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GoHighLevel is known for making everything easy and manageable for its users. It provides all the CRM and marketing tools you need in one place. 

But what if I told you there’s another fantastic feature within this platform that can save you so much time and energy in the long run? 

It’s called custom value, and you can use it to automate changes in your emails, SMS, websites, and marketing campaigns. 

Let’s discuss GoHighLevel Custom Values, where you can use them, and how to add your own inside your account.

What Are GoHighLevel Custom Values

gohighlevel custom values

Custom values are shortcuts that automatically fill in certain information, elements, or images wherever needed. 

Instead of manually updating everything across your marketing materials, you can create a specific custom value for each piece of changeable information. 

This process lets you update details quickly and effectively without editing each. 

For example, you decided to rebrand and change your logo. The usual way to update this would involve changing the logo in every email or SMS template, on every web page, and within your marketing automation. 

However, with custom values, you change the logo to one central location, instantly updating it everywhere it’s referenced. 

Another scenario is if you want to reuse your campaign but want to change the promo code. You can set up a custom discount rate value. Updating this custom value will reflect the new discount code in all promotional materials.

Cool, right? That’s how custom values work.

Why Use Custom Values in GoHighLevel

Besides the ability to quickly change information, these are the other reasons to use GoHighLevel Custom Values. 

  • Consistent Branding. Custom values help maintain a uniform look and message for your agency or business with minimal effort. 
  • Customized Communication. This feature lets you adjust your ongoing campaign to fit your audience. For instance, you can send personalized emails or SMS by addressing customers by name, referencing their last purchase, or customizing content based on their preferences. 
  • Less Error, Better Efficiency. Custom values reduce mistakes and save time. Once you set up the information, the platform will accurately populate the details across your campaigns and communications. 

Where to Use GoHighLevel Custom Values

There are still many untapped areas where custom values can be used, but these are the ones I know of.

Emails, SMS, and Automation

Let’s say you’re sending an SMS confirmation for a webinar sign-up. 

You can use custom values in your message to insert each registrant’s name, the specific webinar they signed up for, and their sign-up date and time. Like this one: 

gohighlevel message

Page Builders

By setting elements like your landing page background color, headings, logos, tagline, and even your CTA as custom values, you can quickly design or update web pages without tweaking each aspect.

Client Onboarding (Snapshots)

GoHighLevel allows you to copy settings and setups from one sub-account to another using GoHighLevel Snapshots

You don’t have to start from zero when you bring a new client on board. This snapshot can include custom values you’ve set up. You can edit their values to fit your new client and are ready to go.

List of Custom Values in GoHighLevel 

Here are some pre-set custom values that you can use inside your account. 

Custom Values – User

User Custom Values

Unique Keys

User >> Full Name


User >> First Name


User >> Last Name


User >> Email


User >> Phone


User >> Signature


User >> Calendar Link


User >> Appointment Phone


User >> Twilio Phone


User >> Twilio Phone raw format


Custom Values – Contact

Contact Custom Values

Unique Keys

Contact >> Full name


Contact >> First name


Contact >> Last name


Contact >> Email


Contact >> Phone


Contact > Phone (Recommended for trigger links & UTM)


Contact >> Company name


Contact >> Full Address


Contact >> Address 1


Contact >> City


Contact >> State


Contact >> Postal Code


Contact >> Time Zone


Contact >> Date of Birth


Contact >> Source


Contact >> Website


Contact >> ID


Custom Values – Account

Contact Custom Values

Unique Keys

Contact >> Full name


Contact >> First name


Contact >> Last name


Contact >> Email


Contact >> Phone


Contact > Phone (Recommended for trigger links & UTM)


Contact >> Company name


Contact >> Full Address


Contact >> Address 1


Contact >> City


Contact >> State


Contact >> Postal Code


Contact >> Time Zone


Contact >> Date of Birth


Contact >> Source


Contact >> Website


Contact >> ID


Custom Values – Message

Message Custom Values

Unique Keys

Message >> Message Body


Message >> Message Subject


Custom Values – Calendar

Calendar Custom Values

Unique Keys

Calendar >> Name


Campaign >> Event, Date, Time


Campaign >> Event Date


Campaign >> Event Time


Custom Values – Appointment

Appointment Custom Values

Unique Keys

Appointment >> Title


Appointment >> Start Date Time


Appointment >> Start Date


Appointment >> Start Time


Appointment >> End Date Time


Appointment >> End Date


Appointment >> End Time


Appointment >> Day of the week


Appointment >> Name of the month


Appointment >> Timezone


Appointment >> Cancellation Link


Appointment >> Reschedule Link


Appointment >> Meeting Location


Appointment >> Notes


Appointment >> Add to Google Calendar


Appointment >> Add to iCal&Outlook


Appointment >> Recurring >> Repeats


Appointment >> Recurring >> Times to repeat


Appointment >> Assigned user >> Full Name


Appointment >> Assigned user >> First Name


Appointment >> Assigned user >>Last Name


Appointment >> Assigned user >> Email


Appointment >> Assigned user >> Phone


Appointment >> Assigned user >> Phone (raw format)


Appointment >> Assigned user >> Signature


Appointment >> Assigned user >> Twilio Phone


Custom Values – Right Now

Right Now Custom Values

Unique Keys

Right Now >> Second


Right Now >> Minute


Right Now >> Time 24h Format


Right Now >> Time AM/PM Format


Right Now >> AM/PM


Right Now >> Day of the week extended english


Right Now >> Name of month


Right Now >> Day


Right Now >> Month


Right Now >> Month Extended English


Right Now >> Year


Right Now >> Date (month/day/year)


Right Now >> Date (day/month/year)


Right Now >> Day of the week


Custom Values – Attribution 

Attribution Custom Values

Unique Keys

Attribution >> First >> Session Source


Attribution >> First >> URL


Attribution >> First >> Campaign


Attribution >> First >> UTM Source


Attribution > First > UTM Medium


Attribution > First > UTM Content


Attribution > First > Referrer


Attribution > First > Campaign ID


Attribution > First > FB ClickID


Attribution > First > Google ClickID


Attribution > First > UTM Keyword


Attribution > First > UTM Match Type


Attribution > First > Ad Group ID


Attribution > First > Ad ID


Attribution >> Last >> Session Source


Attribution > Last > URL


Attribution > Last > Campaign


Attribution > Last > UTM Source


Attribution > Last > UTM Medium


Attribution > Last> UTM Content


Attribution > Last > Referrer


Attribution > Last > Campaign ID


Attribution > Last > FB ClickID


Attribution > Last > Google ClickID


Attribution > Last > UTM Campaign


Attribution > Last > UTM Keyword


Attribution > Last > UTM March Type


Attribution > Last > Ad Group ID


Attribution > Last > Ad ID


Creating Custom Values in Your GoHighLevel Account

Choose a sub-account from your Agency dashboard and click “Settings.” 

gohighlevel agency dashboard settings

To create your own custom values, go to the “Custom Values” tab and press the “New Custom Value” button. 

gohighlevel new custom values

Type in the name and value. For this example, I used “Tagline” for the name and added a short heading that I’ll use later. In addition to texts and captions, you can add a link to an image in your media library or HTML color codes. Click “Create” to save.

gohighlevel tagline add custom value

Select the clipboard icon to copy the key. 

gohighlevel custom values arrow

Go to the “Site” tab, choose a page, and click “Edit” to access the page builder. 

gohighlevel websites edit

This will be the heading that we’ll replace for this example. 

gohighlevel website to replace heading

Paste the custom value key inside the text part. Click “Save” and hit the preview icon. 

gohighlevel custom value tagline

You’ll see that the heading we added as value will reflect on this preview page.

Editing, Deleting, and Organizing Your Custom Values

Inside the “Custom Values” tab under “Settings,” click the three dots beside your chosen custom value. And you’ll see three options. 

gohighlevel edit delete custom value
  • Choose the first one to transfer your custom value to a folder. 
  • Click the one with the pencil icon to edit the value.
  • Select the one with the trash icon to delete custom values. 


What Is a Custom Value in GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel custom values are placeholders that you can set to auto-populate recurring information like names, dates, or branding elements in your marketing activities. 

What Is the Difference Between GoHighLevel Custom Field and Custom Value?

Custom fields and custom values are entirely different because of their purpose. A custom field lets you collect and store unique information from forms and surveys. Meanwhile, a custom value is a text, link, or code you reuse to maintain consistency and streamline updates within your automation, pages, and marketing materials. 

How Can I Add My Custom Values in GoHighLevel?

You can add your own custom values by going to the “Custom Values” tab inside the “Settings” of your sub-account. 

How Many Custom Values Can I Add in GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel allows you to create as many as you want. You can also use their pre-set custom values above – no matter what GoHighLevel plan you’re on.


Are you ready to use custom values and work smarter on your marketing tasks? 

With this feature, you can update important details quickly, communicate with relevance, and get your new clients onboard quickly. Create custom values by logging into your GoHighLevel account or signing up for the free trial

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