly webinars, you can stay updated about a future live course or event by looking up a free event on the GoHighLevel event calendar. You can look up a specific event and register for it. The site gives access to the registration links, and each program on the calendar is free.

You can always catch the replay on the HighLevel YouTube channel if you miss the live event.

GoHighLevel Support Portal

gohighlevel support portal

Marketing your business is essential to surviving in any industry. The GoHighLevel support portal gives business owners access to guides, videos, and walkthroughs on executing specific tasks to gain an edge with technology.

You will find the GoHighLevel support portal well-structured for easy navigation. You can easily understand any process without reaching out to GoHighLevel customer support.

Anyone can sign up for the support portal here and join to access the support materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does GoHighLevel Training Cost for Digital Marketing Agencies?

Creating and running an agency GoHighLevel account will cost you money. But access to GoHighLevel education materials is generally free. A business owner can join the support portal, sign up for events, and subscribe to the GoHighLevel YouTube channel for tips to remain relevant in the industry.

Is There Any Ongoing Training GoHighLevel Training Resources?

You can check the live events calendar above to know what to expect next. Alternatively, you can access the GoHighLevel training education materials listed above to bring your business up to speed with the industry you operate.

How Can I Access GoHighLevel Training?

There are numerous ways to access GoHighLevel training materials. Sign up on the support portal to access solutions for specific challenges. Check the HighLevel YouTube channel and follow all the other tips in this article.

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