Builderall Affiliate Program Review – Is it Worth Getting and Promoting?

Builderall Affiliate

Do you want to make some extra money on the side? Many people are doing this by joining the Builderall affiliate program.

Have you heard about Builderall? It is a digital marketing platform that serves various purposes, but it’s especially popular for its remarkable affiliate program.

On its website, the Builderall affiliate opporunity is referred to as “Builderall Business.” It pays affiliate marketers through a two-tier commission structure, but the question is: is it worth your time?

The commission structure is quite different from what most other affiliate platforms offer. Whether or not it’s worth your participation is among the many things we’ll discuss in this review.

Before we jump into that, let’s look into what it takes to become a Builderall affiliate.

How to Become a Builderall Affiliate?

The first step to becoming a Builderall affiliate is signing up for a “Builderall Business” plan (update: it's now known as the Premium plan). 

The option for this becomes available after opening a Premium account on the Builderall site.

Yup, if you want to promote Builderall, you'll have to pay for their most expensive plan.

The plan costs $69.90 per month, but there's a 14-day free trial that lets you take the platform for a risk-free spin. If you are happy after the free trial, you can pay for the monthly plan and get access to all Builderall's digital marketing tools.

Several of these tools are useful for boosting your online business visibility, for example. There are tools for SEO on-page optimization, building landing pages, email lists, and setting up your own affiliates. 

Using the platform is also convenient and safe since its software offers everything you need, eliminating the need for unfamiliar third-party tools.

Where is the Best Place to Promote as a Builderall Affiliate?

Once your Builderall account is up and running, the next step is bringing it to the attention of the right people. 

Builderall makes it a breeze with niche-specific sales funnels (affiliate links are ready for you to share). 

All you need to do is select a target market and narrow it down to your preferred niche.

Once you have a target, you can pick a niche-specific funnel that is most relevant to that market. The more relevant it is, the quicker you'll be able to generate more leads.

Then, copy and paste the sales funnel to build a new website for promoting Builderall affiliate links. 

Building the site can be done within minutes, and there are thousands of templates available for a website design that best meets your needs.

As for the traffic source, people are having success promoting it by recording review and tutorial videos on YouTube. While others write a detailed review of Builderall and use the Google search engine as a traffic source.

It's also worth noting that Builderall has introduced a point system for their program. 

For every 690 points that you earn from promoting Builderall, you will receive $50 from the platform. 

Also, by participating, you have a great chance of leveling up to win a prize car from Builderall's Dream Car Program.

How to Get Your Builderall Affiliate Links

Once you have an activated account, getting Builderall affiliate links to make money is just a few clicks away. 

After signing in, click on the Builderall Business link on the left side of the page, and then click Affiliate Funnels click on the Affiliates tab > Funnel Club (new instructions since the 3.0 update).

Under Funnel Club, you'll find your affiliate funnels, and you'll see all the different niche and trial offer options from Builderall.

What Do I Personally Think About the Affiliate Biz Opportunity?

Overall, the Builderall affiliate program is user-friendly, and an attractive opportunity, especially since you earn both Tier 1 and Tier 2 commissions. 

It doesn't mean the platform doesn't need a few improvements, though.

For example, some users have complained about the Builderall landing page malfunctioning on multiple occasions. 

Those who use your affiliate link can't access the site when this happens, losing you money. These occurrences are few and far between, though, so it is forgivable.

One aspect of the program we are especially fond of is its customer service. The people on the other end are responsive and polite, with useful answers to various questions.

Since Builderall's customer service is top-notch, it's easier to assume the company cares about its members and isn't out to exploit you.

What I like about their program is their affiliate earnings calculator. You can use it to figure out how much monthly recurring commissions you can make if you were to promote Builderall. 

Builderall Affiliate Calculator

It's quite a useful tool when you're first starting out – make sure to check it out to see your recurring income potential.

=> Use their affiliate calculator to see how much you can potentially make with Builderall's leveraged affiliate program.

What Commission Do You Earn As a Builderall Affiliate?

With the release of the new Builderall 3.0, the platform's affiliate compensation plan remains profitable.

Aside from earning cash, there's also an opportunity to win a car. Builderall's Dream Car Program will award you with $500 (USD) for every month you refer 100 people to Builderall. If you can bring in 200 people in a month, you get $1000 (USD).

The money will be put towards your car lease.

How Can I Become a Builderall Affiliate For Free?

Typically, being a Builderall member requires $69.90 per month (see all Builderall pricing options here), but with Builderall's Leveraged Affiliate Program, you can use the platform for free and still earn as an affiliate member.

Instead of paying to join, the Leveraged Affiliate Program works with a point-based system, and you earn points by generating more leads.

The program awards points for leads through one of two methods:

  1. Self-Consumption Points: For every dollar that you earn from using one of Builderall's plans, you receive three points.
  2. Direct Sale Points: For every dollar that you earn from directly selling a Builderall Plan, you get one point.

If you can earn at least 140 points, you will earn commission on recurring sales and first-level sales with Builderall. Instead of paying for a Builderall plan and getting 147 points automatically, you'll have to earn the 147 points yourself each month. If you don't, you won't be able to earn a commission.

Want to try being an affiliate for free? Start here.

Sign up with Builderall's free 14-day trial and login to unlock the Leverage Affiliate module. You don't need to provide credit card details to use the free trial.

Is Builderall One of Those Pyramid Businesses?

In our opinion, no.

With various online business scams masked as legit businesses, it's wise to be wary when any online make money opportunity seems fantastic.

So far, Builderall has shown no indications that it's a Ponzi, pyramid, or other shady schemes. It pays you for referrals, but not how other businesses do.

As a Builderall member, you'll receive payment in the form of Tier 1 and Tier 2 affiliate commissions, unlike a pyramid scheme where the tier is practically infinite.

The goal of Builderall is to increase its network's reach. So, the more sales you make through Builderall referrals, the more you will earn, making it a win-win for you and the platform.

Who Should You Market Builderall to?

When marketing Builderall, you are going to come across two types of people–those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and those who are skeptical but exploring the platform. 

Each person will still have to pay for the monthly plan to achieve their goals, which means you can still receive your commission.

People who are looking to get rich quick aren't ideal signups because no legit affiliate platform can offer that option. 

Those type of users will end their subscription, and you'll only earn a commission from the initial payment.

The second category of signups has the patience to understand that using Builderall can grow into a profitable long-term venture, whether they use it for internet marketing campaigns or become affiliates themselves.

Such signups are willing to put in the required time and effort to do things the right way. 

These people stay on board for years, which rewards you with a first-tier affiliate commission and possibly second-tier earnings, as well.

Even if you run into potential sign ups looking for a get-rich-quick fix, their perspective is long-term.

Avoid losing subscribers before earning your monthly affiliate fee by selling Builderall accurately. 

If you provide false information or exaggerate, your referrals will dropout, losing you a valuable monthly commission.

What Are the Rules for Builderall Affiliates?

Earning money as an affiliate doesn’t occur because someone clicked on a referral link—to earn, your referral has to sign up and pay for a plan.

Every time one of your referrals buys a Builderall plan, you'll be awarded points. 

To qualify to receive commissions on for initial signups and recurring sales of Builderall plans, you need to earn a minimum of 180 points.

You will receive a point per sale, and your points must not drop below 180. Each awarded point expires after thirty days. You will not be able to withdraw the commission from your first sale until 35 days elapse.

After receiving a minimum of $250 (USD), recurring commission payments will be on hold for only five days. If the payment is less, the waiting period will continue at 35 days.


builderall commissions

The Builderall affiliate business model isn't a get-rich scheme, but it also doesn't make promises it can't keep, so you can trust it to earn you money if you put the effort in. 

To increase your affiliate success with Builderall, I recommend you practice using it for a mini-project and watching Builderall tutorial videos on YouTube.

You also have the power to control how much you earn. The more effort you put into the program, the more money becomes available. 

It also requires an understanding of how the system works, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Join the Builderall affiliate program to see if it is right for you. Thanks to its 14-day free trial, you can easily do this without spending a dime.

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