Can You Still Make Money with Kindle Publishing? -$530+ w/ One Book!

Kindle Publishing has been around for some time now. Most people know it's a lucrative passive income business model, but very few people take action on it. Why?

Because people are always on the fence if they should, or shouldn't, dive into the Kindle Publishing game. In particular, an infamous question rears it's ugly head around every year. That is:​

John  Kindle Publisher

Can You Still Make Money with Kindle Publishing?

Yup...I used to be one of those people who asked this question. I searched for my answer in the manner you probably landed on this post right now, via Google and YouTube videos. The answer was yes then and ...well keep reading!

But, guess what? I still didn't jump in. I missed out on a lot of money, especially during the KENP Era (a loophole that allowed publishers to make $10K a day). All thanks to this question.

Today, I'm taking a shot at putting this question to rest. Let me show you that you can still make money from Kindle Publishing. In order to make sure you understand the potential here, I'm going to show you how much one book made me last month. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

Last month, October 2016, a book I published in the beginning of the month started to pick up steam. Days went by and there were no signs of the sales slowing down.  

By the way, I'm singling out this book to show you the magnitude one book can have when you learn how to be a profitable publisher.

​Normally, good Kindle Publishers make $100-300 a month per book. This is a rule of thumb and nothing is set in stone. The range is there because some keywords (aka books) are more profitable than others. It's important to mention that some paperback books sell better than Kindle books and visa versa. 

​This book alone made me $500+ last month. I'm not going to reveal the niche it's in because that wouldn't be fair or a smart thing to do but hopefully this bumps you off the fence. 

Kindle Earnings

can you still make money with kindle publishing?

Kindle books are usually the second highest income stream, after paperback books, but $200 and some foreign royalty change isn't bad! I didn't factor the KENP read royalties into this by the way, but imagine if I did 🙂

Total Kindle Royalties (roughly) = $225

Createspace Earnings 

Paperback sales really brought in the dough. Typically paperbacks bring in the most royalties each month as a profitable Kindle Publisher.

Total Createspace Royalties (roughly) = ​$330

ACX Earnings 

None. That's because I didn't have an audiobook for this book yet. That's in the works! 

I think an audiobook would've brought the total royalties for this book up by another $50-100!​

Total ACX Royalties = $0​

Grand Total for One Book = $555

So...Can You Still Make Money with Kindle Publishing?

The answer is of course!

But, the days of picking a keyword to publish under, willy nilly, are gone. Well on second thought, they're gone for profitable publishers.

These days you need a criteria. A criteria that needs to be respected every time you decide on your next Kindle keyword or niche. ​The criteria I'm talking about gives you an exact amount of books that need to be profitable to even consider publishing under that keyword.

You can do everything else right, but if you don't know how to spot profitable keywords, for Kindle, you're going to lose at this game...full stop. 

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