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For every leader that has amassed a following, they didn’t get there by accident. They studied the game, polished their new opportunity, and used their expert status to influence others to join their mission and change the world.

It just so happens there’s a guide that helps entrepreneurs achieve expert status in any industry and harness that status to create wealth with online marketing.

That guide is in a business book called Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice… by an internet marketer, Russell Brunson.

Before this “playbook,” entrepreneurs would have to put the pieces of the “guru” puzzle together from different expert business resources (blogs, books, seminars, etc.).

Russell changed the game when he wrote Expert Secrets a few years ago, and he’s received praise for his book from famed experts and entrepreneurs starting their first online company.

In Russell’s previous book, DotCom Secrets (his first book), you learned what, why, and how to use sales funnels to sell your products and services online.

In Expert Secrets, Russell lays out the step-by-step guide on taking your expert status to a new level, in your business, by building an army of loyal followers who will pay for your information (i.e., an information product)!

We’ll cover more in this review.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for our Expert Secrets review.

As we do with most of our reviews, we’ll be giving away a bonus offer for those who get this product from this Expert Secrets review article.

What Is Expert Secrets?

Robert Kiyosaki Author

Robert Kiyosaki


“Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you. This is one of the shortcuts for the new rich.”

Expert Secrets is the book Russel Brunson published in 2017, two years after his successful book DotCom Secrets. It currently has a 4.5/5 star rating and over 270 customer reviews on Amazon.

Coming in at 265 pages, Expert Secrets is a guide on creating an audience and having them pay you for your products and services from your online business.

The goal of Expert Secrets is to help people realize that they can become an expert in their field, attract followers, and changes people’s lives.

Just like his DotCom Secrets book, Russell includes plenty of real stories, examples, and practical step by step advice in every chapter.

One of those stories is how he built an army of loyal Clickfunnels users, which made it one of the most successful sales funnel builder software in today’s market. Make sure to read our Clickfunnels review if you’re not familiar with the software company.

What You’ll Learn In Expert Secrets

The Expert Secrets book is divided up into five sections. Below are my summaries.

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

Creating a “mass movement” might seem like a daunting task, yet that’s what the first section of Expert Secrets is dedicated to.

Russell studied the history of people who created mass movements (whether for good or evil), and all had 3 common elements.

The requirement to create a mass movement are:

  1. They each had a charismatic leader or an attractive character.
  2. Each of them focused on a future-based cause that was bigger than themselves.
  3. They each offered their audience a new opportunity.

That’s the foundation, but then you’ll have to figure out who you’re going to serve. And that boils down to picking your niche from one of the three markets health, wealth, and relationships.

Expert Secrets Submarkets

Russell Brunson recommends creating a mass movement under in a submarket that derives from one of these 3 markets. This makes sense as going into a saturated market is an uphill battle, especially if you’re starting.

Going into a broad market is a common mistake (read Expert Secrets for more details). Expert Secrets explains this common mistake by new business owners.

They go into a market that is a red ocean market versus going for a blue ocean market. Choosing who you are talking to is crucial before you continue.

After choosing a submarket, one of the main secrets of this section is creating your Attractive Character.

The Attractive Character

Although Russell covered the Attractive Character concept in DotCom Secrets, the Expert Secrets book also explains it.

As an expert, people must relate to your backstory, your obstacles, your triumphs, and make them think if he did it, I can do it too – I’m just like this guy!

This and other secrets taught in this section teach you how to become a leader and what it takes to build a tribe.

Section 2: Creating Belief

How do you connect with your audience? What makes them buy? What prevents them from buying?

These are the questions this section aims to answer. Quite a task, right?

There’s a lot of buyer’s psychology explained here, and Russell is preparing you for the next section of Expert Secrets.

The first step in creating a belief is by figuring out the ONE thing. That is, what’s the one thing that if you get people to believe in it, all objections and resistance diminish.

He relates this to finding a big domino, a “big domino of belief” that will push down all the small dominos (beliefs) down. If you make people believe in the biggest domino, they’ll have to buy it.

The rest of the section is how to communicate to your audience to plant this belief in their head. I’d relate the remaining pages of this section to storytelling.

Russell is a master storyteller. He teaches you how he gets people to believe in his products using tools such as the Epiphany Bridge.

He’s perfected this marketing process so well in his business that he provides you with a script to follow.

The Epiphany Bridge

The Epiphany Bridge Script is a method of telling your story. It’s how to tell the story about how you first started (the position your audience is in), connecting with them emotionally, your hero’s journey, and secrets (strategies) on how to knock any false belief patterns that may come up.

You write the script yourself by answering the questions that Russell Brunson provides.

It’s a proven formula for telling stories that he learned from successful entrepreneurs and master movie storytellers.

Section 3-4: Your Moral Obligation & the Funnels

The remaining sections of Expert Secrets are mainly about selling online. Everything you’ve learned in the Expert Secrets book has led to learning how to communicate your message and, now, how to make sales from it.

You’ll first start with creating an irresistible offer. Yup, this comes first… Russell does this first with any product or service he’s going to sell to his audience. He calls it the Stack Slide.

The Stack Slide

This is everything your dream customer will get from your offer, including bonuses. Assigning the value costs is covered here as well.

And to make things easier, Russell explains six methods of creating offers that all relate to the work you’ve done (assuming you followed along in the previous Expert Secrets sections).

Once you have your offer in place, you can create a sales pitch presentation that you can use in what Russell likes to call the Perfect Webinar.

The Perfect Webinar
Marketing Systems

Like all the online marketing and sales advice Russell gives, the Perfect Webinar has been tested repeatedly. If you’ve ever been through a webinar (“live” or not), you’ll notice that the majority of them follow the rules Russel Brunson lays out in these sections.

Russell clarifies that you don’t have to use the presentation he’s going to teach on a sales webinar. It works perfectly well for video sales letters, sales pages, live stage presentations, and more.

In the next few secrets, Russell explains what slides to use, when to use them, the thing you need to convey with each slide so you can relate to your audience and sell effectively. There are 66 slides (parts) to this presentation, by the way (insane)!

Once you reach the end of how to deliver your presentation, Russell explains how to close, which is one of the most useful secrets I found in Expert Secrets because if you’re not closing, you won’t have a thriving business.

And just like in DotCom Secrets, Russell ends Expert Secrets by providing funnel and script examples you can use to get the right people to come into your sphere of online marketing influence so you can deliver your relatable message, introduce your new opportunity, and get paid for your advice.

Expert Secrets Pricing

You can get Russell’s paperback book, Expert Secrets, on for roughly $12 (it fluctuates). Or you can get a free copy at (you pay for shipping – shipping costs are $7.95 – United States free shipping takes ~5-7 days).

I got the Expert Secrets through Russell’s website because (1) there’s an audiobook upsell and (2) because I enjoy going through successful sales funnels – especially from the funnel guru himself, Russell Brunson.

I also recommend checking out the video on this page as it’s extremely well done and explains exactly what you’re getting in his marketing book.

Expert Secrets Review Verdict

I liked Expert Secrets a lot, and writing this Expert Secrets review was a pleasure. It’s helped me have confidence in my craft and gave me insights into mass movements and what I have to offer to the world.

If you’ve ever heard of the quote “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want,” Expert Secrets breaks it down from a technical online biz perspective, which I loved as a blogger who sells a book and does affiliate marketing in a health submarket.

If you’re worried about so-called imposter syndrome, Expert Secrets can get you past it so you can pursue your path as an expert in your field with nothing holding you back.

The bottom line is that creating loyal followers for your new opportunity is hard, but it gets easier when you know the steps. Expert Secrets breaks these steps down so simplistically that any business owner can do the same.

So whether you’re selling information products in real estate, creating info products for your niche, affiliate sales, have high ticket coaching clients, or whatever your market may be, you have a marketing message that your target audience is ready to follow – be sure to read Expert Secrets and help people.

Use the Expert Secrets teachings to create a long-lasting business in your submarket and start now before someone else does.

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