GoHighLevel Communities – What Makes the HighLevel Community Feature a Great Choice and How It Works

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Do you want to create a digital space where your followers or customers can interact and share ideas?

Online communities have become the cornerstone in achieving this goal. While platforms like Mighty Networks, Circle, Skool, and even Facebook are popular in this arena, GoHighLevel has introduced its own community feature worth considering.

In this article, we’ll discuss the GoHighLevel community feature in detail. I’ll show you what it can offer, its pros and cons, and how you can use it for your business.

GoHighLevel Communities Overview

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GoHighLevel offers an integrated community feature in all its plans. It’s accessible in a business sub-account alongside other tools like the website builder, sales funnel, emails, and course feature

It provides a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and growing online communities.

One study revealed that online communities could influence over 30% of an organization’s revenue. Without these communities, you might miss engagement and income opportunities.

Here’s what the GoHighLevel communities feature offers:

  • Domain Setup. GoHighLevel lets you add your own domain and/or a subdomain to make your community look like an independent entity.
  • User Management. You can assign roles like contributor, moderator, and admin to your team members to ensure smooth and more organized operations.
  • Interactive Activities. Your community can enjoy various activities, such as taking courses, joining discussions, and participating in events. 
  • Customizations. You may adjust group names, descriptions, branding, and social media settings inside this GoHighLevel feature. This lets you create a branded environment that attracts and retains members.
  • Group Creation. Create different groups based on interests, topics, or industries. This feature allows more focused discussions and projects that can enhance your members’ overall community experience.

Pros and Cons of Using GoHighLevel Communities 


  • Easy to set up
  • Offers enough features for better engagement
  • Provides some customization
  • Ability to add multiple channels inside one community


  • Pricier than some community platforms
  • No feature for in-app live streaming

Creating GoHighLevel Communities 

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to creating your first community inside GoHighLevel.

  • Set up your domain first by going to “Settings” inside “Communities” under the “Memberships” tab. 
gohighlevel community groups settings
  • You can type in your sub-domain or use a custom domain for your communities. To avoid issues, make sure that you validate the domain. Once done, press the “Update Domain” button.
gohighlevel update domain
  • Then, under the same feature, select “Groups.” 
gohighlevel groups
  • Choose “+Create Group.” 
gohighlevel create group
  • Add all the necessary data, such as the group description, group name, and group slug. You may also choose your branding color and add the logo in this part. 
gohighlevel details
  • Scroll down and select “Create Group.” 
gohighlevel cover image
  • You can now start adding content for your community. 
gohighlevel no posts found
  • To break the ice, go to “Discussions” to add new posts, images, videos, or links. 
  • Choose “Learning” if you want to add courses for your members to access.
  • Click “People” to view all your members and their data, such as email address, role, and status. You can also get the invitation link here and share it with the new member.
  • Press the gear icon at the top right corner to access settings. This is where you can change your brand color and logos, add pricing and promotional links, and make your community public or private. 
gohighlevel community a gear icon
  • Don’t forget to click “Save” after modifying your community. 

Now, once you add new members, they’ll be able to sign in to the client portal that looks like this: 

gohighlevel leadgenpreneur

It will look a little different if you send an invitation link instead:

gohighlevel invited community a

Editor’s Note: If you can’t see the “Communities” feature inside the “Membership” tab of your sub-business account, make sure to view the Agency account and toggle on “Labs” on user permission. You may activate the community tool once the “Labs” tab is available on the sub-account.


What Can I Do With My GoHighLevel Communities?

You can set up discussions, share resources, conduct courses, and host events. Communities provide a great space to share knowledge and build a healthy network, which is useful for marketing agencies, businesses, freelancers, and, most especially, course creators.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Groups I Can Create?

You’re free to create as many groups as you need. There’s also no cap on the number of users you can add to these groups.

Why Should I Use GoHighLevel to Build My Community?

Besides the tool itself, using GoHighLevel allows you to enhance engagement and other parts of your business. The platform makes aligning your community-building efforts with your overall marketing and customer relationship objectives easier.

How Can I Invite New Members to My Community?

To invite new members to your community area, go to the “People” section. Here, you can either share an invitation link or send invites directly by entering a member’s name and email address. 


The GoHighLevel community tool might not be free, but its value in building and nurturing online communities is undeniable.

Feel free to explore HighLevel’s community feature (plus all its other features) with a free HighLevel trial, follow the above steps, and improve your engagement strategy.

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