Does GoHighLevel Offer a Lifetime Deal in 2024?

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GoHighLevel is a full-package platform that has taken the digital industry by storm and won the hearts of marketing agencies. 

That’s why it’s easy to see why users are hunting for a lifetime deal. Who wouldn’t want timeless access to such a versatile toolkit? 

However, the GoHighLevel lifetime deal doesn’t exist. And that’s something we need to accept. 

Can You Get GoHighLevel Lifetime Deal? 

ghl lifetime deal

GoHighLevel doesn’t have a lifetime deal. It’s something normal with top-tier software. High-quality features and services usually come with a certain cost.

I signed up for its 14-day free trial and realized why it’s worth the investment.

With GoHighLevel, you get all the tools you need and more. You can add *unlimited accounts, power up your lead generation efforts, connect your client accounts, communicate with your audience, and automate even the complex parts of your strategy.

*Editor’s Note: Adding unlimited business accounts is unavailable on the lowest plan, Agency Starter. But you can add unlimited users.

Has GoHighLevel Offered a Lifetime Deal Over the Past Years? 

Since its launch in 2018, GoHighLevel hasn’t rolled out any lifetime deals. 

But they still provide good discounts. For instance, they offered up to 50% off for new and existing users last Black Friday

What’s the Best Option to Save Money on GoHighLevel? 

One way to save money is by subscribing to a GoHighLevel annual plan. 

Here’s an overview of the current plans and how much you can save if you choose annual billing. 

GoHighLevel Plan

Free Trial

Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing

Annual Savings

Agency Starter




Agency Unlimited / Freelancer




Agency SaaS Pro





How to Get the GoHighLevel Annual Discount? 

It’s straightforward to subscribe to the annual plan. Just follow these steps: 

1. Sign up for the 14-day trial. 

gohighlevel trial

2. On your dashboard, go to “Settings.”

gohighlevel settings

3. Select “Billing.”

gohighlevel billing

4. Under your current plan, select the “click here.”

gohighlevel billing agency unlimited

5. Then click the “+ Upgrade Plan” button. 

gohighlevel modify subscription

6. Toggle to “Pay Annually,” then choose your desired plan.

gohighlevel pay annually

7. Click “Upgrade.” 

gohighlevel upgrade

GoHighLevel Alternatives with Lifetime Deals

Like GoHighLevel, most CRM and marketing platforms opt for a subscription model. However, there are a few that offers lifetime deals or account. Here are a few worth considering:


thrivecart homepage

ThriveCart is a high-performance shopping cart platform that helps businesses with their sales processes.

For a one-time fee of $495, you can enjoy its features as long as the platform is active. You can check out our complete review of ThriveCart here.



Although it’s not among our top choices, GrooveFunnels can help simplify your business tasks and manage customer relationships.

You can learn more about GrooveFunnels and other similar tools in our comprehensive funnel builder list. 

systeme is a worthy mention due to its ‘free forever’ plan. 

This packed marketing platform is a robust tool for automating your online business and is accessible without any time limit. 

To understand more, head over to our full review.


GoHighLevel lifetime deal may not be available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some cash. 

Going for the yearly plan is a smart move. It costs less in the long run, and you still get all the great features. 

Plus, Black Friday isn’t too far off. So, be alert and stay tuned for this year’s discount.

Before looking at other options, read our review, and try a 14-day free trial.

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