GoHighLevel Call Recording Feature Overview (2024)

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GoHighLevel allows you to engage with your prospects and customers through social media networks, SMS, emails, and calls. 

While the first three methods offer written records that are easy to review, phone conversations don’t provide a text-based record by default. Hence, some important insights might be forgotten or overlooked. 

Fortunately, a call recording feature is accessible on the platform. 

In this post, I’ll explain this specific function, how to enable it, and common troubleshooting steps you can take. 

What Is GoHighLevel Call Recording? 

gohighlevel enable call connect feature

This feature allows your business to capture and save audio of conversations (for inbound and outbound calls) with your clients as they happen. 

You and your team can replay, share, or review these recordings at your convenience and use them to improve your system and business strategy. 

GoHighLevel lets you access this feature by connecting to LeadConnector or Twilio. 

Why Use GoHighLevel’s Call Recording for Your Agency or Business?

Here are some advantages of using call recording to your GoHighLevel account. 

  • Resolve Disputes. Misunderstandings can happen sometimes. But when you record voice conversations, you can revisit what was said, clear up any confusion, and keep your relationships with customers or prospects strong and transparent. 
  • Better Understand Your Customers. Listening to recorded calls helps you learn what your customers like and what they don’t. This feature also saves you from asking the same questions twice. You can serve your clients better, making them happier and more likely to stick with your business.
  • Ensure Quality Performance. Call recording also allows you to hear how your team handles interactions. This is crucial for providing feedback, training, and meeting your customer service standards.

How Much Does It Cost to Record Calls With GoHighLevel? 

LeadConnector and Twilio charge $0.0025 per minute for this feature. But Twilio offers more functions such as: 

  • Storage – $0.0005 per minute 
  • Transcription – $0.05 per minute 

Twilio also gives its users a free 10,000 minutes of storage, which is approximately 333 thirty-minute calls. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. 

In addition to the call recording fees, you’d also need to pay for the contact numbers and voice calls. Their pricing differs depending on the type, location, and duration. I suggest you check LeadConnector and Twilio’s pricing structure for more details. 

Editor’s Note – The prices I mentioned above exclude taxes and additional charges. Twilio or LeadConnector will add all applicable ones to your bill.

Pre-Requisites for Call Recording in GoHighLevel

Before enabling this, you must sign up for Twilio or integrate LeadConnector. To do so, simply navigate to the “Settings” tab under “Phone Integration” on your agency dashboard. 

gohighlevel phone integration

After that, you must buy numbers for each client account. You can access them inside the “Settings” -> “Phone Numbers” tab of your sub-accounts. GoHighLevel will provide you with lists of numbers filtered based on the country you select. 

gohighlevel buy your number

Lastly, connect your Stripe account to the agency dashboard. This allows you to rebill your GoHighLevel customers for phone-related activities if you use the platform for client management or as your SaaS product.

gohighlevel stripe

How to Start Call Recording with GoHighLevel? 

  • Select one among your sub-accounts from your agency dashboard and click “Settings.” 
gohighlevel settings switch to
  • Go to the “Phone Numbers” tab, select an existing number, select the three dots, and click “Edit Configuration.” 
gohighlevel phone numbers
  • Click the box next to the “Enable Call Connect feature.” Type in your whisper and call recording message. You must disclose that you’re recording the call to avoid legal issues or privacy violations.
gohighlevel enable call connect
  • Check the box and fill out the other details you want to add, like the callout time for your outbound and inbound calls. Then click “Save.”
gohighlevel configure save

Editor’s Note – I used the LeadConnector integration for the steps above, but the process is quite similar if you use Twilio. 

Common Call Recording Issues With Twilio and How to Solve Them

Calls Aren’t Recording

This problem occurs primarily when you use your Twilio master account ID instead of your sub-accounts. 

  • To solve this, go to your Twilio account and choose “Subaccounts” under your name in the top right corner. 
gohighlevel manage account subaccount
  • Click “Create sub-account.” If you connect directly from the platform, GoHighLevel will do this automatically. 
gohighlevel create subaccount
  • Copy and paste the sub-account SID and paste it inside your GoHighLevel agency account “Settings” tab. 
gohighlevel account sid

Editor’s Note – If you’re in Australia, another reason may be that your Twilio sub-accounts don’t have verified physical addresses. So check this part out and ensure all the addresses are confirmed.

Calls Aren’t Loading

If your calls keep loading, it might be due to a Twilio setting that encrypts call recordings. Here’s what you can do to turn it off. 

  • Log in to Twilio, click your account, and select “Subaccounts.” 
gohighlevel manage account subaccount
  • Find your sub-account by copying your account SID from GoHighLevel and pasting it to the search bar. 
gohighlevel copy sid
  • Once you find the correct subaccount, look for the yellow text on the top left and navigate to the “General SMS Settings” page.
gohighlevel test
  • Scroll down to “Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs,” select “Disable,” and then click “Save.”
gohighlevel messaging settings save

If the troubleshooting steps above don’t work, you may contact the GoHighLevel support team through the “Help & Support” tab inside your agency dashboard. 


Can I Record Calls with GoHighLevel?

Yes. GoHighLevel allows you to record, store, and transcribe your calls with the help of Twilio or LeadConnector. 

Which App Should I Connect with GoHighLevel to Record Calls – Twilio or LeadConnector? 

They are both great apps. GoHighLevel has much better integration with the LeadConnector app, as they’re the ones that developed it. However, Twilio offers features that GoHighLevel doesn’t have, like transcription and bulk call export. 

In Which GoHighLevel Plan is the Call Recording Available?

It’s part of the core feature, so you can access it in all plans. However, expect that there will be additional fees when you use it in addition to your monthly subscription. 

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Call recording allows your business or agency to see more than the surface details of your interactions. 

You can use it to break down and analyze conversations for enhanced team training and clearer client understanding.

It’s also an excellent solution for disputes, providing reliable documentation. 

If you want to try this function, enable it inside your account or sign up with GoHighLevel’s free trial if you haven’t done so.

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