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Ever been fascinated with how powerful chatbots are? They can help you answer queries at any hour, generate leads, and even enhance sales without ad spend. 

Today, we’ll discuss an alternative to conventional web chat tools – the GoHighLevel chat widget. This tool provides a next-level solution to marketing agencies, small businesses, and freelancers.

In this article, you’ll learn more about this tool – from its unique features to how to use it for your website. 

What Is the Chat Widget for GoHighLevel?

Inside the GoHighLevel home page, you’ll see an icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Once you click it, a pop-up window will open. You can type your questions here, and the GoHighLevel team will respond to you via SMS.

gohighlevel chat widget

This is the same web chat feature you can use for your business.

It’s a bridge that connects you with your website visitors and turns simple interactions into opportunities. The chat widget is included in all the plans. No additional fees.  

But what sets it apart is its approach. Unlike other web chat widgets, where potential clients need to keep the tab open and wait for your reply, GoHighLevel allows them to go on their day and communicate with you through SMS. 

You won’t have to worry about missing leads after office hours. And your prospects don’t have to sacrifice their precious time. In addition, you can do some customization to make it your own. 

Where Can You Add the GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

Let’s look at the perfect spots to add your GoHighLevel chat widget. 

GoHighLevel Website or Sales Funnels

Your web and landing pages are vital touchpoints where your prospects interact with your content and offerings. They are the best places to generate leads or even customers.

growth fueled marketing agency

Imagine a visitor being one step away from buying. And the only thing stopping them is a payment issue or a question. With the GoHighLevel chat widget, they can message you and get their desired answer. 

WordPress Site and Other Website Builders

What if you already have a website and it’s not in GoHighLevel? No worries at all!

Besides adding the chat widget inside the GoHighLevel platform, you can integrate directly with platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Shopify. You won’t need to transfer your entire website to use this tool. 

This flexibility shows that the GoHighLevel Chat Widget is designed to fit into your existing online space.

Customer Support for Clients

Besides getting leads, the chat widget is also great for handling your existing clients. Your clients can message you inside their GoHighLevel account with questions or issues.

You can then receive and reply through your agency’s sub-account. Your team can reply via the desktop app or the HighLevel mobile app!

Keeping a client happy is as vital as winning a new one. And this simple act can increase your client retention.

Digital Marketing Customer Support for Clients

How to Setup GoHighLevel Chat Widget?

For GoHighLevel Website 

GoHighLevel allows you to add chat widgets to multiple websites or landing pages. But you can’t individually customize them if they’re in one account. Here’s what you need to do. 

First, go to the sub-account where you want to add the chat widget. Click “Sites” and choose a website or funnel. 

gohighlevel sites tab

Click the “Settings” tab, then “Enable” the chat widget. 

gohighlevel enable chat widget

Then go to “Chat Widget.” Toggle “Enable Chat Bubble.” Customize by editing the messages, avatar, chat color, and agency branding. 

enable chat bubble

In addition, you can also add the email field to make sure that you won’t lose that lead. That’s it! The chat widget will be available on the websites or funnels where you activated them. 

For WordPress Website

You can get a free WordPress plugin and make it available to your web pages. First, you’ll need to log in to your WordPress account. Then go to the “Plugin” tab and click “Add New.”

Under the search plugins, type in “Lead Connector.” Click “Install Now” and then “Activate.”

wordpress plugins install now

After that, select the LeadConnector app that will appear on the sidebar. Return to your GoHighLevel tab for the API Key. You’ll see it under the “Business Profile” under the “Settings” of your sub-account. Copy that and paste it inside the WordPress Lead Connector plugin. 

gohighlevel api key

Click save. Put a tick on the “Enable chat widget.” Then press Pull and Save.

leadconnector settings

Once you refresh your web page, you’ll see the chat icon in the bottom right corner. Every message on the chat widget will reflect inside the “Conversation” tab. So you can answer inside your dashboard right away. 

For Other Website Builder

The steps differ from adding a chat widget on WordPress. But it’s still super easy with GoHighLevel. 

Click “Get Code” in the “Chat Widget” tab. GoHighLevel will provide a body code to insert the website editor software. You can paste the code into the “Custom Code” section inside the settings or the site builder.

For Automation 

GoHighLevel allows you to take things further and do more with your chat widget.

Automated Response and Internal Notifications

Ensure you receive your website visitors’ messages anytime and inform your team members about them. You can create automation that triggers a customized notification when someone leaves a message.

SMS Appointment Booking

You can also initiate a discovery call or increase your chance of turning your website visitors into customers or hot leads. 

GoHighLevel allows you to send a message that varies whether their response is positive or negative. You can also add links so they can easily book calls with you.

For Your SaaS Business 

The last place to add the chat widget is inside your clients’ dashboards. Choose your agency’s account where you’ll receive the messages. Copy the numbers in the URL after “location.” 

Paste it somewhere first because you’ll need it later. 

Return to the agency view and click “Settings.” Then click “Company.” 

Scroll down to “Custom Javascript.” copy the first HTML code from the Web Chat Widget – Advanced Configurations + Public API/Events page and paste it there. 

Change the location ID to the numbers you copy from the URL earlier. 

Click “Update Company.” and refresh your page. You’ll now see the chat widget inside your GoHighLevel account. Now all your clients can use this to connect with you, start a conversation, or ask questions for support. 


Where are you planning to use the GoHighLevel chat widget? 

Do you want to use it to provide customer service to existing clients, increase leads for your marketing agency or add it to your website outside GoHighLevel? 

No matter where you use this feature, it’s a fantastic tool for your online business. Try HighLevel by registering for the free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

How many chat widgets can I add to one sub-account? 

Each sub-account comes with one webchat widget. Adding that one webchat widget to all your websites under one sub-account is possible. However, you won’t be able to customize it for each website or sales funnel. 

Is the GoHighLevel chat widget an add-on feature? 

No. It’s included in its core features. You don’t have to pay extra fees to use it for your or your client’s account. 

Can I customize the appearance of the GoHighLevel chat widget?

Yes. But it’s limited. You can only customize the color of the chat widget, the brand name, and the messages. But not the font style or custom fields. 

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