GoHighLevel Mobile App – What It Can Do in 2024 is Amazing for Agencies

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GoHighLevel is a client management and marketing platform for agencies and marketers.

It has simplified many business processes and helped create high-performing sales systems.

The desktop version of GoHighLevel is one of the best in the market.

But what if you need to manage your agency away from your laptop? Is the GoHighLevel mobile app enough?

In this article, we’ll answer that question. We’ll also explore the app’s features and functionalities.

What is GoHighLevel Mobile App?

gohighlevel leadconnector app

The GoHighLevel app is a downloadable, simpler version of the full-suite platform.

It’s useful for subscribers who need to manage their agency and clients on the go. 

The mobile app is not as complete as the desktop version. For instance, you can’t access the full-featured page builder and do automation.

But it offers valuable features you’ll need for basic marketing and client communications tasks.

So it’s pretty useful. 

Additionally, it’s free to download on Apple and Android devices.

Remember that while free for everyone, you’ll need a GoHighLevel account to access its tools.

Features of GoHighLevel Mobile App

Let’s explore some of the core features available inside this intuitive platform.

View Your Account Dashboard

gohighlevel dashboard

The GoHighLevel mobile app provides a dashboard that acts as your command center. 

It provides an overview of important information and the tools available. 

Some things I noticed about the dashboard are that it’s minimal, well-structured, and user-friendly. 

It’s also highly responsive. 

Inside the dashboard, you’ll see your pipelines, tasks, ratings, and current activities. 

Additionally, the dashboard allows you to navigate to other features within the app swiftly. So you can switch to various tools in just one click. 

Monitor Your Pipelines

gohighlevel mobile pipelines

With this feature, you can check the following data of your chosen pipeline:

  • the number of opportunities (i.e., leads and customers),
  • pipeline value (i.e., the revenue generated)
  • and the conversion rate (i.e., the percentage of leads that turn into customers).

This allows you to determine whether your pipeline is effective and whether it can capture leads or new customers.

While GoHighLevel mobile app doesn’t allow you to edit your pipelines, it does enable you to keep track of their progress.

You can also switch between different pipelines and filter them based on a date range. With this, you can find specific information faster.

Create and Send Invoices 

gohighlevel create send invoices

Imagine this. You’re out of the office when you suddenly remember that you need to send an invoice for an upcoming client project. 

Instead of rushing back to get your laptop and wasting time, you can open your GoHighLevel mobile app and send one from there. 

The only drawback is that it won’t offer the full range of invoice customization that you can get from the desktop version. 

For example, it won’t let you edit the image, from info, or the invoice number. 

However, you can still do a lot for urgent invoicing. You can add items or products, apply taxes, and edit the issue and due date. 

The invoicing feature will only be available once you integrate your Stripe account with your GoHighLevel platform. 

Add, View, and Manage Contacts 

gohighlevel mobile manage contacts

Contacts are the lifeblood of any agency or business, and managing them effectively is crucial for growth and success. 

With the GoHighLevel Mobile App, adding and categorizing contacts is so easy. Simply input the necessary information, and you’re all set.

The app allows you to add tags and the contact source and identify whether a contact is a lead or a customer. 

Additionally, the GoHighLevel app offers a DND toggle for each contact. 

You can activate this to exclude the new contact from receiving your marketing campaigns. This feature may not always be useful, but it’s a great addition.

Make A Call, and Send Emails and Messages

gohighlevel call send messages

When it comes to boosting customer engagement, making phone calls and sending emails are two of the most effective methods to apply in your strategy.

Thanks to its intuitive design, GoHighLevel enables users to perform these tasks seamlessly in conjunction with one another.

Once set up with your dialer number configuration, making calls through the app has never been simpler.

Additionally, you can add attachments such as payment requests, templates, files, videos, and images when composing emails.

This means you have everything you need to send a comprehensive and engaging message inside the GoHighLevel app.

Manage All Conversations

Another fantastic feature of the GoHighLevel app is its ability to handle all your conversations in a single, intuitive inbox. 

You don’t have to switch between multiple platforms to keep track of your messages.

The Conversations app gathers all your messages, including SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook messages, Google Marketplace, Instagram, and more, in one place. 

This makes it incredibly simple for you to monitor and respond to all your conversations.


Track Tasks Progress

The GoHighLevel Mobile App makes it easy to monitor the progress of your tasks right from the dashboard. 

You can view the completion status, so tracking how much you’ve accomplished and how much is left to do is easy.

Additionally, the app provides you with the number of tasks overdue and completed. They are a great reminder of your to-do’s.

Book or Schedule Appointments 

gohighlevel schedule appointments

The HighLevel Calendar feature allows you to add new appointments and manage all your scheduled ones, including upcoming events and meetings. 

This functionality ensures a clear view of your agenda, allowing you to plan your time effectively and never miss any meaningful engagement.

What sets this tool apart is its ability to connect with other calendars. This allows you to monitor all your appointments in one place.

Manage Your Reviews

gohighlevel manage reviews

Tracking your reviews is crucial in providing solutions to any issues and improving your reputation as an agency. 

With the GoHighLevel app, you can manage them anytime.

For instance, you can keep track of the invites you’ve sent, monitor the number of reviews you have, view your average rating, and even determine overall customer satisfaction.

The app also allows you to respond to reviews conveniently. You can reply whenever you want, as long as you have your phone and are online.

GoHighLevel Mobile App Pricing 

GoHighLevel mobile app is a free app available for everyone to get. There are two versions of the app, but they work the same. 

You can either download “Lead Connector” or “HighLevel.” 

Simply search the name on your app store. Or download them from the links below. 

But while the app is free, you need to be an existing subscriber to access the mentioned features. 

The good news is you can use the mobile app regardless of your plan. 

You can choose from the following.

  • Agency Starter Plan – $97/month
  • Agency Unlimited Plan – $297/month
  • Agency SaaS Pro / White Label Upgrade – $497/month 

The Starter plan is excellent if you work with only one or two clients but want all the benefits of a robust CRM and marketing platform.

For instance, you can accept unlimited users and contacts, create full-featured websites and build captivating landing pages.

But the Unlimited plan is ideal if you’re planning to cater to more customers and customize your branding. 

With this, you can also get unlimited video hosting, manage multiple platforms or businesses, and create courses or a membership platform.

Meanwhile, if you want to offer the mobile app under your brand name and get access to SaaS mode, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan, which costs $497/month. 

Instead of seeing HighLevel or Lead Connector logo, your customers will see yours. But they will enjoy all similar features inside the original app. 

This will allow your clients to run their business as smoothly as yours, and you can also earn more money because you’ll be selling it as your own product.


Does GoHighLevel Have an App?

Yes. GoHighLevel offers a free mobile app for its users. You can download the app on Apple and Android devices. Check “HighLevel” or “Lead Connector.” 

Who Is the GoHighLevel Mobile App For?

The GoHighLevel mobile app is for anyone who wants to monitor their marketing process and client communications with their mobile phone. Whether you’re a freelancer, agency owner, entrepreneur, coach, or SaaS provider, as long as you subscribe to GoHighLevel, you can find this tool valuable.

How Much Do I Need to Pay for the GoHighLevel Mobile App?

The app is free for anyone to download.

whitelabel mobile

But if you want to white label it and resell it to your clients under your brand, you have to pay $497/month or $4970/year. Read more about HighLevel pricing details here.


GoHighLevel app provides enough tools to manage your own agency from your smartphone.

It’s worth downloading. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra dollars to use it if you’re an existing subscriber.

With just a few clicks, you can do the following with the GoHighLevel app.

  • View your pipelines;
  • Monitor your conversations;
  • View your tasks’ progress;
  • Call, send emails, and messages;
  • And more.

If you want to experience the app first-hand, sign up for the free HighLevel trial and sign in to the GoHighLevel app today!

For more feature details, read our GoHighLevel review of 2024.

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