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Today, online forms have become indispensable.

They help businesses, agencies, marketers, and website owners in many ways, including generating new leads, learning more about their audience, and improving customer interaction. Forms also often influence companies’ decision-making.

In this context, a great form builder becomes a crucial tool. GoHighLevel Forms excels in this role and offers a blend of simplicity and effectiveness.

What Are GoHighLevel Forms? 

gohighlevel patient registration

GoHighLevel form is a valuable tool for users. This form builder is great for collecting information quickly.

It allows you to make different forms for various needs. For example, you can create a specific form for gathering customer feedback, another to register participants for an event, or even one for appointment scheduling. You can customize each form to suit the specific requirements of the task at hand.

The GoHighLevel form is easy to use, even if you’re not a designer. Its drag-and-drop feature makes the creation process simple. A cool thing about GoHighLevel is the ability to connect this feature with other tools inside the platform.

For instance, when someone fills out a form, you can set an action to sign them up for your community or add them to your email campaigns. This capability to integrate forms into your existing workflow can quickly boost the functionality of your forms.

Additionally, you can easily add these forms to your sales funnels or websites. Lastly, adding a GoHighLevel Calendar to the form is possible, and it’s a great way to streamline appointment scheduling.

In short, the platform has everything you need in a form builder. I’ll explain more about these additional features in a bit.

Who Can Benefit from GoHighLevel Forms?

The forms in GoHighLevel are super helpful, not just for marketing agencies but for many others as well. Anyone looking to meet their business needs efficiently will find them useful. 

This includes online coaches, businesses (big or small), freelancers, solopreneurs, and marketers. Here’s a look at how different groups can use this feature.

  • Course creators can use them to get feedback or enroll students.
  • Coaches can schedule sessions and capture information through forms.
  • Businesses of every size find these forms handy for getting customer opinions and catching leads.
  • Freelancers, solopreneurs, and marketers can manage client queries or project outlines with these forms.

Moreover, this feature improves the collection process, making the form data more accurate. This helps increase conversions and allows you to collect the specific details you need. The GoHighLevel form achieves all of these advantages.

What are the Features of the GoHighLevel Form Builder? 

The forms come with some cool features and benefits:

  • Themes and Templates. The platform has over 40 designs, so your forms can look great and work well.
  • Sticky Contact Feature. This feature saves your client’s info for next time, lessening the friction and making signing up quicker for them.
  • Integrate Form. Embed forms in your sales funnels or websites. They can fit right into your strategy and work process.
  • Conditional logic. You can set rules for answers like ‘if this, then that’ to help you handle leads more smartly.
  • Create Custom Fields. You can add custom fields like address, list of products purchased, annual income, etc., for more details.
  • Analytics. GoHighLevel provides a simple graph showing how many people answered your forms.

Pros and Cons of Using GoHighLevel Forms


  • Easy for Beginners. They are user-friendly and perfect for anyone new to the platform. 
  • Make Unlimited Forms. There’s no limit to how many you can create.
  • Works with GoHighLevel. You can embed code or use the link to connect the forms with other tools on the platform.
  • No Extra Fees. This feature comes at no additional cost.
  • Better at Managing Leads. These forms help you track leads more efficiently.
  • GDPR Compliant. They ensure your data handling meets privacy rules.


  • Basic Analysis and Reporting. The focus is more on gathering data than on tracking conversions.
  • Simplicity Might Not Suit All. For some, it might not be as detailed as standalone form builders.
  • Design Needs Work. The templates are functional but could be more stylish.

GoHighLevel might not be the best option on the market, but it’s still a solid choice. It simplifies form creation, manages leads effectively, and integrates smoothly with your workflow.

How to Create Forms in GoHighLevel

Under “Sites,” click “Forms,” then “Builder.” 

gohighlevel funnels

Select “+ Add Form” to create a new form.

gohighlevel forms

You can choose the “Start from Scratch” or “Choose Template.” If you pick the former, you’ll immediately be brought to the form builder to start designing. 

gohighlevel forms

If you choose the latter, you can select a design and click “Continue” to open the form builder and make the necessary changes. 

gohighlevel forms template

Select the “+” button on the top left corner to add form elements. This section allows you to add a custom field, submit button, image, captcha, HTML, and more. 

gohighlevel sample template form

Beside the “+” is the “Add Conditional Logic” icon. Here, you can add some rules that your lead’s actions will trigger. 

gohighlevel sample template

You can also click the icon in the opposite corner to change the layout and style of your form or add Custom CSS. If you want to activate the GRPR-compliant text and sticky contact feature, click the “Options” tab and scroll down.

gohighlevel template

Once you have embedded the form on your landing page, select the “Integrate” button to change the layout. You can also get the link from here. 

gohighlevel integrate forms

Once you’re okay with the design, layout, and form content, you can click “Save.” 

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Adding Your Form On Your Website or Page 

It’s super easy to insert your forms, and you can do it in two ways. 

First, go to the page you want to embed your form in. You can see your pages inside the “Sites” -> Funnels or Websites, then select “Edit” on your chosen page. 

gohighlevel website tab

Once inside the page builder, click the “+” icon to add an element.

gohighlevel add element

Now, you can add the form:

  • Select the “Form” icon. Then, choose your form from the pop-up’s dropdown menu.
gohighlevel form
  • Embed code by clicking the “Code” icon, then copy and paste the link of your form. 
gohighlevel open code editor

Click “Save.”

Adding Your GoHighLevel Calendar in the Form

If you need to add a calendar to your form, like for booking appointments or planning events, here’s how to do it:

Go to the “Calendars” tab and click “Calendar Settings.”

gohighlevel calendar tab

Find the calendar you want to use. Click the vertical ellipsis (three dots) next to it and choose “Share.”

gohighlevel calendar settings

Head over to the “Embed Code” tab and copy the code.

gohighlevelpaid google ad

Open the form builder for the form to which you want to add the calendar.

gohighlevel forms view

Click the “+” sign and add an HTML element.

gohighlevel html element

Select the text and press “Edit HTML.”

gohighlevel edit html

Paste the code into this section and hit “Yes, Save.”

gohighlevel custom javascript html

Before finalizing, click “Preview” to see if it’s working correctly. If all looks good, click “Save.”

gohighlevel save forms

This version keeps the instructions straightforward and easy to follow, avoiding complex language and ensuring the readability is suitable for a younger audience.

Adding Automation to Your Forms

This step gives you an advantage and helps you make work much more manageable. Here are some things you can do with it:

  • Send an email to the leads who filled out your form. You can set it up so they get a message saying you received their form.
  • Or, you can start a whole marketing campaign automatically after someone submits a form.

Here’s how to set up this automation:

Go to the ‘Workflow’ tab and click on “Automation.” Select “+ Create Workflow.”

gohighlevel workflow list

Choose “Start from Scratch.”

gohighlevel workflows

Select “+Add New Trigger,” then pick “Form Submitted.”

gohighlevel form submitted

After setting the trigger, you decide what happens next. GoHighLevel Workflow offers many action options. You can be very creative with it!

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Why Should I Use GoHighLevel Form?

They’re easy to use yet powerful. If you plan to use GoHighLevel, their form builder can add value by helping you capture information without hassle.

Can I Export My Form’s Data?

Yes. You can export your form data to Google Sheets, a premium feature in GoHighLevel Workflow. For more options, you can also use a third-party tool, Zapier.

Where Can I View the Form Submissions?

You can see the submissions in the Sites -> Forms -> Submissions section. For detailed info, click on the names of the people who submitted the forms.


Now is the perfect time to build your first form with GoHighLevel. The form feature’s ease of use makes it accessible even to beginners and allows integration with other native tools for more efficient workflow.

Experience firsthand how these forms can transform your data collection and lead management processes.

If you’re not already using GoHighLevel, you’re missing out on an opportunity to streamline your online interactions. Sign up for a free trial today and explore the powerful features of HighLevel and HighLevel’s form builder.

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