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My name is John, and I've been intrigued with creating wealth online since I was reading blog posts during college lectures. 

How this Crazy Journey Started...

old college buddies

Back when I thought I wanted to be an engineer :p

My story REALLY did start in college - you can ask my buddies - they'll tell you!

This point in my life is when I took the red pill.

I discovered a whole new world that I was never shown by my parents or college professors.

I started learning about how people were making money from home with Kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, Amazon FBA ... there was no shortage of ways to earn a living online (SEO, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Instagram ... it goes on and on)!

After a month of researching and "learning" for far too long, I finally decided to begin my journey self publishing books on Amazon (eBooks, paperback books, audio books, and hardcover books).

I absorbed as much free information on self publishing books as I could from Google and YouTube, but eventually, I needed a video course to make more progress.

So, I followed a Kindle publishing course and started figuring things out.

I won't disclose which course I took in the beginning, but you can probably guess which one it is in my Best Self Publishing Courses on the Market article. (Some of you will).

Long story short I had success self publishing books on Amazon and continue to do so as of today.

My Affinity for Online Marketing Continues Growing

Before I discovered online marketing, and people used to ask me "what are you studying?", I would say "engineering.

However, in my head, I'd say I'm working on mastering online marketing.

If I would've responded with the truth I'd have to explain the rabbit hole I was going through (still am) to friends and family that would either not understand or be judgmental ... yes I did try 🙂

My Experience with The Shiny Object Syndrome

shiny object

If you've been around internet marketing for any period of time, you'll know that marketers trying to get your attention EVERYWHERE.

On top of that, they're each pitching you methods of making money online that truly work! 

Unfortunately, I sometimes get "stuck" trying everything (lol). This is most commonly known as the shiny object syndrome.

This explains my YouTube channel absence beginning mid-2017. 

Since mid-2017 I was experimenting (losing money and learning a lot...) with the following:

  • check
    Native Advertising (Revcontent)
  • check
    Google AdWords (Lead gen. for Kindle niche)
  • check
    Facebook Ads. (Lead gen. for Clickbank products)
  • check
    YouTube Ads. (Clickbank products)
  • check
    SEO (read next section)

I was everywhere 2017. Gosh, that's embarrassing ... haha.

Anyways ... when I snapped out of it ...

... I really had to figure out 2 things:

  1. How can I share my love for learning about online marketing and making money online?
  2. Which new traffic source am I going to focus on learning to keep sharing my journey? 

Decisions ... decisions ...

Late 2017 and Beyond

Over the last few months, I had some time to test out new things and learned a lot.

For one, I learned NOT to be so scatter-brained.

And lately, my vacation to Peru (home country) gave me a lot of time to think. 

Peru Trip picture

(yeah ... thinking about IM during a vacation ... it happens lol)

In Peru, I narrowed down my traffic choices to Native Advertising vs. SEO.

I had decent success with native earlier in the year, so I figured I'd continue that (I stopped because I decided to pay good ol' student loans off first). 

To ease my decision-making I sent off an email to a YouTube guy who has an affiliate marketing channel.

I knew he had five-figure days on native so heck ... it was worth a shot asking him.

I asked him about my SEO vs. Native Ads. Dilemma.

I got my reply.

In summary, he said that native ads have been going downhill the last 12 months. The CPC has only gotten higher, and the traffic is low quality.

native ad examples

Example of native ads - yes people click on these!

He advised me to start SEO first and then start mixing in paid traffic.

Did this guy really know what he was talking about? YES, he's actually made his fortune with SEO first - before getting into paid traffic.

Enough said.

I decided to concentrate on making money with SEO affiliate marketing (and another secret traffic stream I won't mention for now) in non-internet-marketing niches.

So, when I'm not working on this website, I'll be focused on these niche sites.

Freedom Bound Business

Freedom Bound Business (FBB) was my first successful website. I started it with solely YouTube traffic and very little On-Page and Off-Page SEO. 

FBB, so far, teaches one way of making money online and that's with self publishing.

This site attracts writers and marketers alike who want to learn how to get started and improve their business.

I plan on expanding FBB by teaching more traffic sources in the future.

Eventually, once I've truly mastered SEO and paid ads, I'll think about course creation on these topics.

For now, I'll keep enjoying sharing what I've learned from my Kindle publishing and affiliate marketing journeys. 

This will include tutorial content for both business models (they actually tie in quite nicely to each other). 

Occasionally I'll throw in online marketing software tools and video courses that get launched - but only those that I really see my readers and subscribers benefiting from. 

So, there's lots of work to do.

I'm thankful I enjoy this stuff! I think few can say the same.


John | Founder of Freedom Bound Business


I have the luxury of choosing my next business model because I spent the time to publish some darn good quality books that continue to sell.

On top of that I'm slowly, but surely, building an email list system for my niches. 

Email marketing is the lifeblood of both Kindle publishing and affiliate marketing. More on this soon friend. 


If this is your first time on my site, look at my site's home page to get started with self publishing on Amazon.

Posted by John P
December 4, 2017
John P

Hey guys, John here. I’m a Kindle Publisher and affiliate marketer.

I’m an online marketing crusader who brings back the treasures (and truths) I find and share them with you right here on my site.

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