GoHighLevel E-Commerce Review (2024): Features, Pros, Cons, & More

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Running an eCommerce business involves many crucial tasks, such as processing orders, managing your marketing campaigns, and ensuring top-notch customer service. 

In addition, you have to build a reliable online store where customers can view and buy your products. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single platform that handles all of these? 

GoHighLevel knows the challenge of e-commerce businesses and offers some basic capabilities and impressive marketing tools. 

Let’s examine the features in detail and consider the pros and cons of using GoHighlevel for e-commerce. 

GoHighLevel E-Commerce Overview

Honestly, at first, I thought GoHighLevel offered very few tools for e-commerce. However, this notion changed when I explored the platform deeply. It actually provides a decent amount of features you can work with. 

While it may not rival a popular e-commerce platform (like Shopify), GoHighLevel provides the fundamentals and continues improving to better serve users like you.

For example, you could quickly use the site-builder feature to create a modest yet responsive online shop. 

It provides access to standard e-commerce web pages like the home page, product listing, checkout, and thank you page. But you’re still allowed to add your own landing pages.

gohighlevel product list

In addition, you can access the shopping cart function without integrating into external systems like ThriveCart or SamCart. 

Editor’s Note – The online store is only available for GoHighLevel websites, not sales funnels. 

GoHighLevel also recently introduced six new templates specifically for business owners. These templates are helpful if you want to build a professional e-commerce store sooner. 

gohighlevel ecommerce template library

You can choose one and make it yours perfectly with the drag-and-drop editor. 

On top of the design features, the platform also aims to help you increase customer satisfaction through its varied payment processors and discount features. 

For instance, you can accept different payment methods, such as e-wallets or credit cards, and offer other payment options in addition to one-time. You can choose Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), subscriptions, or Tap-to-Pay.

These are all possible through the help of payment platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. 

gohighlevel ecommerce payments

Moreover, GoHighLevel lets you monitor and fulfill orders effectively. It allows you and other e-commerce businesses to send shipment details to their customers, such as a tracking number, shipping carrier, and tracking URL. 

gohighlevel fulfill items

Doing this will help decrease the number of inquiries about the status of current orders.

Lastly, GoHighLevel has added a Point of Sale (POS) feature to the LeadConnector mobile app, enabling easy checkout. Shoppers can now make payments in person through Cash or Tap-To-Pay. 

gohighlevel payment

This new feature allows you to sync new transactions with existing customer data for more accurate sales tracking.

All these e-commerce tools are available along with GoHighLevel core features. That means you can tie them with your automation, marketing campaigns, and CRM.


  • Simple to use. GoHighLevel makes it easy for an e-commerce business owner like you to build an online store in less than an hour. You can get started and keep your store running smoothly. 
  • All-in-One Platform. With GoHighLevel, you can build, market, and sell products and services without paying for and managing features like shopping carts, marketing tools, and landing pages separately. 
  • Unlimited product and website creation. The number of products you can add within GoHighLevel isn’t restricted. Furthermore, it’s possible to create variations, such as different prices, sizes, and colors. 


  • Lacks shipping elements and inventory management. For now, you have to do these two things manually. 
  • Doesn’t offer advanced automation and tools that Shopify does. You’ll have to integrate or use Shopify to create workflows for an e-commerce business, such as abandoned carts or fulfilled orders. Moreover, GoHighLevel doesn’t have A/B testing and advanced tracking features. 

Creating Products in GoHighLevel 

This function is inside your sub-account’s “Payments” -> “Products” tabs. All you have to do is select “+New Product” to add your product information. You can also add bulk products and speed up your product creation process by importing a CSV file. 

gohighlevel create product

GoHighLevel will ask you to provide your product’s name, description, image, type, pricing, and variations. Once you click “Save,” your online store will show this new product or service. 

gohighlevel unsaved product information

To create changes, click the three dots on the side of your chosen item.

Editor’s Note – Recurring/subscription products won’t be visible on the online store. Only products with one-time payments will. 

Building Your Online Store in GoHighLevel

You can access the website builder for your first online store inside “Sites” -> “Websites.” You may start from scratch or use an existing template provided by GoHighLevel. 

gohighlevel sites website

If you choose the first option, the online store function will be available inside the “+” icon on the page builder. The platform will provide blank standard pages to which you can add sections, elements, and texts. 

gohighlevel add an online store

Meanwhile, you’ll get well-designed yet editable pages if you choose a pre-made template. 

Enabling Receipts for Customers

Receipts serve as evidence of payment, making your customers feel more confident or secure. They also come in handy for you because they contribute to more straightforward returns and exchanges and can be crucial in case of disputes.

GoHighLevel allows you to set and forget sales receipts so your clients can receive them immediately after purchase. 

You can enable this inside “Payments” -> “Settings” -> “Receipts.” In addition, GoHighLevel allows you to modify some parts, such as the email template you want to use and the receipt’s numbering. 

gohighlevel payments settings receipts

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Available Automation for E-commerce 

Do you want to send a discount coupon to a new buyer? Or maybe you want to inform your team through notifications about a recent transaction? 

While I mentioned that some automation is only available with Shopify integration, there are still a couple of good ones that you can create inside GoHighLevel. 

For instance, you can create a workflow that activates once you receive a payment or an order form. 

You can add some delays or set conditions to trigger an action relevant to your prospect or customer’s behavior. 

Here’s an example I made for a that will take place once customers submit their order forms. 

gohighlevel payments fulfill items


Does GoHighLevel Have an E-Commerce Feature?

Yes. Besides your services, GoHighLevel lets you market and sell physical and digital products. The best part is that you don’t have to pay extra. 

Is It Possible to Connect GoHighLevel to Shopify or ThriveCart? 

GoHighLevel doesn’t have a native integration with both tools. However, you can connect to the platform using third-party apps like Zapier and Pabbly or via API. 

Can I Add an Online Store to My Sales Funnel?

You can only access the online store inside the Website feature. 


So, can you manage your entire store on GoHighLevel? Yes, you can. 

While it’s not as elaborate as Shopify, GoHighLevel is still suitable for your e-commerce needs, especially if you value integrated marketing tools, easy website building, a POS function, and flexible payment options. 

You might also want to sign up for a free trial so as to have a first-hand experience of what it offers.

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