GoHighLevel Mailgun Setup – A 2024 Step-by-Step Guide

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Emails are a powerful tool, and GoHighLevel gives you tools for it. You can send emails directly to your clients, create beautiful email blasts and newsletters, and choose from many well-designed templates. 

But while it offers impressive email marketing capabilities, GoHighLevel isn’t an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Meaning to say, you can’t send bulk emails without the help of a third-party service.

GoHighLevel now recommends using Lead Connector as the official email service provider, but Mailgun remains a trusty option. 

In this article, let’s explore Mailgun, why it’s a great platform, and the steps for GoHighLevel Mailgun setup.

What is Mailgun?

mailgun homepage

Mailgun is a service that helps businesses send emails from their apps. 

It’s like a post office for your emails, making sure they get where they need to go. This service is cloud-based, meaning it can handle lots of emails at once. And it’s good at it, dealing with billions each month. 

Mailgun also has tools to make your emails look their best and reach the right people. 

By using it with GoHighLevel, you can ensure a smooth email delivery process, boost your marketing efforts, and effectively communicate with your audience. This combination gives you a reliable and efficient email marketing strategy. 

Why Use Mailgun?

These are some of the benefits you can get from using Mailgun.

  • Easy Email Sorting. You’ll get a tool that can handle loads of emails. Mailgun lets you decide which emails you want to keep. So you don’t have to deal with spam.
  • Smart Email Reading. Mailgun also provides advanced features that can help you extract information from emails quickly.
  • Track Your Email Status. With Mailgun, you can track the journey of your emails, from delivery status to recipient interactions. This ensures you have a clear view of their engagement.
  • Works with Many Platforms. Mailgun isn’t code-sensitive. You can integrate it with most apps or websites. This means you won’t be limited by the tech you use.

How Much Does Mailgun Cost?

mailgun price plan

Before diving into their pricing, it’s good to know that Mailgun offers a 30-day free trial. This trial lets you send up to 5,000 emails. But if you go over that limit during your trial, you’ll need to pay $1 for every additional 1,000 emails.

If you decide to continue and go for a paid plan, here are your options:

  • Foundation Plan. This is for those who send emails regularly. For $35 each month, you’re allowed to send 50,000 emails.
  • Scale Plan. If you’re a heavy sender, this plan might be for you. At $90 a month, it covers up to 100,000 emails.

Remember, if you send more emails than your plan allows, there will be extra charges. But the good thing is that it only ranges from $.8 to $1 per 1,000 emails. 

What Other SMTPs Can I Use?

Besides Mailgun and Lead Connector, GoHighLevel lets you connect with the SMTP of your choice. However, the popular ones are Sendgrid, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. 

Step-by-Step Guide on GoHighLevel Mailgun Setup 

This will be a straightforward process. If you follow and read each step carefully, you’ll successfully run your emails quickly. Here’s how you can integrate Mailgun into your GoHighLevel account.

Create an Account With Mailgun

Select “Get Started for Free” on MailGun’s website or click this sign-up link. Fill up the form with your information and credit card details. 

mailgun getting started

On the right side, you can see the default free trial option. But you can also click the drop-down and select from the available paid plans. Once you’re done, click “Create Account.”

mailgun create account

Don’t forget to verify your email address first to get started.

mailgun account verification

Mailgun will also ask you to verify your phone number for extra safety measures. 

mailgun send verification

Once inside your Mailgun account, click “Verify Domain” to proceed. Or select the “Domain” tab on the dashboard’s left-hand side. 

mailgun verify domain

Choose “Add New Domain.” You can either use a root or a subdomain. Remember that if you plan to use your main domain, it shouldn’t be connected with other SMTPs like Gsuite. 

mailgun add new domain

Type in your chosen domain, choose the region, and click “Add Domain.” 

mailgun add domain button

Modify Your DNS Record

Changing your DNS records is vital. It ensures your emails go to the right place. If you don’t do this, your emails may not get delivered.

Now, the instructions may vary depending on the location of your DNS records on your domain provider. But Mailgun provides a step-by-step walkthrough for each. You can also check GoHighLevel’s tutorials

You must copy and paste the five DNS records based on your Mailgun account, mainly two TXTs, two MX, and one CNAME record, to your DNS hosting provider. And you can find all this under Sending -> Overview.

mailgun sending records

Once done, you’ll need to wait about 24 hours for propagation. Mailgun will send you an email once the process is done.

mailgun sending email quickstart guide

Sometimes, it’ll take less than that, and you can also check the progress if you want by simply clicking the “Check DNS Records” area on your service provider. 

Or click “Verify DNS Settings” on your Mailgun account for manual updates. 

mailgun view dns setting

Connect Your Mailgun Account to GoHighLevel With Your API Key

After the successful Mailgun and domain setup, it’s time to integrate Mailgun into your GoHighLevel account. 

First, you’ll need to copy your Mailgun API key. Click your avatar on the top right corner of your Mailgun account dashboard and select “API Security.” 

mailgun api security

Scroll down to Mailgun API keys and create a private one. You just have to type in the name, and the software will provide a unique code for you. 

mailgun secure api keys

Copy your API key. 

mailgun new api keys

Go to your GoHighLevel dashboard. Click the “Settings” tab, then “Email Services.” 

gohighlevel email services

Choose “Add Service” and select “Others” because Mailgun is no longer on the list of choices. You’ll need to fill out a few more information, then click “Save.” You can view this article if you need help with the SMTP Server and Port Number. 

gohighlevel add your own mail service

Add the API key and your domain. And you’re all set! 

Editor’s Note – Create a test email first and send it to your team members before officially sending an email blast to your leads. This will ensure that the API key, DNS records, and all the settings are working well.


That’s it! Although GoHighLevel now uses Lead Connector as its primary email service provider, it allows you to use other SMTPs. Mailgun is a great choice if you’re looking for another trusted and reliable email platform.

So, if you want to try this powerful combination, sign up for the GoHighLevel and Mailgun free trials today. 

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