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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and automation, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. GoHighLevel is a platform that has garnered attention for its all-in-one marketing automation solutions to help small businesses make money online.

In this in-depth GoHighLevel review, we’ll explore the numerous advantages and potential drawbacks of GoHighLevel. From its user-friendly interface to its advanced automation capabilities, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of this platform.

Summary of GoHighLevel Pros

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  1. It’s User-Friendly Interface
  2. It’s an All-in-One Marketing Solution
  3. You can Sell GoHighLevel as a SaaS Solution
  4. Comprehensive Analytics
  5. It’s Very Affordable
  6. Advanced Automation
  7. AI-Driven Automated Booking Bot
  8. Sales Pipelines
  9. GoHighLevel Consistently Rolls out Fresh Features and Improvements

Summary of GoHighLevel Cons

  1. Learning Curve for Advanced Features
  2. Training Materials Get Outdated Regularly
  3. Decent/Unsatisfactory Customer Support
  4. Limited Third-Party Integrations
  5. Need for Better Templates
  6. Inconvenience WIth 2FA Sign-in
  7. Consistent Introduction of New Features

Pros of GoHighLevel

It’s User-Friendly Interface

One of the first things you’ll notice about GoHighLevel is its user-friendly interface. With a glance, you can appreciate the vibrant visuals and an intuitive dashboard that grants you access to the platform’s myriad features.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer or a newcomer to the online sales realm, navigating GoHighLevel is a breeze. This interface significantly enables your business to thrive sooner rather than later, and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to maximize website building tools.

Thanks to GoHighLevel’s website builder (drag-and-drop features), you can automate processes effortlessly without any coding skills.

It’s an All-in-One Marketing Platform

gohighlevel building the agency engine

We can’t do a GoHighLevel review without mentioning it as an all in one platform. Other sales funnels exist, but this sales platform serves as a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs, including search engine optimization.

It encompasses customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities, social media scheduling, email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing, and marketing automation tools.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll understand the value of consolidating your marketing platforms within a single software. This not only saves precious time but also streamlines all the tools you’ll need for your marketing operations.

You can Sell GoHighLevel as a SaaS Solution

gohighlevel white label

For marketing agencies and resellers, GoHighLevel offers incredible potential. The platform allows you to customize forms and landing pages, effectively maintaining a consistent brand image throughout all your accounts. So, it’s great for an affiliate program.

The beauty of the white-label mobile app is that you can sell it to an unlimited number of users at your own price, making the revenue and lead generation opportunities virtually limitless.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel helps you segment your audience and prioritize your marketing efforts.

Comprehensive Analytics of Digital Marketing

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gohighlevel attribution reporting

Effective marketing campaigns hinge on data-driven insights, and GoHighLevel delivers just that. The platform provides in-depth analytics on various aspects of your marketing, including email marketing, lead engagement, and funnel performance.

Just like with Google Analytics, you can leverage data to make informed adjustments to your marketing strategies, ultimately yielding better results across multiple client accounts.

Advanced Automation of Marketing Tools

Every business has its share of daily repetitive tasks, and manually handling them can be counterproductive. GoHighLevel provides automation marketing tools that allow business owners to focus more on revenue generation. You may not easily find another marketing agency engine like this.

Whether executing marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, nurturing leads, or managing communication strategies, GoHighLevel’s marketing automation platform puts much of it on autopilot. You can streamline all the marketing messages to one place.

AI-Driven Automated Booking Bot

gohighlevel fully automated booking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to stay, and GoHighLevel has embraced this technology early on. The platform features an AI-driven bot that nurtures SMS conversations with leads, guiding them toward booking a service or appointment.

This AI recognizes user preferences and needs, providing tailored guidance. This feature significantly reduces the cognitive load on potential customers, making it easier for them to fulfill their goal of booking a call.

Customizable Sales Pipelines

This GoHighLevel feature provides the flexibility of tailoring sales pipelines to suit your business needs. The funnel building software empowers businesses to monitor their lead progression and sales procedures.

Doing so makes it easier to pinpoint any bottlenecks within the sales funnel and fine-tune processes for enhanced outcomes.

The capability to customize sales pipelines is invaluable for businesses seeking efficiency improvements. It enables you to align the pipeline stages precisely with your unique sales cycle. Whether your sales journey involves initial lead capture, nurturing, or closing deals, GoHighLevel’s adaptable sales pipelines can accommodate it all.

Furthermore, a GoHighLevel funnel builder contributes significantly to data-driven decision-making. The platform offers clear insights into your lead progression and sales conversion rates at each stage of your pipeline.

Armed with this information, you can make informed adjustments, ultimately optimizing your sales processes for superior results.

Consistent Roll-out of Fresh Features and Improvements

GoHighLevel is a company driven by an unwavering commitment to progress. Rather than resting on its achievements, the platform consistently seeks avenues for enhancement, continuously unveiling fresh features, refinements, and updates. GoHighLevel has a mobile app you can download and use with any of the pricing plans.

Furthermore, it places great emphasis on actively engaging with its user community and valuing their input. If a significant number of users express interest in a specific feature, the likelihood of it being integrated into the platform is quite high.

Cons of GoHighLevel

Learning Curve for Advanced Features

While GoHighLevel boasts a user-friendly interface, some of the advanced platform’s features may require a deeper level of expertise. New users may initially find the platform easy to navigate, but leveraging these advanced lead generation tools fully can be a challenge.

A new user might need to spend up to a week exploring the platform and learning its intricacies. If you plan to sell GoHighLevel to clients as a Software as a Service (SaaS), be prepared to provide training, as the existing resources could be more extensive to help users harness the platform’s full potential.

Training Materials Get Outdated Regularly

gohighlevel support portal

Ideally, every new feature or update on GoHighLevel should be accompanied by corresponding articles, videos, or resources explaining the new functions. Unfortunately, this hasn’t consistently been the case with GoHighLevel.

Many times, the available resources are outdated and no longer aligned with the platform’s current interface. While GoHighLevel has made improvements in this area recently, there is still room for further enhancement in keeping resources up to date.

Decent/Unsatisfactory Customer Support

Customer support is a critical aspect of any software platform, and GoHighLevel has received mixed reviews in this regard.

Some users have reported long response times, while others have claimed to receive no response at all.

GoHighLevel customer service seems to vary greatly, making it feel like a hit-or-miss situation. Although some users have had positive customer service experiences, improving response times and the overall quality of customer support would be appreciated by all.

Limited Third-Party Integrations

GoHighLevel offers a more limited selection of third-party integrations compared to many of its competitors because they have most of their additional tools built-in. Despite its comprehensive feature set, you may encounter compatibility issues as you try to integrate GoHighLevel with other tools your business relies on.

As a result, you might need to employ workarounds or additional development efforts to achieve your desired integrations.

Inconvenience With 2FA Sign-in

Editor’s Note: this con is no longer true.

Utilizing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) undoubtedly enhances security; however, it can potentially impact the user experience, especially when you’re required to input a code with every sign-in.

In the case of GoHighLevel (GHL), it doesn’t appear to maintain a continuous logged-in state, mandating a 2FA login every time you access the app, even if it’s been just a few hours since your previous session. However, whether this is perceived as a drawback or not largely depends on your security preferences.

Conclusion: Is GoHighLevel Worth it?

We hope this GoHighLevel review has answered your questions. In summary, GoHighLevel is a valuable platform for businesses looking to automate their sales processes and save time and money. While all the features are impressive, their suitability depends on your business’s core needs and budget.

GoHighLevel is affordable and highly valuable but may not cater to businesses requiring industry-specific complex workflows or in-depth analytics. There is a learning curve when starting out with the platform, so investing time in training is essential.

Ultimately, GoHighLevel is worth considering, but it’s not the only CRM platform available. Other marketing software offers similar lead-generation efforts and features but typically at higher price points.

Therefore, a careful assessment of your business requirements and budget is recommended. You can streamline your marketing campaign with just a few clicks and drive growth into a single platform.

HighLevel Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoHighLevel Affordable For a Marketing Agency?

Affordability is a critical factor in any business decision, and GoHighLevel pricing doesn’t disappoint for both individuals and marketing agencies. With straightforward pricing plans, you can choose between two options. The first plan, priced at $97 per month, offers just one account plus three subaccounts.

The second plan, at $297 per month, grants you or your agency unlimited account. When you consider the cost of acquiring all these features separately, GoHighLevel’s pricing becomes not just cost-effective but cost-saving.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

How Frequently Does GoHighLevel Introduce New Features?

GoHighLevel adds new features regularly. The platform’s frequent introduction of new features highlights its dedication to accommodating customer feedback and providing business automation.

Nevertheless, the continual arrival of these elements can be overwhelming for users, especially those who want some stability and predictability in their work environment.

How Updated Are GoHighLevel’s Templates?

gohighlevel template library

GoHighLevel offers an extensive library of templates for sales funnels, emails, and landing pages. However, many of these templates may not be as creative or contemporary as those available on other platforms. While there are many templates to choose from, there is room for improvement in design and aesthetics.

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