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Pre-made templates have been a lifesaver for agencies and businesses. 

Instead of hiring a website developer and spending $$$ right away, you can get started with professional templates on the platform. 

GoHighLevel knows how important this feature is and how it can save time from planning and designing sales funnels and landing pages. That’s why they provided plenty of designs and styles to choose from. 

Let me tell you about the massive template library and show you some funnel templates you can find inside GoHighLevel.

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GoHighLevel Template Library Overview

GoHighLevel Funnel Templates

Living up to its name as a one-stop shop, GoHighLevel offers various designs for different marketing types. 

You can choose a template for emails, forms, websites, and sales funnels.

I’ll only discuss the funnel templates for this article. But just to let you know, all the templates in GoHighLevel are free and can be used in all your sub-accounts, including your business and clients. 

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Why Use GoHighLevel Funnel Templates 

Here are some other benefits of using them for your sales pages. 


You can edit the funnel templates inside GoHighLevel’s funnel builder. It makes adding images, videos, headers, texts, and other elements effortless. So, you can match the content to your brand’s voice while maintaining the structure and design of the template. 

Responsive and Well-Designed 

I’ve tried many GoHighLevel funnel templates for client work, and they’re a great starting place. Most are workable and professional-looking, perfect for those who want to plug in their content and quickly start marketing. 

Plenty of Options

There are over 100 templates you can choose from. GoHighLevel provides many designs for different industries and purposes. You’ll likely find one that will catch your interest and fit what you need for your business.


Some elements inside the editor, such as forms, surveys, and calendars, can be integrated with GoHighLevel’s Workflow features. Besides capturing leads with the templates, you can also nurture them by setting up triggers and automating follow-up sequences.


Now, let’s take a look at some of them.

Financial Funnel Templates

GoHighLevel provides 39 designs under the financial templates. You can choose by niche, whether for credit card bookkeeping, tax consultation, etc, or by purpose – lead magnet, upselling, downselling, or appointment scheduling.

1. Call Leads Template

GoHighLevel Call Leads Template

This template is ideal if you want a well-designed page to attract more customers to book calls and learn more about your banking and financial services. 

The Call Leads template allows you to leverage your credibility by adding customer testimonials and visuals to help you point out your success as a business.

GoHighLevel Customers Testimonial

2. Tax Preparation Upsell Template

GoHighLevel Tax Preparation Upsell Template

Upselling is an excellent strategy if you want to increase your sales effortlessly. 

The Tax Preparation template is something you can add on top of your existing funnel or sales page inside GoHighLevel. It lets you focus on the product and how it can help your customers. 

GoHighLevel Tax Planning

In addition, you can get ideas from the sample copy and provide an enticing discount to make your customers hop on the offer immediately.

3. Online Accountant Appointments Template

GoHighLevel Online Accountant Template

This sales-focused template allows you to offer your accounting services remotely. Right off the bat, you can provide numbers to convince your prospects that you are a subject matter expert. 

Besides emphasizing your services, it lets you add your team members’ profiles and provide quick info about them. 

GoHighLevel Team member profile

It also comes with another ready-made yet customizable page where you can add the GoHighLevel calendar feature. That way, your prospects can easily book their spot, and it will automatically reflect on your dashboard.


4. Investment Resources Template

GoHighLevel Investment Resources Template

This Investment Resources template is a superb choice if your main goal is to encourage new email subscribers and site traffic. 

GoHighLevel lets you connect a form to your workflow and automatically add those who filled it to your contacts. From there, you can send them newsletters or add them to your other campaigns.

GoHighLevel blog feature

Moreover, you can promote and add the articles you created using the GoHighLevel blog feature in this funnel template.

Health & Wellness Funnel Templates

If you are into health and wellness or catering to nutritionists, fitness centers, yoga studios, and the like, you’ll enjoy some good design options inside GoHighLevel. You can pick from over 80 templates just for this niche.

5. Organic Juice Bar Lead Magnet Template

GoHighLevel Bar Lead Magnet Template

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. They are pretty handy, especially for health and wellness. But to be able to promote your lead magnet, you must have a remarkable landing page for it.

With this template, you don’t have to create from scratch. You can simply personalize it by changing the images and tweaking the copy available to fit your voice and value offer. 


6. Personal Training Guru Template

GoHighLevel Personal Training Guru Template

There are also great GoHighLevel templates for personal trainers. One is this sleek-designed theme, ideal for showing the trainer’s background and their offer.

GoHighLevel Personal Training

You can create a full-blown site with About, Services, and Contact Us pages or direct the navigational menu options to the sections of this homepage.

7. Mental Health Template

GoHighLevel Mental Health Template

Yoga has become well-known around the world. Because of its popularity,  the competition for yoga practices and studios has also increased. 

Creating a unique and attractive website is the best way to gain more customers. 

GoHighLevel Mental Health website

With this template, you don’t have to worry about that. You can customize the colors to make it your own. Then, showcase your services, success, and client testimonials to increase your credibility.  

Adding that and other elements like FAQ sections, calendar, and Google Maps is super easy with the GoHighLevel page editor.

8. Revitalize Purchase Template

GoHighLevel Revitalize Purchase Template

One great thing about GoHighLevel is that its features and templates aren’t limited to marketing agencies, services, and consultations. 

You can also build an e-commerce store with it. The platform lets you build your online store and use customizable templates like Revitalize Purchase to get orders from your customers online. 

Then, you can build a workflow to receive payments and send order confirmation.

Real Estate Funnel Templates

Real estate is another profitable niche that GoHighLevel can cater to. It provides over 45 templates covering different categories like property listing and management, loans, mortgage programs, and more.

9. Property Management Lead Magnet Template

GoHighLevel 9. Property Management Lead Magnet Template

This template is vital for collecting potential client information by offering a valuable tenant screening checklist.

It’s beneficial for property managers looking to streamline their lead generation process. With the flexibility to add personalized images, you can enhance the visual appeal, making the template resonate with your brand and engage your prospects successfully.

10. Quality Home Search Template

GoHighLevel Quality Home Search Template

One important thing for real estate is visuals. Quality Home Search template allows you to emphasize that. You can add pictures of each space or property you’re selling and the benefits of doing business with you as a real estate agent.

GoHighLevel Popular Properties

Besides that, you can include positive feedback you receive from your buyers.


12. Home Loans Book Appointment Template

GoHighLevel Home Loans Book Appointment Template

You can use this design if you want something neat and organized to assist your clients in booking appointments for home loan consultations.

It’s a three-step funnel template that allows you to direct your prospects to the calendar feature without hassle by simply clicking the CTA button.

Automotive Funnel Templates

GoHighLevel provides vast options for automotive page designs. It houses 50 templates for this category, including pages for selling and trading cars, automotive repairs, tires, and car detailing.

13. Buy and Trade Cars Template

GoHighLevel Buy and Trade Cars Template

Except for the header image, this template uses white as the background for other sections. This makes the images pop out and become more catchy to the viewer’s eye.

The listing section is also exceptionally well-executed. You can showcase high-quality images of the vehicles you’re selling and their prices.

GoHighLevel Featured listings

It’s a brilliant design choice if you want to put a spotlight on the best cars you offer and entice potential buyers to book appointments or inquire about their next car purchase.

14. Automotive Expertise Template

GoHighLevel Automotive Expertise Template

What made me include this template in this list is the pricing plans. Although the main call to action is to book an appointment, it’s great for giving your prospects a background of their options and what is included in each package.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

This allows you to increase your sales without sounding too pushy during the call and shortens the decision-making process. By presenting clear pricing plans, your clients can easily choose one that will fit their needs.

15. Car Detail Shop Upsell Template

GoHighLevel Car Detail Shop Upsell Template

Let’s say you’re managing a car detail shop and want to increase revenue per customer. This upsell template is perfect for that purpose.

You may present this option (or make and choose a different product) as a specialized add-on after your customer avails your standard cleaning service or other automotive offers.

Insurance Funnel Templates

GoHighLevel knows that having insurance is essential, and many companies offer this kind of product and service. That’s why it provides 38 templates you can choose from that don’t revolve only in life but also for home, pet, auto, and property.

16. Healthcare Insurance Plans Template

GoHighLevel Healthcare Insurance Plans Template

This design is stellar for insurance companies looking to showcase their healthcare services.

It’s crafted to focus on the company’s advantages over competitors, integrating seamlessly with the platform’s form feature for swift prospect engagement.

GoHighLevel form for prospect engagement

The convenient pop-up form is designed to boost conversions, facilitating quick selections of packages or offers by clients.

17. Life Insurance With Good Service Template

GoHighLevel Life Insurance With Good Service Template

This template excels for insurance firms aiming to exhibit their company’s achievements and reliability in life or car insurance services.

It’s structured to collect data through a pop-up survey, so you can easily capture your leads’ information.

Additionally, the opportunity to promote and encourage clients to download your mobile app—a service you can personalize and white-label through your GoHighLevel business account.

GoHighLevel Mobile App

18. Home Insurance Cancellation Template

GoHighLevel Home Insurance Cancellation Template

A cancellation page is crucial in your funnel. It’s your final opportunity to engage a client considering leaving.

This template from GoHighLevel lets you customize details and offers to persuade them to stay, potentially preserving the relationship and maintaining their business. It’s a strategic tool to understand their decision and offer alternatives.

19. Pet Insurance Coverage Upsell Template

GoHighLevel Pet Insurance Coverage Upsell Template

This upsell is perfect for expanding your insurance services to include pet health. For instance, if your business has been offering travel insurance and you’re now branching out to pet insurance, this template is an engaging way to introduce these new offerings.

Moreover, you can tweak the copy and retain the discount to provide an attractive incentive. 

Travel & Hospitality Funnel Templates

The next category on our GoHighlevel templates has 28 funnel designs you can choose from.

20. Travel Agency Template

GoHighLevel Travel Agency Template

You can use this template to offer aspiring travel agency owners a glimpse into the exciting opportunities of starting their own business.

It’s designed to convince them to book a demo with you so they can see the potential of your services firsthand.

GoHighLevel Travel Agency

However, you can also use this if you’re a local agency that wants to scale its operations and expand in more cities or countries.

21. Travel Guide Lead Magnet Template

GoHighLevel Travel Guide Lead Magnet Template

Guides are a great entry point to engage leads and market your travel business. As this template does, offering a complimentary travel checklist can pique interest and provide immediate value, encouraging users to connect with your agency.

22. Vacation Leads Template

GoHighLevel Vacation Leads Template

Like in real estate, the best way to gain leads for your resort or vacation business is to captivate them with imagery and a catchy promise highlighting what they can get from booking with you.

This template lets you do that. It provides a space like the header and other sections where you can display stunning photos and videos of your place.

GoHighLevel Vacation Leads

Medical Funnel Templates

Hospitals, clinics, and medical practices also have a space in GoHighLevel’s diverse templates. These are some of the designs.

23. Cosmetic Dermatology Appointments Template

GoHighLevel Cosmetic Dermatology Appointments Template

This design fits the typical color palette of medical services and is visually appealing.

I like how the comprehensive home page lets you share a quick background about your clinic, list your services, and display images and icons.

GoHighLevel Services

With GoHighLevel, you can also take advantage of the Reputation Management feature to get more good reviews from your past clients and add them to the client testimonial section of this template.

24. Dental Health Care Template

GoHighLevel Dental Health Care Template

Here’s another great template with the same purpose and structure as the above, but it is for dental clinics that want to promote and encourage leads to schedule an appointment.

I like the design as it’s stylish. Of course, you can change the primary colors to fit your brand, but it won’t be a bad idea if you choose to retain them and just change the content.

GoHighLevel Appointment Template

25. Medical Hospital Template

GoHighLevel Medical Hospital Template

GoHighLevel is trying its best to accommodate different users on its platform. This template is one great proof of that. The platform can also be helpful on a larger scale, like a hospital.

You can make it more appealing by using a video header instead of an image and a new page linked to “Find the Best Doctors” to introduce more specialists from your institution.

GoHighLevel Health Services Template

Then, you can apply different booking calendar links for each service to improve segmenting patient appointments.

Business, Coaching, & Consulting Funnel Templates

26. Life Coaching Courses Template

GoHighLevel Life Coaching Courses Template

This template is ideal for life coaches looking to market their courses effectively. The clean and focused design encourages visitors to explore and sign up for classes that can transform their lives.

GoHighLevel Courses

With GoHighLevel, you can advertise online courses and host them directly on your site, providing an all-in-one solution that simplifies access for users and streamlines management for coaches.

27. Hope Foundation Template

GoHighLevel Hope Foundation Template

GoHighLevel extends its versatile template designs to non-profit organizations. This is beneficial as it offers a strong starting point for creating impactful online presences.

You can adapt the pre-made headings to align with your specific cause and articulate your message in a voice that resonates with your audience and mission.

GoHighLevel Foundation Template

This template allows for personalization while providing the essential structure to engage and inspire potential donors and volunteers.

28. Business Strategies Appointments Template

GoHighLevel Business Strategies Appointments Template

This template presents a minimalistic design so visitors can focus on the core messages and calls to action.

I also prefer the part where it adds the instructors’ photos and schedules for a personal touch and to give students a better idea of whether the classes match their available time.

GoHighLevel Business Strategies Template

29. Business Coaching Classes Template

GoHighLevel Business Coaching Classes Template

This template is great because it simplifies showcasing multiple services like startup coaching, business philosophy, and seminars. It doesn’t feel overwhelming.

GoHighLevel Business Coaching Classes

Marketing Agency Funnel Templates

GoHighLevel is crafted with marketing agency owners in mind, so naturally, it includes designs for agencies offering comprehensive digital marketing services, from CRM platforms and automation to advertising.

With over 50 templates dedicated to this category, GoHighLevel ensures a wide selection for various service portfolios.

30. Automation Plans Template

GoHighLevel Automation Plans Template

The color scheme of this template is genuinely catchy. It conveys energy and aligns with the theme of automation. The layout includes essential elements like pricing options and testimonials.

In addition, it gives you the space to add three benefits of using your marketing software and services.

The “Get Started” leads your clients up to a sign-up form. So they can quickly select and secure their preferred service plans with less friction.

GoHighLevel Automation Plans

31. Digital Marketing Services Template

GoHighLevel Digital Marketing Services Template

Here’s another template you should check. It gives off the classy vibes that popular websites have.

What makes this one of my favorite templates is its case study section. It uses the progress bar to show how successful the service was. Plus, it also has some images to compare the before and after of the marketing campaigns.

This visual storytelling can be a powerful way to demonstrate your agency’s impact on client success.

GoHighLevel Case Studies

Lastly, the template’s approach to testimonials is unique. It uses video instead of text, which can increase the credibility of your services and make your visitors stay on your page longer.

32. Marketing Services Template

GoHighLevel Marketing Services Template

This template stands out with its modern and straightforward design, which showcases services with clarity.

It’s a solid choice, providing a visual and textual balance that highlights the essentials without overwhelming. The design resonates with agencies that aim for a sleek, professional look while offering comprehensive service details.

I also like the idea of showing the bonuses you can provide to convince your prospect to sign up.

GoHighLevel Bonuses

Legal Funnel Templates

Transitioning to a new category, GoHighLevel also caters to the legal sector. With over 40 specialized themes, the platform meets various niche needs, from bankruptcy and real estate law to legal consultancy.

This breadth of design ensures that legal professionals can find the right tools to represent their services effectively.

33. Law Firm Practice Template

GoHighLevel Law Firm Practice Template

The Law Firm Practice Template offers clear, separate sections to detail your firm’s specializations, such as family and financial law. It suits legal experts wanting a clear-cut web profile.

Operating a law firm brings routine inquiries regarding hours, fees, or specific legal services. The FAQ segment is practical, providing quick answers to frequent queries.

This template is flexible, and you can expand it into a full-scale website if you choose, allowing for a more detailed portrayal of your legal expertise.

GoHighLevel Legal Template

34. Legal Elite Template

GoHighLevel Legal Elite Template

This template may look basic, but it is effective. You see, just above the fold, visitors can already opt for either of the two options.

They can click the “Free Consultation” button to choose a day and time when they will talk to you. Or, call you immediately by clicking “Call Us Now.”

These two actions are connected with GoHighLevel. They can book directly to the platform’s calendar or call your mobile number connected to your account through the Lead Connector feature. It’s a win-win for you and your client because reaching and connecting is easy.

35. Lawyer Consultations Template

GoHighLevel Lawyer Consultations Template

This template is the best if you want a single page that will provide all there is to know about your law firm. It screams professionalism and is perfect for those who wish to maintain the vibes of a respectful and classy business.

It’s not a long-form sales page but has all the sections crucial to creating a high-converting one.

GoHighLevel Lawyer Template

Like the other designs that aim to get more appointments, this template is also connected to the GoHighLevel calendar feature.

Home Services Funnel Templates

The home service industry is complex, so finding a good template for your business may be challenging. But the good news is that GoHighLevel provides over 90 designs in categories ranging from roofing, HVAC repair, plumbing, solar installation, cleaning service, and more.

It covers the most popular home services. I bet you can find what you can find a design you’d love that will fit your business needs.

36. Solar Energy Quotes Template

GoHighLevel Solar Energy Quotes Template

This solar quotation template provides an impressive and intelligent design. It allows you to place the form above the fold so your visitors won’t miss it, and they don’t have to scroll down to fill it out.

Besides that, they can call you through the “Call Us Now” button, which is super accessible if it’s urgent or they want a faster answer to their query.

Still above the fold, this template allows you to provide different quotation links depending on what your clients are looking for. Additionally, I find this template well made from the start till the end.

37. Home Repair Appointment Template

GoHighLevel Home Repair Appointment Template

Although this template is for home repairs, I find the structure usable even for other home services.

For instance, you can offer discounts just by scheduling an appointment with you, whether in-home cleaning, gardening services, interior decoration, or even pest control.

GoHighLevel Home Repair Template

The clear and compelling call-to-action ‘Get an Appointment’ can be a powerful motivator across various service offerings, encouraging clients to take immediate action.

The template’s versatility allows for easy customization to fit the unique offerings of a diverse range of home service businesses.

38. Pressure Washing Upsell Template

GoHighLevel Pressure Washing Upsell Template

Upselling isn’t only ideal for online services. You can also offer it for your existing home service clients like this template. The pressure washing upsell is perfect if you’re already providing lawn care or outdoor maintenance.

This strategy can increase your average transaction size without additional customer acquisition efforts.

Beauty & Fashion Funnel Templates

If you are running a beauty and fashion business, ensuring that your site reflects the aesthetics that you want your clients to see is essential. With GoHighLevel, you can choose from 45 intuitive and responsive templates inside the funnel feature.

39. Skin Care Sales Template

GoHighLevel Skin Care Sales Template

This template is a great start if you plan to release or create your beauty product.

It looks elegant and gives you a good idea of how you can shoot and upload images on the page to make your products more appealing.

GoHighLevel Skin Care Template

With GoHighLevel, your clients can click the CTA button, and they can access the checkout form immediately. At the same time, you can accept payments through Stripe and also provide invoices.

40. Healthy Hair Appointments Template

GoHighLevel Healthy Hair Appointments Template

Having healthy and fabulous hair can enhance someone’s appearance, but not everyone knows that. So, if you want your hair salon business to be noticeable, you must accentuate the benefits and show them through pictures. 

This day spa paradise template can help you with that. The before and after concept is brilliant. You can adapt it to your site.

GoHighLevel Hair Appointments Template

Besides that, this template also lets you enumerate the services you offer, add CTA buttons for each, and add the brands you’ve partnered with.

Creative Funnel Templates

Like the home services industry, the creative niche is vast. GoHighLevel offers comprehensive and various themes beyond basic ones like photography and writing. It also provides designs for home and interior, music, dance, and floral services. All in all, the platform has 39 funnel themes for creatives.

41. Photography Lead Magnet Template

GoHighLevel Photography Lead Magnet Template

I’ve seen many professional photography websites grow their subscriber list through value offers like free eBooks, on-demand video guides, etc.

This template allows you to leverage your knowledge about photography and provide a free guide that will encourage your leads to either subscribe to your newsletter or become a part of your marketing campaign. 

From there, you can sell services or offer online courses or community access, which you can host inside GoHighLevel.

42. Interior Design Specialists Template

GoHighLevel Interior Design Specialists Template

If you want a sleek, professional-looking site as an interior designer but don’t have the time to build from scratch, this design is what you need.

It gives you enough sections to discuss the important parts of what you do and offer. If you’re running a company and have team members, you can also introduce them on the home page.

Moreover, the black and white combination gives it a timeless, classic look that aligns well with various home styles.

43. Tune Academy Template

GoHighLevel Tune Academy Template

Even music academies can benefit from having their site or page. This funnel template is dedicated to these businesses, but you can still customize it to highlight the music classes you offer.

What attracted me to this template is this artistic image compilation that may seem simple but can increase the human connection between you and your prospects.

GoHighLevel Music Classes Template

Restaurant & Bar Funnel Templates

GoHighLevel doesn’t provide many templates in this category, but you can still pick from 27 designs ranging from lead magnets, upsells, and sales pages. Additionally, it includes themes for restaurants, food trucks, bakeshops, and event services. It’s not much, but it covers the most common niches.

44. Restaurant and Catering Online Orders Template

GoHighLevel Restaurant and Catering Online Orders Template

There’s an increase in online services that provide meal plans or a variety of dishes. This template is convenient for creating a website and offering online food delivery.

The placement of images and texts accentuates the products nicely. But what I like most about this template is the part where you can see the menu and each dish’s rating.

GoHighLevel Restaurant Online Orders Template

It’s a great idea to retain because it’s like showing your customers which meals are best-sellers and what other people think about them. You can follow the structure and use your content and images.

45. Street Food Vendor Lead Magnet Template

GoHighLevel Street Food Vendor Lead Magnet Template

If you own a food truck or helping someone who does to get more leads or customers, this lead magnet is the best. With this, you can update your food truck where it is or where it will be through emails and SMS. 

GoHighLevel makes creating automation easy, so you don’t have to do it manually. All you have to do is set it up and forget. Doing this saves your leads time and will keep you at the top of their mind whenever they crave food truck meals. 

Besides that, this template provides a great idea to increase the number of sign-ups for your lead magnet. And that’s by announcing and providing exclusive deals they will receive only through text messages or email campaigns.


Where Can I Find the GoHighLevel Funnel Templates?

Be sure to create or open a sub-account first to access a template. Then, proceed to Sites -> Funnels -> +New Funnels -> From Templates. Select the template you want to use, then click “Continue.” Now, you can edit it on the page builder. 

Can I Create My Funnel Template?

Yes. You can create your template inside GoHighLevel. Instead of clicking “From Templates,” select “From Blank.” You can now design your template and save it for future use. 

Can I Import a Template From Other Software?

Yes. GoHighLevel lets you import a template from ClickFunnels. All you have to do is type in the URL of your ClickFunnel template, and GoHighLevel will duplicate it for you.


Which template above do you like best for your GoHighLevel business?

Note that these are just some designs from the platform’s funnel feature. There are so many good ones that I couldn’t show here. If you want to see the complete list of templates, sign up for the free trial.

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