Funnel Consultant Society Review (2024): Is the Dino Gomez Facebook Ads Course Worth the Money? (Pros, Cons, Pricing, & More)

A Facebook Ads course with a proven track record and hundreds of student testimonials. You’ll learn the fundamental skills of being a Facebook advertiser and getting leads for companies, how to sell your services, and profit monthly from local business clients.

Effectiveness: Teaches You How to Run FB Ads & Sell Services Like a Pro.
Pricing: High-Ticket Course With Multiple Case Studies That’s Worth It.
Ease of Use: Simplifies FB Advertising Learning Curve & Has Multiple Student Success Stories.
Support: The Program is Built for Students to Succeed with Great Support, Accelerator Calls, & 1-on-1 Coaching.

So you discovered Funnel Consultant Society, a Facebook Ads course by Dino Gomez…

You most likely fall into one of the following buckets: (a) you want an online business model that can get you financial freedom, (b) you’re an aspiring freelancer who wants to offer FB ads, or (c) you have a marketing agency that doesn’t yet offer Facebook Ads to clients.


In any scenario, you may want to know:

  • exactly what Dino’s course teaches
  • is Dino Gomez legit? 
  • if you can make money from the course’s teachings
  • the pros & cons
  • the Funnel Consultant Society cost and any hidden business expenses

This is precisely what we’re going to cover in my Funnel Consultant Society Review. I’ve recently gone through his course and covered the above points below. Enjoy!

Who Is Dino Gomez?

dino gomez review
Dino Gomez Speaking at Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Dino Gomez is an expert digital marketer who runs a digital marketing firm in San Diego, California.

After college, he started as a digital marketing manager and eventually realized that he wanted to run his own marketing agency that helps local businesses. He ended up quitting his job to launch his agency, Dynamik Internet Marketing, which took off, and now helps local and corporate businesses worldwide.

Since attaining hundreds of SEO and Facebook Ad clients (a powerful combo) and teaches others how to replicate his success with his course.

Enter The Funnel Consultant Society.

What Is The Funnel Consultant Society?

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Funnel Consultant Society is Dino Gomez’s course that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to run Facebook advertising for local businesses, price said services, sell, and close clients. 

Since its initial launch, Dino’s course has gone through updates, improvements, and overall, his students still have successes helping local business owners with client campaigns. Dino refers to his course as The Recession-Proof Business Model.

Who Is Funnel Consultant Society For?

The Funnel Consultant Society is for beginner to advanced internet marketers looking to make (or add) monthly recurring income based on Facebook advertising services.

For instance, if you’re new to offering Facebook Ads as a service to clients and have never run a Facebook Ads campaign before, this course is for you. As a beginner, Dino’s story about wanting to escape the rat race and go out on his own may resonate with you.

Suppose you already offer internet marketing services as a freelancer or at your agency, such as SEO, Google Ads PPC, and/or website design. In that case, this course is also for you as it’ll boost your revenue even higher. 

Furthermore, for the guys & gals already offering SEO services, Facebook Advertising is a fantastic upsell and compliments SEO very well. Dino teaches you how to sell SEO + Facebook Ad management in Module 5 (we’ll cover this in the next section).

Dino Gomez’s Facebook Ads Course Overview

The course is divided into 21 sections or “modules.” Since that’s a lot of course content to cover, I’m going to summarize the core modules below. 

Just an FYI, before we get started, I’ve gone through the Funnel Consultant Society course and took notes along the way. Below, you’ll get a look behind the pricing wall to see exactly what you’re going to get, along with my review commentary.

Note: Dino’s course has recently switched over to the Teachable platform, so the course modules you may have seen in other reviews are not equivalent to mine. The Modules/sections below are how the 2024 FCS course structure is laid out.

Module 1: Facebook Fast Track (Intro)


  • Introduction to Understanding the Power of Facebook Ads [22:20]
  • How to Grow a FB Ad Agency [11:49]
  • How to Setup The Facebook Pixel [11:58]
  • How to Setup A Facebook Traffic Ad (Campaigns Vs. Ad Sets Vs. Ads) [27:27]
  • Facebook Ad Guideline [10:17]

As you can see from lesson two above, Dino Gomez and his team want you to succeed. They invite you to set up a one on one call with one of their coaches once you’ve landed your first Facebook Ads client. 

In his next lesson, he teaches the gameplan of the course: How to Grow Your Facebook Ad Agency With No Experience

With no time to waste, next, Dino explains exactly how the Facebook pixel works, how to install it on a client’s website or funnel, and more. 

Then he covers how to set up a Facebook Traffic Ad. His teaching style was surprisingly brilliant here. You can tell he’s had experience teaching this to people dozens of times.

And lastly, an important lesson you don’t want to miss is how to adhere to Facebook’s Ad policies, so your account doesn’t get suspended.

Module 2: Types of Facebook Ads (Traffic Engagement, Conversion, Leads)


  • Types of Facebook Campaigns (Which to Run) [13:34]
  • Types of Facebook Ad Media [19:00]

This short module covers the different types of Facebook ads, the ones you’ll run the most for clients, and a campaign setting that most people miss with lead generation.

Module 3: Basic Targeting (Cold Targets)


  • Basic Targeting Inside Tag Manager [18:23]
  • Audience Insights Tool Targeting Research (Interests Vs. Hobbies Vs Action) [30:32]
  • Niche Audience Targeting Hack [13:44]
  • Built-in Targeting You Must Know Exists (Crazy Options) [12:02]

These lessons will help fine-tune your campaigns for your client(s).

Module 4: Advanced Targeting (Warm Targets)


  • Retargeting Ads 101 [27:25]
  • How to Setup Customer Retargeting Ads (email or contact list as custom audience) [22:39]
  • How to Setup and Target Lookalike Audiences [19:24]
  • How to Run Conversion Ads [35:53]
  • Conversion Campaigns Hack: Manual Bidding To Outbid Competitors [12:56]
  • Creative Targeting (post interest removal update) [28:23]

This module will help bring in more leads and lower your cost per lead.

Module 5: How to Price, Sell, & Close Clients


  • Pricing FB Ad Management + Choosing A Niche [22:32]
  • Proposals That Win Contracts [17:24]
  • Closing Playbook – Step by Step How To Close Clients for More Money [35:18]
  • Closing Corporate Or Local Clients Process [32:05]
  • How to Earn $10,000+ With One Simple Billing Trick [4:24]

This is my favorite module of Funnel Consultant Society and, quite frankly, one of the most important ones.

Module 6: Client Attraction Secrets


  • FREE Leads from Facebook [11:57]
  • 5 Ways to Get FB Ad Clients [28:09]
  • Facebook Ad Transparency + Spy on Competitors [8:33]
  • Niche Cold Outreach + Retargeting to Get Clients [22:27]
  • $5 B2B Leads in Week 1 – Convertica [21:53]
  • Facebook Group Authority [9:18]
  • Social Profile Acquisition Funnel [11:56]
  • 6 New Ways to Get Clients in Any Economy [31:33]
  • Watch Me Generate Client Leads With 2 Sentences [41:45]
  • How to Run Ads to Get Clients [84:43]

Module 7: Ad Copy & Landing Page (TEMPLATES)


  • 10 Steps For Writing a Killer Facebook Ad
  • Local Ad Copy That Converts [Template]
  • Unicorn Ad Copy Template
  • The Super Bowl Ad Technique
  • The Landing Page Template That Converts
  • Thank You Page Optimization
  • Offer That Covert: Sweepstakes 2 Tier Offer
  • Copy & Paste Creative Offers + Ad Copy For Any Niche

Good ad copy is essential for all ad types and landing pages. This section teaches you everything you need to know about ad copies that convert consumers into leads.

The Rest of the Modules

  • 8. Launch Strategy (Follow to Launch Your 1st Campaign)
  • 9. Facebook Ad Stacking™
  • 10. Client Booking Formula
  • 11. How to Setup Facebook Business Manager (Only Watch Once You Have 1 Client)
  • 12. Automation Mastery (How to Connect Your Funnels to An Email Autoresponder)
  • 13. Bonus Modules
  • 14. Accelerator
  • 15. Facebook Ads – Scaling + Getting Unstuck
  • 16. Bot Messenger Training
  • 17. Live Training Calls [Accelerator]
  • 18. Done For You Funnels (New Funnels Consistently)
  • 19. Advanced Tracking & Metrics
  • 20. Trending FB News (Monthly Recaps)
  • 21. Resources & Ammo

As you can see, there are still hours of video content after the core modules. #18 above is awesome because there are DFY funnels you can import to your Clickfunnels account – all in different industries & niches that do REALLY well with Facebook Advertising.

Funnel Consultant Society Course Pricing

Funnel Consultant Pricing
Our Readers Get $500 Off Dino’s Course

How much is Funnel Consultant Society?

Funnel Consultant Society’s course pricing changed over the years, and as more students found success in Dino’s course.

According to outdated Funnel Consultant Society reviews, you might’ve read that you have to schedule a sales call, or that past students paid $497 for the program. 

The truth is Dino’s course has increased in value and, as a result, cost. After helping beginner marketers, marketing agencies, & his agency clients succeed with Facebook Advertising, he decided to increase the course to a high-ticket course offer with Funnel Consultant Society 2.0.

However, we were able to secure a discount of $500 OFF discount page for our readers.

You can check out the discounted course sales page here: 

Pros & Cons


  • Teaches you how to be the master of your Facebook Pixel(s)
  • Content full course (he left no stone left unturned)
  • Multiple Facebook Ad Campaign “Cheat Sheets”
  • Pure Gold Sales Training On How to Close Close Clients (Whether You’re Just Starting or Have Experience)
  • It’s a Great Upsell to Other Digital Marketing Services You May Already Offer (i.e. SEO, Google Ads, web design, etc.)
  • Tells you exactly what NOT to do to keep your Facebook account compliant with Facebook’s ad policies
  • Key setting tweaks for “lead generation” type campaigns that most people miss
  • The main business expense is a funnel building software like Clickfunnels or Unbounce
  • Access to the FCS Facebook group community element for networking opportunities and to get questions answered


  • FCS is an expensive high-ticket course (justified after closing your first monthly retainer clients)

Funnel Consultant Society 2.0 – Crap or Pure Gold?

As an agency owner and affiliate marketer, I went through Dino’s course with excitement because I knew it had the potential to help our agency scale faster. We already offer web design, SEO, Google Ads PPC, but we always wanted to offer Facebook Ads to our services tool belt.

The following were just a few of the topics I wanted clarity on before taking the course:

  • Facebook pixel newbie help
  • How to retarget properly
  • How to request access to manage client’s accounts from one Facebook Ad manager account
  • If I already have clients, do I install the same pixel onto their WordPress site?

That’s the lens I had when going through Funnel Consult Society (and yes, the above questions were answered by the course). 

That said, I know you might not be in the same position I’m in, but it doesn’t matter…

Even if you’re new to running ads for local business owners, Dino’s course equips you with the skills and strategy to close new clients even if you have zero experience. This is invaluable and a skill that often goes untaught by other Facebook courses.

This course is not just another Facebook Ads course you can get on Udemy. It’s taught by an agency owner & Facebook Ads expert, Dino Gomez, who has local business clients and corporate clients (such as Ahrefs).

You’re in good hands with Dino’s course. Closing one local business owner pays for the course and continues to bring your online business cash flow every month. It’s a no brainer; get started with FCS today!

That’s it for my Funnel Consultant Society review. If I missed something, or if you have a question about the course, feel free to contact me.

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Teaches FB Ads Skills & How to Sell It to Clients for High-Ticket Monthly Income.

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