GoHighLevel Facebook Ads Integration 2024 Guide

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GoHighLevel lets you link your social media accounts for easy posting from its platform. But there’s more you can do with this integration. It also enables you to manage your ads like Facebook Lead Ads.

This means you can manage your ads better, keep a closer eye on your conversions, and handle your leads more smoothly.

In this article, I’ll explain what this integration does, why it’s useful, and how to connect your Facebook Ads to GoHighLevel in easy-to-follow steps.

GoHighLevel Facebook Ads Integration Overview

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The GoHighLevel Facebook Lead Ads integration simplifies how businesses handle leads from one of the world’s biggest and most popular advertising platforms.

It directly sends the leads you get from Facebook Ads into your dashboard. So you can easily track how your landing page and ad campaign are doing.

This means you can say goodbye to putting in lead details by hand and worrying about missing anything or making mistakes. Plus, it helps you follow up with leads faster and more efficiently.

With everything in one place, you can improve your lead quality, increase sales, and grow your business.

Before this direct link existed, the only way to connect Facebook Ads with GoHighLevel was through Zapier. While useful, Zapier made things more expensive because of its fees. Luckily, now you can do all this without extra costs.

Here are three key benefits of using GoHighLevel with Facebook.

  • Chat and Sync. The messages you receive on your Facebook Messenger also sync with GoHighLevel’s Conversation tab. So you can talk to leads and customers directly from your dashboard.
  • Automatic Lead Transfer. Your Facebook Lead Ads go straight into your GoHighLevel CRM. From there, you can automatically add them to workflows or campaigns based on what they do. This makes managing your leads a breeze.
  • Optimize Ads and Tracking. This integration connects your marketing data with tools like LeadConnector and Facebook Pixel (now Meta Pixel). It means you can make your ads more compelling, spend less per result, and track your ads’ performance in real time.

This GoHighLevel integration with Facebook helps you connect with leads, turn them into customers, and fine-tune your ad strategies for better results.

What Are the Requirements for This Integration?

Before we connect your leads with GoHighLevel, it’s important not to skip over the setup requirements. Making sure you have everything ready will make this integration a lot smoother. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • You need the ability to make changes or add information to the Facebook page you’re using for ads. If you’re unsure how to do this, Facebook has guides that can help.
  • You should be an admin or have page and ad account management rights. You can learn more about giving access from this post.
  • Make sure your Facebook page is correctly linked to the ad account you’re using for your ads. This is crucial for everything to work as it should.
  • Ensure you can see and use the lead data from your ads. If something seems off, Facebook’s help center can guide you on how to fix it.
  • Prepare and enable your LeadConnector account, which will be helpful for the API integration.

How Can You Connect Facebook Lead Ads and GoHighLevel? 

Integrate Your FB Business Page

  • First, log into your GoHighLevel account. Go to the sub-account you want to link with Facebook. Click on “Settings.”
gohighlevel settings
  • Select “Integrations” and hit “Connect” under the Facebook and Instagram integration.
gohighlevel facebook integration
Note: This button would say ‘Connect.’

The system will check if you’re okay to continue under your account. Confirm to proceed.

Your list of Facebook pages will appear. Check all the pages you want to connect. Then, click “Next”.

  • Grant permission to all the activities you’ll allow and select “Done.”
  • From a dropdown menu, select the correct ad account you want to use. Now, both the page and the ads account are connected to GoHighLevel.
  • At the top of the integrations page, click on “Facebook Form Fields Mapping.” You’ll see a list of your lead ad forms.
GoHighLevel Integration

Next to each, click “Map Fields.” This shows all the form fields like name, address, and phone number. Map your lead forms to the corresponding fields in GoHighLevel. This ensures that any lead data flows correctly.

After mapping all the data, click “Update” to finish the setup.

Utilize Facebook Conversions API Integration

Once you’re familiar with integrating GoHighLevel and Facebook for lead ads, using the Facebook Conversion API can significantly enhance your tracking and conversion optimization efforts.

Here’s a simplified guide on setting up the Conversions API with GoHighLevel:

  • Go to your Facebook Business Manager and create a Meta Pixel under the Events Manager tab. Make sure you’re using the correct ad account.
facebook events manager
  • In the Events Manager, choose “Connect Data Sources.”
facebook meta events manager connect data sources
  • Select the CRM option. Then, connect and follow the prompts. Take note of the suggested best practices.
facebook meta crm connect
  • You can create a new pixel or select one of your existing pixels for tracking. After adding your details, continue to the next steps.
facebook meta create new pixel
  • In the Events Manager settings, find the section for connecting a CRM. Search for LeadConnector and select it.
facebook meta choose your crm
  • Allow LeadConnector to connect with your Facebook Conversions API. Then, click “Go to Partner.”
facebook meta leadconnector


Can you Run Facebook Ads Through GoHighLevel?

You still have to set up your Facebook ads directly through GoHighLevel. However, GoHighLevel offers powerful tools to manage, track, and communicate with your prospects once your ads run.

How Do I Add a GoHighLevel to My Facebook Page?

Navigate to the sub-account you want to link with your Facebook page and go to “Settings” > “Integrations.” Click “Connect” next to the Facebook icon. Follow the prompts to confirm your identity, select the Facebook pages you want to link, and grant the necessary permissions. After connecting, you can choose which Facebook page to use with GoHighLevel.

How Do I Link My Facebook Lead Form to GoHighLevel?

First, ensure your Facebook account and the ads you want to use are connected within GoHighLevel. Then, within GoHighLevel’s workflow feature, you can automate the process.


The GoHighLevel – Facebook Lead Ads integration can enhance your lead management, conversion tracking, and follow-up process.

While the platform doesn’t directly let you create ads, it significantly improves post-ad engagement and efficiency. So try integrating your Facebook ads to GoHighLevel today.

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