GoHighLevel Courses – A Complete Guide On How to Make a Course on GoHighLevel in 2024

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Online courses have become a real go-to for agency owners, marketers, and businesses. 

They help onboard your team or clients, passively bringing in extra income and positioning yourself as an industry expert. 

With GoHighLevel’s course builder and features, you can channel these benefits and more. Let me show you what this tool can do and how it works.

GoHighLevel Course Creation Tool Overview 

After using GoHighLevel’s course feature multiple times, I can confidently say it excels in online course creation. 

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I didn’t have high expectations since GoHighLevel is primarily known as an all-in-one platform focusing on CRM and marketing automation. But its ease and flexibility for creating and managing course material is genuinely impressive.

Let’s talk about how GoHighLevel stands up against online course platforms like Kajabi. There’s been some noticeable inspiration drawn from Kajabi regarding design and functionality. But GoHighLevel offers a better deal.

Unlike the other platforms, it doesn’t limit the number of courses you can create or the number of students that can enroll.

This lack of restrictions provides endless possibilities like catering to niche markets, developing extensive training programs, or even offering a free course as a lead magnet.

GoHighLevel Course Features 

GoHighLevel’s all-in-one platform brings many integrated features, simplifying the process for you, the online course creator, to develop, manage, and effectively sell courses. 

For instance, you can build a landing page to showcase your products and attract potential students. You can also use GoHighLevel’s email marketing tools to promote your courses, engage with your audience, and provide regular updates.

Another useful feature is the ability to integrate with payment gateways, making it easy for students to enroll and pay for your courses. We’ll talk more about them later. But for now, let me show you the features available inside the course creation tool itself. 

  • Product Templates. The software offers a variety of pre-designed course structures such as Sprint, Marathon, Membership, or Custom. These templates give you a quick starting point in crafting your course material.
  • Course Themes and Customization. GoHighLevel enables you to use themes for a more appealing dashboard design. You can also personalize these themes with your own images, fonts, and colors, to align its appearance with your brand.
  • Offer Creation. This feature allows you to bundle multiple courses into comprehensive packages. It’s an effective way to combine related materials, enhance your student’s learning experience, and make marketing and selling courses easier.
  • Analytics. You can easily monitor learner progress, engagement, and revenue inside the tool. The following are essential for refining your course material and ensuring it meets the needs of your audience.
  • Email Automation. Automated emails help maintain consistent communication with your students. This feature keeps them in the loop, from welcoming them to your course to updating them on new content and course offers.
  • Certificates. Thanks to the updateyou can now create and issue personalized certificates upon your student’s course completion. You don’t have to set up any automation. The platform will send it automatically once your student is done.

Pros and Cons of Using GoHighLevel for Online Courses 


  • Seamlessly integrates with GoHighLevel’s suite and allows you to enhance online marketing efforts.
  • No limits on courses or student enrollment, which is ideal for marketing agencies.
  • Includes features for sending certificates and adding assessments.
  • User-friendly for beginners.
  • Supports advanced automation for sophisticated course management.
  • Offers a white-labeling feature to personalize your course branding.


  • Currently limited to video and image content (audio support is in progress).
  • Only three themes are available, which might not suffice for those seeking extensive customization.

Creating and Selling Courses on GoHighLevel 

Step 1 – Create an Online Course With GoHighLevel 

  • Go to “Membership” and click “Courses,” then “Products.”
gohighlevel memberships products
  • Select “+ Create Products.” 
gohighlevel create products
  • You can either build your own course or use GoHighLevel’s product templates. Click “Start Building” and name your course. 
gohighlevel start building course
  • If you want to add more categories, click the “+” next to the Product Structure. Meanwhile, you can add a new lesson, subcategory, or quiz by selecting “+” next to the first category. 
gohighlevel ppc for beginners
  • Click a lesson and add your content. You can add texts, links, videos, or other files like PDFs inside the lesson. 
gohighlevel add content select media
  • Click “Published” when you’re ready, then “Save.”
gohighlevel welcome to the course save

Step 2 – Set Up Your Offer

To start selling your courses, you need to create an offer first. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Click “Offers” located inside the “Courses” dropdown menu. 
gohighlevel offers
  • Select the “+Create Offer” button. 
gohighlevel create offer
  • Complete the form with the title of your offer and the product/s you want to include. You can also choose whether to offer it as free, one-time, or recurring. Once done, select “Create.” 
gohighlevel create new offer
  • On the next page, you can add descriptions and images. Click “Edit Checkout” to change any part of your page, such as requiring an agreement or collecting additional information like email or phone number. 
gohighlevel edit checklist
  • Once satisfied with your offer, select “Published” then “Save.” 
gohighlevel saved publish
  • Then, you can click “Get Link” and copy and paste the link to your landing page button, emails, and other marketing materials. This link will take your audience to the checkout page. 
gohighlevel ppc for beginners get link

Editor’s Note: You must add your payment gateway to accept payment online. GoHighLevel allows you to integrate with PayPal and Stripe directly.  

Step 3 – Add Upsells

  • Choose an Offer you’d like to put an upsell to. Then click “Upsell.” 
gohighlevel test upsell
  • Pick an upsell type:
gohighlevel select upsell
    • One Click Upsell. Use this when you want to take advantage of the initial purchase. It’s perfect right after a student has bought a course and may be inclined to buy more.In-App Upsell. This method works well for bundling products, allowing students to unlock additional content directly from the ‘My Library’ page.
  • Make some edits, activate the upsell, and click “Save.”
gohighlevel memberships save

Editor’s Note: You can only add one upsell per offer, but GoHighLevel lets you include as many in-app upsells as you want. 

Step 4 – Promote Your Courses

With GoHighLevel, you don’t have to buy another software to handle the marketing side of your online courses and membership sites.

You can use it to promote your products in various ways, such as creating a sales funnel and landing pages, sending emails, posting on social media, creating blogs, and even sending SMS messages. 

What’s more is that you can create marketing automation to set all these up, experiment with various strategies, and find what works best for your course. 

These tools allow you to save time and create a cohesive marketing strategy that can boost your course enrollments and engagement.

If you want to create landing pages and sales funnels, simply: 

  • Go to the “Sites” tab. Click “+ New Funnel” under the “Funnels.” 
gohighlevel new funnel
  • Choose a Template. You can type “courses” or “membership” on the search bar to find some quick and useful templates. 
gohighlevel funnels template
  • Customize and edit your funnel stages. 

Meanwhile, you can go to the “Marketing” tab and add your social media platforms under “Social Planner” to upload and schedule online promotions of your courses. 

You can also create email marketing campaigns in the same tab under “Emails.” You’ll have to create a template first that you’ll be using for your email strategy. 

Step 5 – Automate Students’ Enrollment

As of the moment, enrolling students can only be done through automation. You can set this up inside the “Automation” tab under “Workflow.” 

For instance, you can choose “Membership New Signup,” add some “Emails” and “Team Notification,” then “Membership Grant Offer” as actions.

gohighlevel courses sample


How Many Members and Students Can Your Courses Have?

You can add unlimited membership sites, online courses, and students with GoHighLevel. 

Can I Sell Courses on GoHighLevel?

Yes. You can create courses, market them, and accept payments inside GoHighLevel. Simply follow the instructions I provided above, and you’ll set everything up quickly. 

Is GoHighLevel a Great Choice for Selling Online Courses? 

Yes. GoHighLevel offers all the core features that Kajabi, Thinkific, and other popular course creation platforms have. 

Can I Manually Enroll Students on GoHighLevel?

Yes, you can! To do this, you manually add the offer/product to the student’s profile under Contacts.


GoHighLevel stands out as an exceptional platform for creating and selling courses. Its comprehensive feature set, ease of use, and flexibility make it ideal for any business online, even for a marketing agency.

With the ability to manage unlimited courses and enrollments, you can expand your online education reach without limitations.

Why not use the free trial and start creating your first course with GoHighLevel today?

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