GoHighLevel Languages List in 2024

gohighlevel languages

If you’ve ever wondered why GoHighLevel now offers support for other languages, you’re welcome. In today’s competitive market, businesses constantly seek ways to expand their reach and appeal to diverse audiences. This audience includes customers who speak different languages.

It’s only savvy for any business to tap into such incredible potential. We believe this step is a game-changer; you’ll learn why below.

What Are the Benefits of Using GoHighLevel CRM in a Preferred Language?

The Highlevel platform is a great tool for businesses, but by using it in your chosen language, the advantages will even be greater than other platforms. The advantages are listed below;

  • Expand market reach and revenue
  • Remove linguistic boundaries
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Using the GoHighlevel platform, business clients may communicate with a larger customer base thanks to its multilingual support. This capability to cater to the multilingual community expands its customer base and unlocks fresh business opportunities since it can accommodate customers who speak languages other than English.

What GoHighLevel Languages Are Available on the Platform?

gohighlevel languages

In addition to the English language, GoHighLevel covers several other languages. The platform’s new capability allows for translation into various languages. This implies that you have the option of assigning a preferred language to each individual sub-account.

This function is especially beneficial if English is not your first language or you frequently interact with international clients. The flexibility ensures that the barriers with languages do not hinder your business’s global reach and effectiveness.

The languages GoHighlevel offers include:

  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • Canadian French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Croatian
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian


Although it has started rolling out, the multilingual deployment is still in its early phases. Only the calendar feature has yet been translated from English into many languages. The goal is to have the entire platform displayed in your chosen language.

GoHighLevel has also stepped up to the internationalization challenge, making CRM optimization across different languages a reality. Overall, GoHighLevel is worth trying out. Test out all its features today.

FAQs About GoHighLevel Languages

1. What Makes GoHighLevel Unique?

GoHighLevel is an all-encompassing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution designed to streamline and automate the tasks and projects of small business owners. The entire platform serves as the ultimate tool for enhancing customer engagement and driving success.

2. How Much Connection do GoHighLevel Languages Offer?

From the GoHighLevel dashboard, wouldn’t it be great to know you can effortlessly establish connections with different languages and across various communication platforms?

There is also the rolling out of Spanish, French, and Dutch on this platform. You can link up with Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messages, make voice calls, create Web pages, and manage your emails all from one platform.

3. How Can You Change the Language on GoHighLevel?

highlevel language settings
  1. Go to the settings section to change the language of the sub-account to your preferred language.
  2. There is a brand new drop-down menu here displayed as “Preferred Language.” Simply select the language you prefer from the drop-down box.
  3. Click save. Now, the sub-account’s features and tools are all shown and written in the preferred language.
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