AMZ Seller Browser – Free Software to Check for Kindle Keyword Profitability!

In this post, we’re going to dive into using a free tool, AMZ Seller Browser to easily check for keyword profitability.

This free Google Chrome extension is not just for Kindle, but for all products on There’s a great liberation when you’re searching for keywords, and you don’t have to wait for KDSpy to load up!

Don’t get me wrong, KDSpy is best for meeting the profitability criteria once you’ve honed down on a target niche/keyword. And for other features that it adds to the table.

Yet, I like using AMZ Browser when browsing for new keywords and niches.

How Does AMZ Seller Browser Work?

It’s rather simple, first, you start by installing the Google Chrome Extension. Search for “AMZ Seller Browser” or click here.

amz seller browser

Once installed, you’ll notice a red shopping cart icon in your upper right hand section of your Chrome window.

If you click on the cart, it will turn gray. When the cart’s gray, it’s in off mode, and AMZ Seller Browser won’t display Amazon’s Best Seller Rank (ABSR) for any product.

On the other hand, when the cart icon is red, it’s on, and when you browse through, specifically the Kindle Store, in our case, books will appear with their ABSR right below the book’s image.

amz seller browser

Hopefully, you’re starting to see the power of this tool. Instead of having to click on the KDSpy icon every time you’re browsing for a new keyword or worse, opening up each book one by one, you’ll be able to browse through the Kindle Store rather swiftly.

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