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Digital certificates are an effective way to encourage course completion among students and enrollees. They also provide excellent benefits for course creators and coaches.

GoHighLevel knows this. So, it added the certificate feature on top of the course, community, and membership tools to compete with popular LMS software like Thinkific, Kajabi, and Teachable.

Let’s explore how GoHighLevel course completion certificates work and how you can add them alongside your digital products inside the platform. 

GoHighLevel Course Completion Certificates Overview

certificate of completion

With the GoHighLevel Certificates feature, you can effortlessly create and issue certificates to your users right after course completion. It’s easy to use and perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time designing and manually sending certificates.

Once your students finish your material, they’ll receive an automated email with access links to download or share their certificates. There’s no need for complicated integration or third-party apps like Credly or Zapier.

In addition, GoHighLevel offers five free pre-made templates for quick certificate creation. You can still customize them and add some personal touch.

gohighlevel pre-made template

However, if you prefer, you can design your certificate from scratch with the drag-and-drop editor available inside GoHighLevel.

Why Use GoHighLevel Course Completion Certificates

Access to course completion certificates benefits you as a course creator and your students and members. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

Benefits for Students/Enrollees

  • It serves as a recognition. A completion certificate can give your students a tangible credential that validates their learning achievements, allowing them to showcase their skills on resumes, portfolios, or LinkedIn.
  • It validates newly acquired capabilities. Certificates are concrete evidence of your students’ acquisition of specific skills and knowledge. This credibility can help elevate their professional competence and competitiveness in the job market.
  • It becomes a motivation. Having a tangible reward at the end of the course drives students to overcome challenges, persist through complex topics, and actively engage in course activities.

Benefits for Coaches and Creators

  • It helps you gather useful data. Certificates offer valuable insights into your students’ completion rates and satisfaction levels. They enable you to assess course effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
  • It’s a great way to increase your revenue. Certifications help recruiters find the right people for the job they’re offering. That’s why some people opt for paid courses over free alternatives. In addition, you can use certificates as prerequisites for more of your advanced classes.
  • It helps you build a brand reputation. Even if you’re not part of an institution or your certificates are not accredited, it can set you apart from other coaches and course creators. Moreover, it allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field by legitimizing your unique teaching techniques and processes in the eyes of your students and peers.

How to Create GoHighLevel Course Completion Certificates 

First, you must choose a sub-account on which you want to create a certificate. Then, on the left-hand sidebar, choose “Memberships.”

gohighlevel dashboard memberships

Click “Certificates.”

gohighlevel memberships click certificates

Select “+New.” You can choose “Certificate Templates” or “Blank Certificate ” on the dropdown menu.” You can choose the latter if you want to create one from scratch. But for this example, let’s use a template.

gohighlevel certificates new

Choose from the existing templates and click “Confirm.”

gohighlevel choose template

The platform will bring you to the certificate editor, where you can customize the layout and content.

gohighlevel elements certificate

Once you’re satisfied with how your certificate looks, you may change the name of your certificate and click “Save.” 

gohighlevel landing page mastery certificate

How to Edit GoHighLevel Course Completion Certificates

Just like making your certificate inside the platform is easy, adding it to your course or material is also effortless.

Here are some elements that you can add or modify inside the editor.

gohighlevel elements properties

Layout. This element allows you to effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape. You can also choose from the available frames for both layouts to enhance the visual appeal of the certificate.

It’s important to note that changes made in layout selection may affect existing edits when switching between orientations.

gohighlevel elements properties layout

Header. You may also edit the content and style of your certificate heading. It is where you put your company or the course name. GoHighLevel allows you to change the font style, type, color, and size.

gohighlevel elements properties heading

Image. If you want to add your logo or pictures to your certificate template, you can easily do so with this element. You can adjust the opacity of the background image using the opacity slider and resize the image by moving the blue dots of the box.

gohighlevel certificate elements image

Signatures. This portion increases the authenticity of your certificate. That’s why adding your signature, name, and position is essential. With GoHighLevel, you can customize the font styles with the same menu as the heading.

gohighlevel certificate elements signature

Background. With this, you can upload your background and adjust its opacity. You can also settle for changing the solid background color and choose from various patterns to make your certificate more appealing.

gohighlevel elements background

Text. Like the heading and signature, you can add more info on your certificate template by dragging and dropping this element. You may resize your texts by moving the blue dots and adding custom fields like course title, category, lesson, and instructor’s name.

gohighlevel elements certificates text

Badge. GoHighLevel provides five badge designs you can pick from. Like most elements available, you can resize and position it wherever you like.

How to Add GoHighLevel Certificates to Your Course

Just like making your certificate inside the platform is easy, adding it to your course or material is also effortless. Here’s what you can do.

Inside the Memberships tab, select “Product” under “Courses.”

gohighlevel memberships courses products

Select the course where you want to add a certificate.

gohighlevel choose course

Navigate to the “Certificates” tab.

gohighlevel paid bonus landing page mastery

Click on “Attach Certificate.”

gohighlevel attach certificate

Choose a template to use from the dropdown menu.

gohighlevel attach certificate landing page mastery

The Certificate Type will automatically be “Course Complete.” GoHighLevel doesn’t allow changes in this part.

gohighlevel attach certificate save

After that, click “Save.”

Once done, all new learners completing the specific course will receive their certificate automatically via email.


Can I Create My Completion Certificate inside GoHighLevel?

Yes. You can create your own certificate from scratch to offer a more personalized one. But you can also choose from the templates and make some edits.

Is the GoHighLevel Completion Certificate Downloadable and Shareable?

Absolutely. Your student will get a convenient link to download and share the certificate with relevant parties.

How Many Certificates Can I Add to One Course or Product?

As of the moment, GoHighLevel only allows you to add one certificate. You’ll need to delete the existing document before adding a new template.

Can I Revoke Access to Any of My Students’ Certificates?

Yes. GoHighLevel allows you to revoke access for a specific student. Once revoked, the certificate link becomes inactive, preventing further access.

How Do I Stop Sending a Certificate to a Specific Learner?

You may navigate to “Sites” -> “Memberships” -> “Certificates” -> “Issued Certificates,” then click on the three dots and select “Revoke Access” for the desired learner. You can also check all the students who’ve received your certificate in the same section.

What Happens If I Mark a Certificate as Inactive for a Specific Course?

GoHighLevel will stop sending that certificate to your students. But you can activate it quickly by clicking the three dots next to the certificate inside the product and selecting “Mark Active.”


GoHighLevel Certificates offer a seamless solution for both you as a course creator and your students.

They provide tangible recognition, validate newly acquired skills, and serve as a motivational tool for your students.

Meanwhile, you can benefit from valuable insights, increased revenue opportunities, and enhanced brand reputation.

GoHighLevel’s user-friendly interface makes creating and managing certificates easy. Best of all, it’s available for all paid users, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Start creating your certificates now and boost the quality of your online courses with GoHighLevel. Or, if you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up for a free trial today!

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