GoHighLevel Sign up – How to Get the Best Signup Offer in 2024

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The signup process for GoHighLevel is seamless and straightforward. You can create a new account from their website in just a few clicks. Signing up helps you incorporate numerous task automation and lead management benefits.

GoHighLevel offers a free trial experience that gives you access to premium services without paying. With the free trial period, you’d see how GoHighLevel CRM might be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Everything you need to sign up with GoHighLevel
  • And how to signup and get an exclusive offer that includes 3 agency bonuses to kickstart your HighLevel experience.

How to Choose the Best GoHighLevel Plan

GoHighLevel offers a Starter plan that includes all of HighLevel’s core features for 3 sub-accounts at $97 per month and an Unlimited plan for $297 per month.

The main difference, however, is that the starting programs offer a limited sub-account. It’s an excellent choice for start-ups and small businesses.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

The GoHighLevel Unlimited account (offering unlimited sub-accounts) is the right choice for agency owners and sales managers for several businesses. There’s also the GoHighLevel SaaS mode account plan – an Agency Pro plan that offers more exclusive features than the complete plan. 

gohighlevel upgrade agency pro

Note: GoHighLevel Agency Pro is only available for existing GoHighLevel users willing to upgrade.

How to Create Your GoHighLevel Account in 7 Steps

The steps are straightforward and work for all accounts, including the GoHighLevel agency starter account.

You can create your 14-day free trial GoHighLevel account with these seven steps:

1. Visit the GoHighLevel website.

2. Choose your preferred plan by clicking the first red button with “14-Day Free Trial.”

gohighlevel 14 day free trial

3. Fill out the pop-up form with the required information, like your full name.

4. Click “Go To Step #2.”

5. Choose a fitting subscription plan(agency unlimited account or starter plan), and enter your billing information or credit card details.

6. Select “Start Your 14-day Free Trial.”

7. Watch the instructional video, and click “Login to App” using your email address.

gohighlevel agency dashboard
The Agency GoHighLevel Dashboard

Note: After you’ve entered your billing details and signed up for a trial, you’ll be redirected to a page where GoHighLevel presents you with their “Done-for-You” off. It’s an upsell to have the HighLevel team help you with the setup of your account.

gohighlevel done for you setup

It’s a great offer if you’re not techy or don’t have the time to set up your email SMTP and SMS text messaging capabilities and more.

You can choose this exciting offer or opt to pass. But note that GoHighLevel will deduct $299 from your account if you get this offer.

However, it’s a simple choice if you prefer to keep your wallet untouched. Just scroll down and click ‘No thanks, I don’t need this now’ at the bottom of the page. It’s your decision and your financial peace of mind.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your GoHighLevel Sign Up

One exciting offering and benefit of signing up with GoHighLevel is snapshots.

GoHighLevel Snapshot

gohighlevel snapshot

GoHighLevel offers snapshots, a unique feature for easy funnel sharing and importing campaigns, workflows, and settings. With pre-made snapshots for various industries during the free trial, it’s a powerful tool to jump into any sector quickly, launch lead generation, and adjust as needed.

For marketing agencies, it simplifies scaling by using one client’s setup as a template for others. Plus, it includes private Facebook group ad templates and setup training.

Some of the ready-made snapshots across the industry include:

  • Chiropractor snapshots
  • Crossfit snapshots
  • Dentist snapshots
  • Spa snapshots
  • Gym snapshots
  • Martial arts snapshots
  • Attorney snapshots auto dealers

HighLevel can also integrate with other industry-specific software if your clients request it.


Does GoHighLevel have an app?

Yes, GoHighLevel has a mobile app for download for iPhone and Android phones. This app has a user-friendly interface, making accessing a client’s account directly from your phone easier. You can also use their white labeled desktop app.

What are the benefits of GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel offers several key advantages: It eliminates buying various software tools and services, including:

  • CRM emails, 
  • Pipeline management and CRM,
  • Sales funnels builder,
  • Web design tool.

Is GoHighLevel legit?

gohighlevel testimonial

Yes, it is. GoHighLevel has helped many businesses and new clients efficiently manage their sales funnel and platform. GoHighLevel is also a top-selling & marketing platform for all companies and individuals. It has been a successful business. GoHighLevel is an efficient way to improve the marketing of your business.

How much is GoHighLevel a month?

GoHighLevel pricing plan starts from $97 to around $497 per month. The most popular plan for agencies is the $297/month plan for unlimited sub-accounts. Read this article to explore the different existing GoHighLevel plans.

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