GoHighLevel SaaS 2024 Overview: What It Is, How to Start, How to Boost Revenue

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Are you planning on upgrading to a GoHighLevel plan that will allow you to sell it as your own?

If you’ve been nodding while reading that, this is for you.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed how we do business. The beauty of it lies in its scalability, accessibility, and incredible revenue potential.

GoHighLevel takes it further by allowing you to offer SaaS without breaking the bank on development costs.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what GoHighLevel SaaS is and why it might be the upgrade you need.

What Is GoHighLevel SaaS? 

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GoHighLevel SaaS is a transformative feature if you’re looking for an additional revenue stream. 

It’s mostly for agency owners. But anyone interested in leveraging the power of SaaS can benefit from it.

Here’s what you can offer your clients with GoHighLevel SaaS.

  • Workflow Automation. Your clients can set up marketing automation that makes business operations smoother and more efficient.
  • Calendar App. No more back-and-forths to find the perfect meeting time. The calendar app lets clients book and schedule their own appointments hassle-free.
  • Unified Messaging. Your clients will access one dashboard to monitor customer queries from email, social media, SMS, and their website.
  • Lead Generation. They can also effortlessly create a sales funnel, landing page, form, and blog to increase their chances of getting leads.
  • Sales Team Management. Their sales team will become more effective with organized pipelines and easy monitoring. 

But here’s the best part for you. GoHighLevel SaaS takes away the most daunting part of launching marketing software – the development process. 

That’s right. There’ll be no late-night coding sessions, bug fixes, or maintenance woes on your part.

You also don’t have to worry about any of the back-end issues. Your primary focus can be growing your client base and your business.

Overall, GoHighLevel SaaS is an all-in-one solution that allows you to sell top-notch marketing tools under your brand without the headaches that usually come with building a powerful platform. 

Pretty great, right? 

Why Use GoHighLevel SaaS?

Having used GoHighLevel for a significant period, I’m one of those agency owners impressed with this platform. 

It’s not just a simple marketing tool but a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses like mine. 

The platform is so reliable that you can confidently use it to automate your operations and even offer the same advantage to others. 

So why not leverage it to help more people improve strategies with GoHighLevel plus your own system and earn some revenue on the side?

Here are also other reasons why you should use GoHighLevel SaaS. 


  • Easy to Use. The platform is intuitively designed, making it simple to navigate even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Generous Usage Limit. GoHighLevel offers unlimited sub-account, user, and core features. So growing your business won’t be an issue.
  • Revenue Boost. By reselling GoHighLevel services, you can easily create consistent earnings with less effort. 
  • All-in-One Marketing Platform. From social media marketing to email marketing and automation, you have all the tools at your fingertips.
  • Effortless Setup. Getting started is a breeze. GoHighLevel SaaS mode lets you set up and run your software company quickly. 


To Your Agency/Business

With GoHighLevel SaaS, you unlock the ability to add unlimited sub-accounts.

What does that mean for you? You can onboard as many clients as you wish. And unlike other platforms, you don’t have to worry about your subscription fee.

In addition, you can add unlimited users and tailor their permissions to your needs.

For instance, if you have different membership or client access tiers, you can easily adjust what users can view or modify.

What’s more, you get every necessary marketing tool in one platform. No need for messy third-party integrations.

Everything is available within GoHighLevel. Plus, through Twilio and Lead Connector integration, you can bill your clients for other features like SMS and emails under your brand.

To Your Clients 

Your clients get the royal treatment with GoHighLevel SaaS mode.

Say your client wants to focus on inbound marketing. In that case, they can use the platform’s social media planner, blogging tools, and more to streamline their efforts.

What’s more liberating is having all these features under one roof, saving them from the hassle of juggling multiple platforms.

Beyond that, your clients can elevate their brand credibility using GoHighLevel’s Reputation Management feature. They can quickly request and manage reviews from their past clients.

And did I mention that you can offer a mobile app version of your SaaS? You heard that right. Your clients can access their dashboard on the go.

So, it’s a win-win scenario for both you and your clients.

You get an expandable, easy-to-use platform for growing your business, while your clients get a multi-functional tool for theirs.

How Much Does GoHighLevel SaaS Cost?

Here’s a bit of a confusing part. GoHighLevel has two SaaS plans – the Agency Unlimited and the Agency SaaS Pro.

Let’s break them down.

You can get the Agency Unlimited account if you want a white-label feature. It allows you to rebrand its desktop app and present it as your own.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

That’s right—every business account you add to your GoHighLevel dashboard will showcase your brand, not GoHighLevel’s.

This plan also gives you an unlimited sub-account and user seat. Plus, it lets you personalize the platform’s look and feel with your color and logo. All of this while using your domain name.

It’s excellent, but it has its limitations. For instance, you’ll need to add your clients manually to your dashboard, which can be tedious, especially as your business grows.

If you like to go big, consider the HighLevel Agency Pro plan. But how much does the HighLevel SaaS mode cost, and what can you get from it?

gohighlevel upgrade agency pro

For a monthly subscription of $497, you can sell the service to unlimited clients, keeping all the profits for yourself.

This SaaS mode also gives you unlimited SaaS accounts, more robust features, and advanced control. But apart from that, it automatically sets up new clients when they sign up—no more manual adding on your part.

Upon sign-up, you can automatically add funnels, campaigns, and settings to your client accounts, making the onboarding process a breeze. You can also accept payments instantly through your Stripe account.

In addition, you get access to the SaaS configurator. This feature lets you decide your HighLevel pricing plans and what each includes.

But hold on, there’s more.

GoHighLevel also offers a white-labeled mobile app. Your clients can get your own branded app.

It’s not included in any of the plans above, and you must pay an additional fee of $497/month. But the benefits outweigh the costs.

This app will allow your clients to use all the core GoHighLevel features on the go right from their mobile devices.

And this is the best news – the GoHighLevel team sets it all up for you.

How to Get Started with GoHighLevel SaaS?

You can sign up for the free trial and get the $297/month plan if you’re a new user.

gohighlevel 14 day free trial

If you are satisfied with this plan’s white-labeling feature, you can start selling your GoHighLevel and digital marketing services under your brand.

But if you want more power and access to unlimited SaaS, go to the “Settings” tab and click the “Billing.”

gohighlevel billing dashboard

Select the modify/cancel your subscription, then click “Upgrade.” You can then pick whether to pay a monthly or yearly fee for the Agency SaaS plan.

gohighlevel upgrade current plan

After that, you can start setting up your account by connecting your Stripe account and modifying the SaaS configurator.

This is where you can add your custom pricing plans, include free trials, attach any snapshots, provide complimentary call credits, and more.

And if you want to white-label the mobile app, go to the “Marketplace” from the sidebar. Click “View More” of the White-Label Mobile App + Zap.

gohighelvel whitelabel

Then select “Buy Now.”

Once you register, the GoHighLevel team will connect with you and give you further instructions.


Is GoHighLevel a SaaS platform?

Yes. GoHighLevel is inherently a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. What makes it great is that it allows you to create your own SaaS business. With GoHighLevel, you’re not just a user. You can also become a SaaS owner and offer your process inside the HighLevel software system.

What is High Level SaaS?

HighLevel SaaS, more commonly known as GoHighLevel SaaS, is a robust feature aimed primarily at agency owners. But, its versatility makes it useful for marketing businesses. It’s designed to give you the ability to offer GoHighLevel’s suite of marketing tools and functionalities under your own branding. 


That’s about it for GoHighLevel SaaS. 

Whether you want to scale your marketing agency or start a SaaS business, GoHighLevel offers various options tailored to your needs. 

While the $297/month white-labeled solution can get you started on offering GoHighLevel’s services under your brand, the $497/month SaaS Mode plan truly puts you in the driver’s seat. 

This plan provides increased control, better features, and, most importantly, ease of setup for new clients.

Still thinking about whether it is worth it? Just check the features you’re getting now and imagine how they can be helpful to more people. 

And if you haven’t done so, you can sign up for the free trial.

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