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When choosing software for your business, it’s not just the features that matter. What’s equally vital is the customer support it offers. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about GoHighLevel support so you’ll know where to turn when you need assistance. From chat services to webinars, we’re detailing all the avenues available. 

Does GoHighLevel Offer Customer Support?

Yes. Like many leading apps, GoHighLevel extends a support system for you and its existing users. 

One of the most apparent ones is the chat widget on its homepage. You can drop your query here, and someone from the GoHighLevel team will respond to you via SMS in a few hours. 

Another invaluable resource for newcomers is the kick-off call. It offers firsthand support, guiding you through how you can set up your own agency inside HighLevel.

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But these two options are just a glimpse into the support GoHighLevel offers. Let’s explore more.

What Are the Other GoHighLevel Support Features? 

1. (New) 24/7 Chat Support

GoHighLevel’s commitment to user convenience just got an upgrade. It now offers 24/7 chat on the desktop app. So you can receive assistance around the clock. 

Here’s how you can tap into this service:

gohighlevel agency dashboard
  • Sign in to your agency account. 
  • Look for a blue question mark icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once you click on it, a pop-out will appear. From there, you can kickstart a live chat session.

Note that this feature is exclusive to agency admins. If you can’t see the icon, you use a sub-account, or your user permission is limited. 

The 24/7 live chat support is ideal if you’re looking for real-time, quick clarifications or are caught up in a minor hiccup and need swift assistance.

(New) 24/7 Call Hotline 

GoHighLevel’s dedication to user-centric service takes another step forward. They’ve introduced a 24/7 call line, available when you fancy a more direct touchpoint. 

You can contact them by dialing +1 (888) 732-4197. This is a toll-free number.

Like the above, it’s only for agency admins. And they focus on issues related to sales, billings, and specific concerns. 

Let’s say you’re fixing your landing pages and then suddenly encounter an issue on the payment or billing part. One quick call can help set things right.

In addition, GoHighLevel values the security of your agency account. So, they’ll confirm your agency admin status before answering your concerns. 

Have your Agency Relationship Number and GoHighLevel login email handy for a smooth process. You may find this under the “Company” tab inside the Agency Settings. 

gohighlevel agency settings

If you don’t have admin access but require help, you’ll need to talk to the agency owner to grant you the privilege or call you.

Knowledge Base / Support Portal 

GoHighLevel also offers a valuable resource hub tailored for its clients.

gohighlevel knowledge base

You don’t need to wait for chat responses or be on hold during calls. The portal has over 200 informative tutorials. Each tutorial, whether in text, visuals, or videos, simplifies GoHighLevel’s features.

From setting up a landing page to understanding the platform’s various tools, there are detailed guides to assist. 

If you’re facing challenges or are keen on leveraging reselling opportunities, the Knowledgebase has insights to guide your journey. It’s a reliable first stop for most GoHighLevel inquiries.

Youtube Videos

Beyond the written guides and live support, GoHighLevel provides more value through its YouTube channel

gohighlevel youtube channel

You’ll get more than the typical how-to content. This channel dives deep, offering a richer understanding of the platform and how you can scale your agency inside it. 

For instance, they have extensive Q&A and spotlight sessions where they talk to successful GoHighLevel users. You can get so many tips and hacks on these videos. 

gohighlevel youtube videos

Besides that, the GoHighLevel team also provides updates about the channel’s latest features, events, and platform enhancements. 

Facebook Community 

This private group assembles users who understand the nuances of GoHighLevel, providing a platform where they share, learn, and collaborate. This exclusive hub awaits you at this link.

gohighlevel facebook community

But, just like the first two on the list, access is limited to agency owners. The community admins will only accept the registered email and the agency name from your GoHighLevel. 

Once inside, you can engage in enlightening discussions, seek advice, or share your success stories. 

The best advantage of having an online community is getting feedback and insights from professionals familiar with your journey, adding layers of authenticity and relevance to each interaction.

Other Resources – Demo/ Live Training/ Events

Lastly, GoHighLevel has a comprehensive suite of resource training and events tailored to assist you at any stage, from novice to expert. 

  • On-Demand Demos. This offers insights into using HighLevel’s capabilities as an agency, provides a sneak peek into the platform’s advancements, and even outlines the transformation journey to a SaaS agency. You can access it by signing up here.
gohighlevel the highlevel demo
  • Daily Q&A Calls. Direct interaction is the best way to achieve clarity. The daily Q&A sessions allow you to engage with GoHighLevel experts and receive instant answers. All you have to do is schedule a call with them here.
gohighlevel register for daily
  • Trainings. These weekly or monthly sessions span a range of relevant topics. You can visit their event calendar and register for the webinars aligning with your interests.
gohighlevel upcoming events


How can I access the blue help icon for live chat?

To access the blue help icon, ensure you’re logged in as an “Agency Admin.” If you need to adjust permissions, head to “Agency Settings,” navigate to the “Team” tab, then add or modify an employee. Set the desired permissions, and you’ll be good to go.

How do I contact HighLevel support?

Reaching out to HighLevel support is easy. Both live chat and call are available around the clock. Sign into your account and click the blue check mark to chat. Dial +1 (888) 732-4197 if you prefer a call. Keep in mind only the admins of agencies can initiate contact.

Does the GoHighLevel team provide email support?

Currently, GoHighLevel doesn’t offer email support. While they send out newsletters and other announcements, responding to those emails isn’t a direct line to their support team.

More HighLevel Frequently Asked Questions:


With multiple support available, GoHighLevel ensures you’re never left in the dark. 

There’s something for you whether you need an immediate response from an expert, a deep dive into the platform’s functionalities, or prefer learning at your own pace from on-demand training and tutorials.

And remember, if you’ve reached out and awaiting feedback, you can always log in and check your ticket status on this page.

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