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Builderall vs Clickfunnels – Which is Best to Create High Converting Marketing Funnels?

Builderall vs Clickfunnels – which is the better sales funnel software for internet marketing growth?

This is a sales funnel question I’ve seen a lot lately in Facebook groups. And this Builderall vs Clickfunnels article will give you a FULL comparison between the two.

First, a confession, a year ago I thought about replacing Clickfunnels with Builderall, a sales funnel platform founded by Erick Salgado.

I considered this transition because Builderall was more affordable and they could both create sales funnels and landing pages (decent template options). But, Builderall offers the following too:

  • website creation capabilities (unlimited pages)
  • pop ups
  • split test capabilities across the sales funnel
  • membership sites / membership site funnels
  • an email marketing service that lets you manage multiple email lists, email sequence automation & more (Builderall allows you to integrate with 3rd party email marketing tools)
  • heat mapping (analyzing a heat map can improve conversion rate)
  • decent Builderall templates
  • different checkout options with PayPal and Stripe as the payment provider
  • an app builder
  • a website builder
  • a funnel mapping tool
  • a design studio & photo editor
  • a presentation builder
  • webinar platform
  • SEO tools like the SEO report tool

Basically all the tools you need to run an online business and start converting sales.

Every YouTube video, at the time, about this comparison overhyped Builderall as a Clickfunnels Killer.

I found out that most of the people reviewing and comparing were just Builderall affiliate partners trying to make an affiliate commission based on Builderall’s two-tiered affiliate program.

I didn’t fall for the hype, but I did test Builderall for myself after using Clickfunnels for a long time.

So, full disclosure, I’ve used both Builderall and Clickfunnels to create online sales funnels, landing pages, and miscellaneous web pages. You’re getting the real deal here.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels Overview

In this article, you’ll:

  • Discover the key differences between both sales funnel software.
  • Know definitively which software is more easy to use.
  • Get examples of funnels, templates, web pages, and the other many features these two offer.
  • Understand the pros and cons of both Clickfunnels and Builderall.
  • Ultimately know which software is better to build your online business with.

Once you’ve chosen your sales funnel software, you’ll be on your way to creating high converting sales funnels.

Want to know exactly what products  offer? Watch this video!

What Do Sales Funnel Software Like Clickfunnels and Builderall Do?

Sales funnel software (aka. landing page builder, a landing page building tool, sales funnel builder, landing page creator, web page builder, website builder etc.) lets you easily create online sales funnels.

For the uninitiated, online funnels are just a series of landing pages (or funnel steps) that guide a visitor, step-by-step, down the funnel that the marketer has already planned out.

Example of a customer acquisition funnel.

builderall vs clickfunnels

In this example, Brandon Carter (a Clickfunnels user) is collecting leads for his new book launch.

When a visitor signs up for his lead generation waiting list above, they’ll get taken to the next step of the funnel which is known as a thank you page.

But, the story doesn’t end there.

Now that the visitor has converted into a lead, Brandon and his team can email market to the lead before the book launches.

On the day of the launch, his team will send his list an email with a link to their sales page and have a six-figure plus launch day (not to mention future email campaigns). Email marketing automation is an important part of the sales process.

This is a book publishing/fitness industry example, but funnels are used in every industry every day.

Before we address which software, Clickfunnels vs Builderall, is best equipped to create simple and complex sales funnels I want to be open with you. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, but don’t worry; clicking on them will not cost you extra.

Actually, you’ll get a lot more by getting your account started through this article.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels Features Comparison

Let’s start this comparison by looking at what Builderall and Clickfunnels offer.

Above we discussed what a funnel can do, but in the chart below you’ll see exactly how the two funnel software differentiates from a feature point of view.


Builderall (Business Plan)

Clickfunnels (Start Up Plan)

Starting Price

$49.90 / month

$97 / month

Free Trial

7 Day Trial


Drag-&-Drop Funnel Builder



A/B Split Testing



Optin Funnels



Sales Funnels



Membership Funnels



Quiz Funnels



Funnel Templates



Custom Domains



Built-In Email Autoresponder


No, only with $297/m plan




Standard Payment Gateways



E-Commerce Friendly



Note: In the table above, we’re comparing the core features these two have in common. However, Builderall has a lot of extra tools offered that Clickfunnels doesn’t provide (ie. Clickfunnels doesn't have a website builder – technically – but you can make separate landing pages to create sites within a funnel). 

Read our reviews about each in our Clickfunnels review and Builderall review articles for more details.

As you can tell, some of the information above is subjective, and it’s based on my experience testing what both Clickfunnels and Builderall offer – the ability to create high converting sales funnels.

I’ll explain my reasoning later and I'll address each one.


Builderall – this one was close, but Builderall edges Clickfunnels here because Builderall offers extra marketing tools that Clickfunnels has you pay extra for.

However, pay attention to this next round. You'll realize that Clickfunnels could've easily won this round.

Builderall & Clickfunnels: Ease of Use Comparison

The ease of use of any software is an essential factor to consider for technical and non-techy people. However, even for tech-savvy people, ease of use can be crucial.

Having to jump through hoops to get your optin page just the way you want it can be a drag for a beginner or veteran digital marketer.

That’s why in this round we’re going to compare the ease of use when it comes to building funnels with these two software.

To create a funnel, a SaaS marketing tool must offer a page builder. It should be as user-friendly as possible to create little to no friction for the end-user.

Builderall’s 3 Page Builders

I’ve used multiple drag-and-drop website editors to build sales funnels, but honestly, building a simple lead generation (optin) funnel was a challenge with Builderall.

Here’s why: Builderall has 3 website builders!

Builderall Funnel Builders

Which drag-and-drop editor should is best? I started with the Drag n Drop Responsive Builder thinking it shouldn’t be a big deal (it sounded safe enough). That is until it came to making my optin funnel mobile friendly.

I couldn’t get my landing pages to look the way I wanted it to on both desktop and mobile. So, I started researching the pros and cons of each of the 3 builders and found that the best one of the 3 was the Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect page builder.

Here’s a video I recorded a while back after I discovered how to properly do things with Builderall. It's about how to easily create an optin funnel in Builderall with the Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect builder from start to finish.

I had to watch a few tutorial videos and open a Builderall support ticket to learn how to vertically align content blocks.

Why Builderall didn't just stick with one page builder is beyond me.

It was a tad frustrating for me to get the ball rolling with Builderall, I couldn’t imagine how it’d be for a beginner just starting to create sales funnels.

Clickfunnel’s Single Page Builder

The Clickfunnels page builder can build any type of funnel.

Although Clickfunnel’s is less of a drag and drop builder than Builderall, it's simple enough to start using Clickfunnels once you understand the page builder's “building blocks” such as the Section, Row, and Element. Once you grasp those “building blocks,” you can build beautiful sales funnels.

The following video demonstrates the simplicity of creating a funnel page on Clickfunnels and more! It's a video of how Russell Brunson built Tony Robbin's sales funnel.


Clickfunnels – Clickfunnels makes it easy to build mobile-friendly sales funnels with their simple, yet robust, page builder.

Don’t get me wrong, Clickfunnels and Builderall have a learning curve, it’s just Clickfunnels has a smaller learning curve and it's much easier to pick up.

Builderall & Clickfunnels Pricing Comparison

The pricing plans these software may be one of the most important factors for online business owners to consider.

Both Builderall and Clickfunnels vary in monthly cost. The pricing packages depends on what you want from your service.

For example, if you want an “all-in-one” funnel software solution (i.e., a funnel builder and an email marketing tool), you’re going to need to get the most expensive plan either of these software offers.

If you want Builderall’s funnel building capabilities and it’s built-in autoresponder, Mailing Boss, to build your email list, you’ll need to purchase the Builderall Business plan at $49.90 per month.

Builderall Pricing Table
The $29.90 Per Month is the Most Popular Option to Sell Products

However, if you just want to build funnels and get most of the extra marketing tools Builderall provides make sure to get the Digital Marketing plan for $29.90 per month. If you want simple, their base Builderall pricing plan costs $9.90 per month. By the way, they don't require credit card details to start a 14-day free trial.

Editor's Note: Builderall now has a Marketer plan. You can check out this year's Builderall pricing here.

Like Builderall Clickfunnels offers an “all-in-one” solution, however, it costs $297/month with their Etison Suite Plan. The Clickfunnels pricing options are a bit more expensive.

Is it worth that much per month?!

With the $297 per month, you’re getting two extra software and unlocking unlimited funnels, web pages, custom domain names, and more with Clickfunnels features with the Etison Suite.

The two extra software you get with the Etison Suite are:

  • Actionetics (Clickfunnel’s built-in email software)
  • Backpack (Clickfunnel’s built-in affiliate management software)

This plan is worth it if you're “all in” with Clickfunnels, know how you're getting your website visitors, and have a sound marketing strategy.

clickfunnels pricing chrat
Clickfunnels Pricing Table (14-Day Trial Available for Both Clickfunnels Account Types)

If you just want the Clickfunnels software to build sales funnels, that’s not a problem. The Clickfunnels StartUp package is right for you and costs $97/month.

Not sure if you need an “all-in-one” solution for either of these two?

Don’t worry; you can always start with the Digital Marketing plan (Builderall) or the Start Up Plan (Clickfunnels) and use a 3rd-party email marketing software. Both Builderall and Clickfunnels have top-notch integrations. These are the plans I’d recommend for beginners.


Builderall Builerall wins this round because of its pricing. They have the same email integration options, A/B testing, funnel building tools, etc., albeit less subpar tools when compared to Clickfunnels.

Which Is Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Builderall and Clickfunnels gives you the marketing tools needed to run a successful affiliate business from a funnel perspective.

An affiliate funnel usually looks something like this:

Traffic -> Squeeze Page -> Bridge Page/Thank You Page -> Affiliate Offer

You’ll need this type of funnel and a 3rd-party email service provider like Getresponse, to put all the pieces together for an affiliate marketing funnel (unless you’re getting the plan that includes Mailing Boss or Actionetics).

Either of these tools can get this job done. It’s just a matter of which page builder you prefer most (recall the Ease of Use section above) and the pricing.

If you’re looking to make money promoting Clickfunnels or Builderall as an affiliate, there are fundamental differences:

  • Clickfunnel’s affiliate program is free to join and is your traditional recurring affiliate program.
  • The Builderall affiliate program requires you to be a Builderall Business customer (the $49.90/month plan) to be able to promote it and is a recurring two-tier affiliate program.
  • Clickfunnels provides you, the affiliate, with affiliate tracking IDs, so you know what traffic source is bringing you your commissions. If you have affiliates selling your products, via the Clickfunnel’s Backpack software, they’ll also have access to this.
  • The Builderall affiliate system doesn’t currently provide tracking IDs for their affiliates. If you wanted to track where your affiliate sales are coming from with them, you’d have to create a custom thank you page for people who buy through your link and put a pixel on that page with software like ClickMagick to make it work.
  • Builderall and Clickfunnels both provide free affiliate training. Clickfunnels has its Affiliate Bootcamp Training, and Builderall has three levels of affiliate training for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced. The intermediate and advanced lessons are locked unless you’ve sold a certain amount of subscriptions.
  • Clickfunnels gives you a wide array of products you can promote, besides Clickfunnels, making it one of the most popular affiliate programs online.


Clickfunnels Although both of these tools can handle the job, Clickfunnels comes ahead. This is because it provides affiliate marketers with a great user experience by providing tracking IDs. And product owners can set up their affiliate link settings, affiliate commission, and more with their Backpack affiliate program.


Clickfunnels Backpack Explainer –

The Builderall Marketplace –

Influence on the Online Marketing Community

Although these two are competitors in a sense, they’re not direct competitors. They're not both going after the same markets. Let me explain.

Builderall started in 2016 and Clickfunnels in 2014. However, Builderall started in Brazil and focused on helping small business owners in international markets. They made their software available in 50+ different languages. Clickfunnels wasn’t like that.

Clickfunnels aimed to be the #1 sales funnel building software for the English speaking audience. This is why I never considered Builderall to be what some gurus call a Clickfunnels killer. And although Clickfunnels has language settings in their software too, they don’t push as hard on international markets.

So, who has the most clout in the online marketing community?

It’s well known that big names in the online space use Clickfunnels to create their sales pages, sell products, and have connections to Russell Brunson. Here are a few of the top-performing Clickfunnels users.

Tony is a clickfunnels user
Grant Cardone clickfunnels user
Dan L.
Sam Ovens

With names such as these isn’t the answer obvious?

I tried researching for the biggest names in the internet marketing world using Builderall with a success track record and couldn’t find no one but I did find this sort of lame video on the Builderall USA YouTube channel.

Builderall, although it provides online business needs, has some catching up to do.


Clickfunnels – The entrepreneurs in this industry are smart. They use Clickfunnels because of its simplicity when it comes to creating funnels. Recall the “ease of use” from earlier (hint: this keeps coming up).

Let’s start wrapping this Clickfunnels versus Builderall comparison by summarizing the pros and cons of both software.

Builderall Pros and Cons

Builderall Pros

  • Provides a funnel & site builder, email service provider, & more online business builder tools that can help your online business grow – all in one platform.
  • Offers a funnel template library and plenty of landing page templates.
  • There are plenty of tutorial videos to help you get started, understand their design elements and start your marketing campaigns.
  • Offers a two-tiered affiliate program. As an incentive for affiliates, they will help you pay for your car for after 100 leads.
  • It’s pricing is more affordable when compared to Clickfunnels and offers a money-back guarantee.

Builderall Cons

  • Least user-friendly tool when it comes to building responsive funnels and landing pages.
  • Mailing Boss, their email marketing platform, doesn’t have the best deliverability from what I’ve heard in Facebook communities (I'd recommend a 3rd-party email autoresponder).
  • Builderall provides multiple support channels that are a bit slow and live chat support tickets can be hit or miss.

Clickfunnels Pros and Cons

Clickfunnels Pros

  • There are many Clickfunnels templates to choose from in their funnel library.
  • It’s a lot more easy to use when it comes to creating simple and complex sales funnels. From their page builders to their funnel dashboard where you can drag and drop your funnel steps in the correct order, Clickfunnels is the king of simplicity.
  • Can be your all-in-one marketing platform with their Etison Suite. It’ll provide you with Clickfunnels (funnel builder), Actionetics (email autoresponder for follow up funnels – which includes email templates), and Backpack (affiliate program platform for vendors). They also offer Actionetics MD if you want to have Actionetics also be a Facebook messenger bot (and a lot more) for you.
  • Has one of the best affiliate programs for affiliates because not only can you promote Clickfunnels, but you can also promote their other products like Funnel ScriptsDotcom SecretsFunnel Builder Secrets, and more. They also have a dream car reward for affiliates. If you maintain over 100 leads, you get $500/month for your car. Double that if you can maintain 200 leads every month.
  • Clickfunnels has one of the best affiliate programs for affiliates because not only can you promote Clickfunnels, but you can also promote their other products like Funnel Scripts, Dotcom Secrets, Funnel Builder Secrets, and more. They also have a dream car reward for affiliates. If you maintain over 100 leads, you get $500/month for your car. Double that if you can maintain 200 leads every month.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • Starts at $97/month which is a tall order for online businesses on a shoestring budget.
  • With the $97/month Clickfunnels Start Up Plan, you’re limited to 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. Unless you’re driving more traffic than 20k visitors/month, you’re in the clear with the Start Up Plan.
  • Their membership areas for membership funnels could improve.
  • Clickfunnels Support Team: Live chat support is available for all users, but Etison Suite users are first priority (their live chat has a surprisingly long queue). All members have email support (their email support is surprisingly fast) and access to the knowledge base website.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels – Who Wins?

To conclude this Builderall vs Clickfunnels comparison, and tallying up the score thus far, Clickfunnels is the champion even with its hefty price tag, however, it is not a black and white situation.

What pushed Clickfunnels over the edge was its responsive page editor and simple drag and drop funnel step navigation.

funnel adjustment
Easily Configure Funnel Settings

After giving the Builderall all-in-one platform and it's website builder a shot, I realized that people were coming across the same Builderall complaints I had in Facebook groups and community forums.

Clickfunnels users who’ve been spoiled with Clickfunnel’s simplicity and gave Builderall a chance struggled to make their websites mobile responsive (I couldn't imagine launching a high-converting info product on Builderall).

They most likely gave up on Builderall too quickly. However, this is a common theme when I see Builderall complaints in Facebook groups.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • If you’re looking for something easier to use, and pick up quickly, and Clickfunnels fits your budget, then I recommend Clickfunnel’s Start Up plan to start. They have a 14-day trial.
  • If money is tight and you’re willing to practice using a more complex software tool then go with Builderall. Look into their free trial option. You can always make a switch later on. Builderall offers a 14-day free trial.

I gave Builderall a fair shot and was looking forward to switching from Clickfunnels to Builderall as it would save me a $50-$200+ every month.

However, Builderall didn’t live up to the hype or technical ease of use that I was used to in Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is more fit for marketing agency work – which is what I mainly use it for these days. I was probably not Builderall's target audience.

To me…

Builderall is a Tool That Tries to Be Everything to Everybody

They include dozens of additional features that Clickfunnels doesn’t add (i.e., an app builder, heat tracking software, script generator and more). Clickfunnels does this to a much lesser extent.

Clickfunnels focuses on their One Thing – continually improving their funnel software so that anyone can use it to start building their online business with the least amount of friction possible.

Builderall, for those reasons…

loser is Builderall

That's the final verdict guys.

Builderall and Clickfunnels in a head-to-head marketing platforms duel! The choice is yours.

Which software are you going to get for you web presence? Which one do you trust for your digital marketing growth?

Have you had experience creating high converting sales funnels with these two online business tools?

Share this article on your social media platforms if you agree with it and think it will help people decide! Leave a  comment below along with any questions you may have!

Winner: Clickfunnels

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