Authority Pub Academy Review – The ONE Thing You Need to Know About This Course

Authority Pub Academy Review – A Brief Summary

Authority Pub Academy Review


A long-term Kindle publishing course by nonfiction authors who actually self publish.


Not the cheapest but reasonable and has a flexible payment option.

Authority Pub Academy is, for me, the best self-publishing course on the Kindle market today. All the strategies are white hat, meaning you’re actually building an online business. And it’s all taught by self publishers who are at the top of their game.

If you’re interested in Kindle publishing to make a quick buck, you will be disappointed as this course is a blend of real online marketing and self-publishing on Amazon.

From The Monthly Payment Option To The Full Price ($597 $797) Option, Freedom Bound Business Readers Get $200 OFF (Both Options Available Through Button Above).

“I feel a little brainwashed…

As if for the last year or so, I thought the way I was doing things, the way that course teaches you to do things, was the only way to be successful in Kindle publishing.

Yet, I’m glad I snapped out of it…don’t get me wrong, those types of courses are decent to propel you into the world of self-publishing, but if you want to be successful for the long-term, I feel like you need something else…”

To which my friend replied: for the long-term check out Steve Scott…

This was a conversation I had with a self-publishing friend a while ago.

It was my first introduction to Steve and Barrie’s course, Authority Pub Academy.

As you can tell from the tone of the conversation, I had an epiphany in the way I was doing things in self-publishing.

I was yet another drone Kindle publisher following in the footsteps of gurus that no longer self-published.

I was following the advice of what I like to call mainstream Kindle publishing courses. I won’t name any names here, yet you can find these courses if you search “Kindle publishing tips,” etc., on YouTube.

I realized that things had to change if I wanted to have a shot at a real self-publishing business. What exactly is a “real self-publishing business?”

Simply, it means the days of solely relying on Amazon to do the work of selling your book(s) for you are OVER.

Those who can build authority around their niche and use traffic beyond Amazon’s search engine will last.

How do you learn to succeed in this new era of self-publishing? You learn from authority authors & self publishers who have already laid out a blueprint.

Enter Authority Pub Academy.

Authority Pub Academy Review Logo

Let’s dive into my Authority Pub Academy review.

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A Look Inside The Course

2 rock star authors created this course: Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport.

Steve has multiple best-selling books. One of his most popular books being Habit Stacking (which I recently picked up).

Steve, like many before mastery, struggled at the beginning of self-publishing.

However, those same struggles and lessons learned are what makes him successful today.

In fact, on the product page, he shares how his struggles were the stepping stones to making $265,937 from his Kindle books alone last year…

And Barrie, the co-course creator (they’ve co-authored books as well), is the founder of her blog Live Bold & Bloom, which has over 1,00,000 visitors coming to it every month.

Both Steve and Barrie have their own blogs (a.k.a. author platforms) that get thousands of visitors each month.

And you can take this to the bank: their blog content feeds into their email funnels, book marketing, and other digital products.

It’s a wonderful blueprint that any author and/or self-publisher can follow.

The accumulated knowledge of these two titans of self-publishing is covered in Authority Pub Academy.

The Course Modules

The course has 6 beefy modules that can take a while to get through.

After going through this course, there hasn’t been a video that has come across as “fluff.”

Here’s a quick digital tour inside the course I made for my audience:

And below is a shorter “digital tour” of Authority Pub Academy by Steve Scott himself:

Lastly, below are each video lesson across each module.

authority pub academy review
Authority Pub Academy Module 2 Lessons
Authority Pub Academy Module 3 Lessons
Authority Pub Academy Module 4 Lessons
Authority Pub Academy Module 5 Lessons
authority pub academy review

Are The 6 Bonuses Any Good?

If you’ve already taken a look at the course page, then you’ll notice that this course comes with 6 bonuses.

  • Write and Launch a Bestseller In 40 Days For Under $150
  • Insider Secrets to Landing a Bookbub Deal
  • Evernote Tips For Productive Writing
  • A Simple Email Walkthrough Using AWeber
  • Canva Tutorial: Easily Create A Killer Lead Magnet
  • WordPress Blog Setup Mastery

These bonuses are separate from the main modules and overall help improve the course.

I like that they come in the form of videos.

My favorites are the Write and Launch A Bestseller in 40 Days For Under $150 and BookBub 101 bonus videos by Steve Scott.

The other videos are great for people who need help with the technical steps of setting up an authority platform (blog site).

The Guest Experts

Authority Pub Academy Guest Experts

I’m a fan of courses that have guest speakers or interviews. Dave, the founder of Publisher Rocket, (read our Publisher Rocket review), is one of the course’s expert interviews.

It proves, to me at least, that the course creator(s) doesn’t have an ego.

These are authority experts in the world of self-publishing that are interviewed by the creators of Authority Pub Academy.

The guest experts include:

  • Mark Dawson
  • Stephen Guise
  • Steve Aitchison
  • Matt Stone
  • Honoree Corder
  • Ryan Shauers
  • Patrick King
  • Dave Chesson

I personally like to listen to expert interviews during walks or workouts. I’m hoping one day they can add an interview with Wesley, the founder of KDSpy. Be sure to read our KDSpy review article.

These expert interviews add to the value that Authority Pub Academy is already delivering.

The Facebook Group

Authority Pub Academy Facebook Group2

Over 300+ authority publishers as of early 2018.

Yup, when you get Authority Pub Academy, you also get access to the private Facebook group, which I find quite helpful.

The topics range from email autoresponders to paperback image DPI (dots per inch) and “best cover” surveys.

Note: Authority Pub Academy is among the top courses in our Best Self Publishing Courses In The Market article.

Who Is This Course For?

Let’s start by stating who this course is NOT for.

This course is not for people who want short-term success with self-publishing.

This course isn’t your golden-ticket to enjoying passive income in record time from your self-published books.

Mainstream courses usually market that type of blueprint.

Instead, Steve and kin are teaching long-term strategies to be profitable for years and decades to come.

Now that might sound a little hypey. However, it’s not.

Because what you’re learning is the fundamental lessons of not only being a great author but a great online marketer.

Which is the trick to going “beyond” Amazon and driving traffic via other channels.

So if you’ve never heard of Authority Pub Academy as much as a Kindle publishing “mainstream” course, I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault.

I also once fell for their short-term lies, yet I corrected course and am on my way to becoming an authority in my own niche.

Now, remember what the name of this Authority Pub Academy review article is?

“Authority Pub Academy Review — The ONE Thing You need to know about this course?”

Here it is.

The ONE thing you need to know is that Authority Pub Academy is in a different league than the mainstream courses.

You’re not going to find Steve or Barrie shoving their courses in your face on YouTube.

Remember, they’re actually in the self-publishing trenches expanding their businesses.

Does all that sound ideal to you?

If so, then this course might be for you… keep reading.

The 2 Types of Business Models Covered In This Course

The 2 types of self-publishing business models are explained in Module 1, Lesson 1.

2 Types of Book Model Lesson

When I discovered these 2 self-publishing models in the course, I was blown away by how anyone can be a successful self-publisher using either of these 2 models.

…I was used to publishing books on Amazon without creating a real brand outside of Amazon. Naturally, I was gravitating toward book model #2.

Neither of these 2 book models is the “best way to go.” It just boils down to your preference.

Here are the book models Steve talks about in his course summarized.

1) The Book Catalog Model

This model is like creating a blog from your books. A blog is usually niche-specific, and thus so will your books be.

Each of your books will solve a specific problem in your niche with particular clarity towards that one problem.

Steve states that the ultimate goal here is to build readership. You’re not just trying to get people to buy your first book, but your second, third, and so on. Thus, a book catalog.

The way you start building a readership? You might’ve guessed it.

Email marketing. You begin building your author email list from your books and connect with your readers.

If they enjoy your books, they’ll stick around and buy your other books.

This model is best suited for authors who want to focus on writing and publishing. And not spend much time getting readers from other sources like YouTube, Pinterest, or blogging.

2) The Brand Builder Model

This is where you’re still writing books, but not as often. Maybe every 3 to 6 months. You’re still writing quality books. However, it’s not the most critical part of your business.

Instead of just writing books and building readership, you’re now adding another traffic channel into the mix.

This can be content marketing in the form of blogging (recommended for writers), YouTube videos, or podcasting.

Yes, you’re still making book royalties, but it’s just an entryway to your overall online marketing funnel.

For example, a book on X topic can lead to a video course on X topic, consulting services, or other services in your niche.

You can even promote affiliate marketing products you use and recommend.

See how that works?

Your goal here is not just to book sales, but to have your readers also get other products/services you have to offer.

My advice is to pick one of these self-publishing models and stick to it. The beauty of these two systems is that you can easily transition between the two. The usual progress is jumping from book model 1 to book model 2.

An Authority Pub Academy E-Book

I recently found out about Steve and Barrie’s mini e-book for finding your next profitable book idea(s).

If you’re not 100% set on what your next book will be, I recommend getting their 27-page guide called The 5-Step Process To Uncover Your Next Bestselling Book Idea.

I don’t recommend investing in Authority Pub Academy unless you have an idea for your book already!

When you have a book idea and invest in APA, you’ll hit the ground running and increase your chances of publishing a bestseller!

Here is the birds-eye view of what this e-book covers:

  • Identifying a profitable niche
  • Creating viable book ideas
  • Testing Your Book Idea

Click Here To Get The 5-Step Formula E-Book.

It’s better to go into a course with a planned project. It doubles your chances of taking action and having success!

Once you have your solid book idea, get Steve’s main course from this Authority Pub Academy review page to get a few hundred dollars off the original price!

The Price of Steve and Barrie’s Course

Although the creators of this course might not be marketing the you-know-what out of this course, you bet they know the value they’re sharing.

Their course is considered a high-ticket course.

Thankfully the course page provides customers with two ways of paying for their course.

Option #1: Pay full price for the course at $797.

Option #2: Pay with their flexible monthly payment plan at $448 for 2 months.

If this seems too high of a price, consider that other mainstream courses now price their course at over $500 and teach mainly black hat review swapping as the foundation of successful book launches!

Looking at it this way, you’re saving yourself a tremendous amount of money by taking a course that teaches you evergreen strategies.

With that being said, I was able to get access to Authority Pub Academy at a discounted price for the Freedom Bound Business audience.

Today, instead of paying the original price, you’ll get it for. Just get this course from the links below or any link/button throughout this Authority Pub Academy Review article.

Option #1 ($200 OFF): Get APA for the full discounted price here at $597 $797.

Option #2 ($248 OFF): Get APA with the flexible monthly payment plan at $349 $473 for 2 months.

Side Note: Kudos! I had to pay full price! I’m going to add a couple of bonuses of my own if you decide APA is right for you, so keep reading.

What Others Had to Say About The Course

john o malley

John O’Malley

Authority Pub Academy Student

“If you skip this course…”

“If you are going to climb Mount Everest, you want the best Sherpas available. If you are going to climb Mount Publishing, you want the best guides available. Authority Pub Academy offers you 24/7/365 access to the expertise of a team of Publishing Sherpas who will teach you to climb where they already have ascended and succeeded. If you skip this course, you are not setting yourself up to win.”

maureen wood

Maureen Wood

Authority Pub Academy Student

“One of the best decisions I’ve made as a writer…”

“Joining the Authority Pub Academy has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a writer. This course is filled with a wealth of information to not just point you in the right direction but to provide clear, concise steps to get you from point A to point B. Before joining, I was a little skeptical. But I listened to my gut that told me that this course was a gold mine. I’m so glad that I listened!”

The Pros of APA

By now, you might know a lot of pros about Authority Pub Academy, but for the skim readers out there, here’s a quick list:

  • Unlike other self publishers you see with Kindle courses, these course creators actually self publish!
  • The course teaches online marketing, which is an absolute must now if you want to have your books continue to make money past the 90-day mark.
  • Each video lesson comes with downloadable transcripts and PowerPoint slides.
  • There are 2 teachers here: Steve and Barrie. Two different styles of doing things when it comes to being a successful self-publisher and author.
  • Multiple strategies for getting Amazon reviews that follow Amazon’s review guidelines.

Additionally, Authority Pub Academy gets updated when needed. It doesn’t need too many updates, but I like the effort of putting in new video lessons!

Here’s one of the most updated video lessons added to Module 6.

Authority Pub Academy 2019 update

Ron will let you know when there’s an update!

The Cons of APA

No course is without cons to it. Here are the cons I found with Authority Pub Academy:

  • Sometimes you’ll have to clear your web browser’s cache to log in. This is a technical glitch that I really think they can get fixed.
  • The course could use more updated lessons on optimizing book meta-data for better organic rankings.
  • Although the course covers how to set up an autoresponder for your books, AWeber is mainly covered (not everyone uses AWeber these days…).

Is Authority Pub Academy Worth It?

For a long time now, I haven’t recommended an A-Z self-publishing course to the audience. Only software, content articles, and review articles centered around the self-publishing/online marketing niche.

And the reason is simple.

I told Steve this in our recent back and forth email conversation.

The Reason Why I Hadn’t Recommended Kindle courses In So Long:

In short, it’s because none of the other courses I took really fused being a “self-publisher AND an online marketer” well. So I didn’t feel comfortable recommending any.

That was back then.

Since being a part of the authorities community, I now fully endorse Authority Pub Academy.

I’ve gotten lots of value and, more importantly, ideas from this course.

Whatever niche business you’re in, Authority Pub Academy can help!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced author or self-publisher. You’ll learn something new here.

Furthermore, Authority Pub Academy has played a role in the future plans of Freedom Bound Business, which is a story for another time.

Remember, this is more than just an author self-publishing course. You’ll truly become an online authority marketer here.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you can accept that and are willing to put in the work, then Authority Pub Academy might be for you.

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