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There are a LOT of people trying to get Funnel Scripts for free! But, the question is, does Clickfunnels, the parent company of Funnel Scripts, really give away Funnel Scripts for free?

Well, the answer is yes and no. You can get a taste of how Funnel Scripts works for free with its headline tool (more on this soon), but not much else.

Clickfunnels knows the value Funnel Scripts provides and wouldn’t (and probably shouldn’t) give Funnel Scripts free of charge or for a free trial. They haven’t in the past, and I don’t see them doing so in the future.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can use Funnel Scripts for free and learn a little more about its benefits in the online sales funnel world.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that generates copy for your web pages based on the input answers you provide for the Funnel Script you used. The software was created by Jim Edwards, a master copywriter, and the funnel building software company Clickfunnels.

Funnel Scripts is a powerful tool that marketers use to fill web copy for their:

  • sales funnels
  • sales letters
  • video sales letters
  • ad copy
  • email marketing automation
  • Headlines

And so much more without having to hire copywriters for their online business.

Why Marketers Use It

If you’re on this page, you probably see the value in Funnel Scripts. Let me reinforce that idea as an online marketer myself.

The truth is writing your own copy takes time and outsourcing your copy is EXPENSIVE! If you’re a marketer who uses funnels, you know you need copy for your optin pages, sales copy for your sales page, an automated email series, your VSL, and webinar scripts! Outsourcing all that copy, or doing it yourself is a massive time/money sink!

This is why Funnel Scripts was created. There was a market need for it—there are thousands of online entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to become pro at copywriting let alone outsource everything.

So Russell Brunson, head of Clickfunnels, teamed up with Jim to create a software that solved all copywriting obstacles that business owners come across.

Scores of marketers have been using Funnel Scripts since it first came out. Entrepreneurs who once wanted to create info-products did. Companies who were spending thousands on copy per month stopped and saved their company capital in the long-run.

The days of struggling to create copy that’s persuasive to your target audience are over. Sales copy that converts people and continuously moves them down the funnel, and the business’s value ladder (a Dotcom Secrets term)  is now easier than ever before!

And luckily for us, it’s no longer an annual cost product. For a full understanding of Funnel Scripts, read our Funnel Scripts Review & New Pricing explained article.

How to Get Funnel Scripts Free

As I said at the beginning of this article, you can’t get Funnel Scripts 100% free. However, they do let you try a script from Funnel Scripts for free!

The free version of Funnel Scripts is called the Funnel Scripts Headline Generator (aka. the Amazing Headline Generator). And it’s 100% free to use as many times as you want with no opt-in required! This is as close to a Funnel Scripts free trial as you’re going to get access to!

Before I fully invested in Funnel Scripts, I used the free headline generator simply because I needed headlines. I decided to try Funnel Scripts a few months back, and I was impressed because it was able to handle more complex copy elements such as a long-form sales letter!

The Free Amazing Headline Script Generator

funnel scripts free

The free Funnel Scripts headline script is great if you struggle writing headlines that have your readers stick around and consume your copy.

You can see an example of it on the free headline generator page. The headline reads:

“Instantly create dozens of attention-grabbing, money-sucking headlines that stop people in their tracks! Use them everywhere!”

What a great headline! Isn’t that the quality of headline copy every business owner would want on their web properties? 100%!

Every landing page (i.e., squeeze page, blog posts, upsells, downsells, webinar signup pages, etc.) imaginable needs a headline!

If you have any doubt of how important headlines are to advertising or any of your web pages that sell products or services, remember what David Ogilvy, “the father of advertising,” once said “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eight cents out of your dollar.”

Headlines are insanely important, which is why I think it’s great that Jim and Russell Brunson were kind enough to offer this tool for free!

A Headline Generator Demo

The headline generator isn’t challenging to use.

Just like in the paid version of Funnel Scripts, you only need to fill in the input questions. These are the steps to use this generator:

  • Fill in the input forms with your business details
  • Click on the Build Button
  • Copy and paste the headline you want to your web page(s)

Below is a quick demo of how this tool would work for a self-published author selling a course on how to be a successful self-published author.

Form Inputs

Niche audience (singular): _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “My target audience is a / an ____.”  
  • Example: beginner investor, ebook author, home seller, home buyer, etc.
  • My Input: beginner self-publisher

Your #1 main keyword topic: _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “My main topic is ____.”
  • Example: stock investing, ebook marketing, for sale by owner, home buying, etc.
  • My Input: self publishing

Your #2 main keyword topic: _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “My other main topic is ____.”
  • Example: pick winning stocks, ebook writing, fsbo, house hunting, etc.
  • My Input: book writing

What is the #1 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB): _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “My audience really wants to _____.” (VERB)
  • Example: pick more money-making stocks; publish your own outrageously profitable ebook; get your home sold for top dollar; buy your own dream home; etc.
  • My Input: publish an Amazon bestseller

What is the #2 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB): _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “My audience really wants to _____.” (VERB)
  • Example: earn a double-digit return on your stock investments; create passive income from amazon royalty checks; find a qualified buyer in your timeframe; get a monthly payment you can feel good about; etc.
  • My Input: create passive income from the Amazon marketplace

What is a Pain they want to avoid in this area?: _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “My audience really wants to avoid ______.” (VERB ending in “ing”)
  • Example: losing money on stocks, trying to write it all yourself, paying a Realtor commission, spending weeks in a car looking at houses, etc.
  • My Input: a failed book launch

What is a Roadblock they see as holding them back from their goal?: _______________

  • Helpful example to fill-in the above: Completes statement “Even if ______”
  • Example: you have never invested in stocks before now, you think you can’t write, you have no marketing or sales experience, you have less-than-perfect credit, etc.
  • My Input: you think the self-publishing process is hard

In what timeframe can you deliver results?: _______________

  • Helpful example to fill in the above: “You’ll see results in _____.”
  • Example: 30 days; 15 minutes or less; one week; etc.
  • My Input: 60 days

Here’s what the results I got from my inputs:

sales funnel headlines
Funnels Scripts for Headlines and More Sales Funnel Applications.

Now that you’ve seen an example of the Funnel Scripts free headline generator give a try yourself! Get better sales funnels in your business by using the Amazing Headline Script Generator.

Keep in mind that you might not be satisfied with your first result of headlines after you enter in your form answers, but that’s just the name of the game with software text generators. Revise your inputs until you’re satisfied with your output headlines.

This tool gives you headline funnel scripts for free – over 100, in fact. However, if you want to unlock more than the top five headlines, you can, but at that point, you’ll need to opt-in with your name and email.


How much does Funnel Scripts cost (the full version)?

The full version of Funnel Scripts costs $797 one time, and it comes with other bonuses as well. You can try out Funnel Scripts for free with their amazing headline tool. Get Funnel Scripts here.

Does Funnel Scripts Come with a Trial?

There is no Funnel Scripts free trial. The best they offer is their free headline generator. It gives you a taste of how the other scripts would work if you invested in Funnel Scripts (it has a 30-day money-back guarantee).

Is there a demo I can see before purchasing?

Yes! You can see a demo of Funnel Scripts for free by Russel Brunson and co-founder Jim Edwards here.

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